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Basic thermokinesis technique

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    0megaZer0 Cadet Citizen III

    Aug 11, 2017
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    This is a simple method of learning how to move heat, and possibly by extension energy in general. You will need to have one hot liquid in an insulated container (perhaps coffee) and one cold liquid (possibly ice water). With your hands lightly touching both containers, visualize the abundant heat within the hot liquid. This can be visualized as atoms or molecules moving at a very high speed. Next, visualize the heat being syphoned out of the hot liquid, into your body, and out into the cold liquid. Visualize the heat as something like a color (I see red or orange) being sucked out of the liquid, causing the molecules to slow down slightly. This blob of red or orange then travels down the arm, through the chest, out of the opposite arm, and into the cold liquid causing the molecules to speed up slightly. Do this several times, each time not only seeing but feeling the heat moving. If done correctly you may cause both liquids to reach a state of equilibrium, in which they are both roughly room temperature. Admittedly, part of this can be due to ambient heat loss/gain unless you manage to completely insulate both liquids.

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