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Developing Awareness

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    Ouroboros Cadet Citizen III

    Mar 30, 2018
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    in order to learn how to develop the sixth sense

    Written by "Ouroboros".

    The following are exercises noted to give results in order to develop the skill of the sixth sense(a.k.a. awareness).Please keep in mind to be in a safe place when conducting the exercises.I will NOT be held accountable by your lack of judgement.

    1.LACK OF VISION-Humans are very visual creatures, relying a great deal in what they see and because of that they end up neglecting the other senses.So for the first exercise make sure that your eyes can't see even the light that passes through the eyelids, use a blindfold if necessary.Some people will be able to get through this step in a matter of days or even hours, but for better results try to 'go blind' two hours per day during two weeks at least.You will learn to rely in what you hear.
    TIP-Although it's better to take a continuous training, you can divide the two hours time through the whole day if needed.

    2.LACK OF SOUND-For those without vision, sounds are their way of locating themselves in relation to what is around.Without sight and without sound to help you, your next way of interacting with your surroundings will be through touch.You will feel the electricity in the air, the warmth or lack of it when it's near you, the sensation of 'something there'.Again, the time of success depends from person to person, but for better results try to do it for two hours during two weeks at least.
    TIP-Alternatively, you can input more hours-3 or 5- into this step in order to do it for only a week.

    3.LACK OF TOUCH-This is the last of the 'main senses' that humans rely on.It is understandable that unless you are inside the water, it will prove difficult to not touch a thing.You might sit in a chair or lay on your bed and try to not move, but that will only distract you as you will 'try to not feel' while feeling the surface you're on.So for this part, create a certain area without objects and furniture around you and just stand still in the center.By standing up only your feet will be in contact with something, reducing the amount of touch you will have.Do this step 30 minutes per day for three weeks up to a month if necessary.
    TIP-Use this step together with the previous ones, preferably in near the 'end' of the exercises 1 and 2.EX:Near the last half hour of both 1 and 2, you go to your place and start exercise 3.

    There are still the sense of smell and the sense of taste, but only some people have them developed to a higher level and usually they aren't used as means of awareness.They are more used as means of identification(what) instead of helping with direction(where, how), and they usually tend to specifics instead of generalization.

    By the end of it all-depending on your consistency and ability to adapt-you might notice when something is 'in your zone' you will recognize it, no matter if it's beside, above or behind you.You will initially only be able to sense when someone or something is near your, but with time you might develop it enough to be able to expand your zone of awareness and know when someone has their eyes set on you, when you are being followed, and even when is the best moment to dodge an attack.

    Remember, it takes time to develop a skill, but if you are willing to spend that time you will get it.
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