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Elemental Energy Types: Death

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    Shane Senior Citizen

    May 25, 2016
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    Elemental Energy Types
    "This is a series of posts I am going to work on for all the non-classical elemental types, will post a thread for each as time goes on." - Shane
    Death energy is a non-classical energy type that isn't inherently found in humans and mostly only otherkin/other races. Such as Banshee's, Death Deities, etc. Of course, humans can get said energy from another that already has it technically speaking.

    Death energy is inherently in specific races, etc, but, a small amount of death energy is also generated on the death of something. All in all, this energy when actively used speeds up the decay rate of whatever it is effecting unles said thing can fight it. (Or also has death energy or life energy). This won't really effect physical beings to that degree but could potentially still have physical effects.

    Passively it won't really do much to anything around it other then mild discomfort usually.
    There may be information I missed/decided not to include.

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