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How To Project (Updated Guide)

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    Shane Senior Citizen

    May 25, 2016
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    How To Project
    • Meditation
    • Basic Energy Manipulation
    • Connections
    • Grounding/Cleansing
    • Scanning (Optional but better to know it).
    Projection is something that many people in these communities over complicate and thus it stops many people from actually achieving it in a timely manner. I do hope that this clears up a lot of the misconceptions and helps anyone learn to project much faster than otherwise.

    So to start off first you have to understand exactly what projection is… Projection is the act of projecting your energy system (Not literally your energy system, rather a image of it due to being bound to your physical body). Outside of your physical body in a manner of speaking.

    Now then, firstly, understand that your senses will not be good at all on your first few projections, actually, maybe for the first few months that you are projecting. Why? You are learning to use senses that you have never used before, basically, it is the same as learning to use the mild form of echolocation that humans can use that is scientifically backed up. Yes, it’ll take long, don’t be upset if you don’t see anything at all at the start.
    The exercise that I want you to do for learning to project is meant to get you out of your body and also working on your sight, keep in mind, this method ain’t the best out there, but it is one of the easiest from what others have said.

    Now then I want you to sit down on a bed or wherever you feel like it. DO NOT fall asleep, you should take a few minutes to relax/meditate then I want you to move on. Okay, firstly take in your surroundings, make sure you get a good clear picture of it… Now close your eyes and see yourself, standing up in 1st person from where you are, as if you did it physically. Do not do it physical lthough. Chances are this is just a bit hard to actually do, and shaky feeling.

    Still making sure you see your whole room, began to walk forward towards the nearest door, likely your legs will be shaky and almost as if you have to force yourself to see it… Once you reach the door, turn around and see your physical body where it is, from the area you are. This then open your physical eyes, while still seeing through the projection. Look towards the door, you should see your physical head move from that perspective.. Yes? If so, you did good, you may even see a distortion where your projection is.
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