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    Anecdotal Myers

    Anecdotal Myers Cadet Citizen II

    Apr 6, 2018
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    You can choose everything about your thoughts, you can literally build any sort of system or simulation inside of your head to contain a highly concentrated mode of thinking. Through visualizing a geometrical flow of nodes within a system defined by coordinated points in time-space which you designate, you can create a visual backbone like a funnel flow into the point of focus. The point of focus is you naked and pure, stripped of the veils of thought and matter, holy before all, z0. I want to try and get into the technics of what I’ve been doing in the meditative zone which, the goal being, to pierce every single moment of my life with an ultra-focused, totally conscious concentration of efforts toward the grace-fulfilment of the law that is Gods wish for me upon this Great Temple to voice the word as a frequency of all that I am coming from the Kingdom Siddhi. So that you may contain a totally centered/controlled stance in your body without letting your mind surrender to the weight of the fallen matter of the animal body, z0, the holy you must always maintain center peace of mindful focus upon the matter at hand. This matter is subject to your energy, meaning you have the power to bring that plant salvation by truly experiencing thus appreciating its beauty. The meaning that plant got to fulfill was it’s pressing into purpose because that plant will become the symbol for a deep-seeded love for all life.

    Z0, VV3 have this span of attention that we can spend on the beauty of things, how do we spread out our attention in a way that allows full-spectrum conception of beauty, or how do we look through geometrical keys to see the relative meaning of all that is as to the local environments and what are we supposed to do with all that bliss that comes from this ability? Configure priorities that are relative to your own karmic imprint upon reality in order to tune your intuition to pick up the frequencies of things you don’t know but things that you need to know because they are relevant to the intention you have set in stone with priority systems embedded into symbol sets, like utilizing a tantric avatar. Devotion is a step to commit all things to revolve around the higher self represented as this avatar because it is the bridge of your lower soul to your over soul and so it is always dwelling there, godlike in the crown of your head, you can literally see it all the time encompassing and exposing everything in its wake with it’s fractal grace of teaching you how to interact with reality in a way that brings you fulfilment of all things you’ve ever done toward self-integration, so all things end up becoming synchro-symbolical with the purpose this S e Elf has for you in the depths of your unconscious.

    When it comes to the utilization of emotion as hue-man currency... Angling your curviture in the Æther to project your mental light upon time-space is how to get the most inspiration and creative spark out of your emotions. As you visualize, say, a toroidal mesh of tetrahedrons folding in and out of it’s wings which are the shape of the toroidal twisting of infinity, as it unfolds, expands and simultaneously contracts, thoughts, memories, ideas will start to inhabit the nodes of intersecting tetrahedrons. This will happen with practice and once a good visualizing ability is attained, hyperfocus is easy and you will start to see the possibilities of how this mode of thinking can become insanely beneficial with it’s potential for mnemonic data-storage, logging and analyzing local statistics by utilizing a powerful/practiced intuition to seek out all that is relevant to the creative destiny approaching a raw burst of focused intent. Momentum can be built, and you can literally evoke any emotion you want, like an actor, by becoming so familiar with it through a sort of dispassionate observation of extremely impassioned expressions of emotion. The point of being able to express and build coherent emotion is for the imbuing and inductions on the mental plane. See, those emotions are all sucked into your vortex of concentrated mental energy, that fractally sound vision and the priority systems which define your intention are all guiding those emotions into a point of focus wherever you coordinated it to be when you set up the directions and reference-placemeant of thought. When these thought structures are imbued with emotion expressed and purified through a sort of spinal alchemy of coloration... your thoughts, ideas, all the mental endevours you imbue with these technics rise in intellectual capital production exponentially with a higher impact on self-development than any normal self work would.

    I’m talking about going straight to the sauce and literally nipping this shit in the bud because we only got 10-20 years before the techno-geomancy starts to get way too overwhelming for us to even know what hit us. I’m talking information age condensing a conception age, a new seed of humanity will rise from this big data cosmic fire of all colors.

    Prometheans converge.

    To be legendary is to have chrono-charisma.

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