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Learning Telekinesis Through Awareness

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    Ouroboros Cadet Citizen III

    Mar 30, 2018
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    You should crawl before you walk

    Written by Ouroboros.

    This isn't the first and probably won't be the last article about how to start developing telekinesis, since this is a topic of interest for many and each person has their own way tailored to them.
    Fot this exercise you will need:
    (4) Objects.They can all be the same one or each of them ranges from lightest to heaviest.
    (1) Place where you can have your personal space uninterrupted by others.It doesn't need to be a peaceful place, just one where you won't be bothered while working.
    (1) Alarm/Timer.
    Have developed your sense of awareness:http://psionicnation.com/threads/developing-awareness.6411/#post-60929

    Be sure to check the place you are going to use, see if the surface where you will put the objects on is stable and straight.If the object(s) you chose are psiwheels or one or more of them are very light them bring with you a glass in order to be able to see them and avoid stray air currents from misleading yourself.
    You can put all four objects in front of you, with a certain distance between each, or put them around you.You can go one by one or try all at the same time, but for beginners it is best to start individually.

    Get one hand close to the object, but not enough that you can't see a space between them.
    I reckon that by now most would already know the feeling of energy, so your aim here is to try to feel the object through energy alone.You can't touch, and it would work better to close your eyes, but if you don't have a developed awareness then do what feels natural.The object you want to move isn't important, but the 'connection' you make through energy is, because in the end this is what will help you.

    Why I say that the object isn't important if I even talk about using objects with different weights?
    At the beginning you will be wired to assume that a heavier/bigger object needs more energy, more 'strength', and this mindset isn't something that can be easily changed.It's only after you develop more your awareness, that you will understand that the energy will be the same no matter which object you chose to move.

    Why having a developed awareness is necessary?Because it is through this awareness that you will 'expand' your consciousness and through the energy-link you will close the distance between you and the object.The bigger it is your 'zone of awareness', the more distant objects you can interact with, because in the end the strength of telekinesis is moving something AT DISTANCE or without the necessity of PHYSICAL INPUT.

    Through the energy around you and the object, try to influence it's movement.Imagine as if your fingers were trying to expand beyond the limits of your body and catch the object and try to feel it.It isn't the best way to train as it teaches you to think of your body in individual parts-fingers, hands, etc-but for this first moment is necessary.
    TIP-For a better understanding of the feeling of grabbing the object you might try to do it physically before trying to do it with telekinesis.Feel the object, it's weight and then release it back to it's starting point.

    When you are just starting you will have a hard time measuring yout training time so for that reason an alarm/timer was asked.You need to learn how much time has passed during your practices, manage your time well is a useful ability, and because of that the use of the alarm at the beginning will help doing just that by breaking your concentration once the alloted time reaches it's end.
    You should start with one minute, of where you will pour your entire attention towards this exercise, aim your awareness to that specific spot.Then progress to five minutes, half an hour, one hour and etc.You can even do this exercise at certain times of the day, once per day or even few days a week but remember that consistency is the key to progress.

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