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Myth-Logic, Meaning, what, exactly?

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    Anecdotal Myers

    Anecdotal Myers Cadet Citizen II

    Apr 6, 2018
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    4or example, a prophecy can work as mythological thinking conducive to more efficient usage of unconscious capacities abilities, it would work with, say me approaching thee initial stages 0f a project, and discovering a fun thematically tuned opportunity for a potential future, thus, intuitively allowing a prophecy with fantastical/archetypal aspects and symbolic qualities to æffectively establish a connection with the subconscious. And so in so doing,,, The prophecy, in its birth, is guided by objective faculties relative to the project in-synch with the mythologic that helps unconscious priority systems better understand thee emphasis placed on a goal through the usage of myth and symbol. I prophe-psi the use of a comb the next morning to symbolize ‘stylizing’ or ‘still-i-zing’, a concept or part of my own myth-systems and symbolic thought structures designed specifically yet intuitively for the functions of belief as channels of charismatic compulsion unto convincing unconscious thought-space/psychic energu to work in the way i choose... for I choose choice. The subconscious knows things which we can’t quite grasp due to insufficient language/communication, and so if we want to tap into the capacities of the physical brain, we have to go so far as to radically alter our mynd. We have here the important function of ‘GOD’ as an idea in the very core of our ego, with/given ALL the power over everything we thingk we are and do, thus influencing, as a HIGH ego-d behind the scenes with all the attentive faith the low ego humbly offers in worship to it/all/god, influencing, lol, INFLUENCING!!!

    Need I say MORE?!

    The personality given to house GOD is the projected personality of the disciple. Create your own mode of self discovery because all exoteric systems are only designed to bring ye to esoteric modes which bring you to you as you were you all along eternally divine lines....! But though the GOD you worship is truest of all to you through intensive imprinting of belief under ego-death frameless-patchwork, you limit and build a safe zone facilitation for matrix operations. Cant function in society?function in the matrix you overlay atop the reality screen, matriculating reality under your tutelage as master does to servant, and reality comes to serve it’s master which is you, creator. So, as a means for high-functioning so called ‘mentally challenged’ to function in reality whilst embracing freedom of individuation, the high-function of a belief matrix will allow reality to mesh with imagination coherently for the sake of productivity on all fronts, subjective/objective. Programming a belief matrix takes time, patience, enjoyment, and highly intense moments of complete chaos as perceptive faculties dissolve and break down under psychoactive stress to a point of taotl-E-death.
    Why should I encrypt the message being relayed that I am trying to understand(as if it were consciously intended nonsense but rather unconsciously intended)? If I were to straight up articulate precise exactity on pointe of clear and coherent communication to where what is conceived is convinced of on the grounds of sound logic... The mind of not even a fragmented version of the one, but yes thee one mind would be too open to that idea, and we are not ready.

    Ok, so, you have to limit thee amount of influence your GOD has over your reality function, or at least configure your GOD to be translated and diluted for fear the power of your GOD has so much transcendent capacity to baffle the laws of science that you wouldn’t want to be operating at such a high capacity simply because it would be too alien to reality, leading to your exile, insanity at it’s finest. Something along the meta-programming lines of ‘God has me here in this body, in this society, at this moment in time-space to learn and teach something very specific. As I accomplish this mission, I feel more whole, integrating purpose with personality to awaken evolved natures, and so in service to the will of PURECLEARLOVELIGHT(my version of GOD), I am fulfilled, yet with overwhelmingly intense increase in exponential passions, pushing me on to evermore, everlasting vistas of life...’ This reality matrix, my soul incarnation to turn immortal on case of point recall, perfect pattern recognition, beauty beyond belief, divine enchantment with the charm to grace eternity, let the kingdom of heaven rejoice... I WISH... Is as it is, the levels of technical belief with their various languages and programs are only alembics, alchemical containers/vessels for the real substance, thee vicor, nectar of the gods, pure emotion, coherent energy/plasma, trickling down from god to initiate reality to heaven.

    That is the vital essence, is the vigor we attain from this sort of mythological magic, personality programming, meta-mentality. This neuro-transmitter efficiency training, neuronal muscle-memory work is extremely healthy in a holistic way, because you bring everything that happens to you under the light of your GOD who rules your definition of meaning, and in the customization of your mythology under your GOD you find purpose through a way of interacting with the world as an eternal, or divine world due to the holistic nature of seeking fulfillment. Refining that vicar is what the great work of lead to gold is all about. Thee Philosopher’s Stone.

    The neuronal part of this comes down to association games, practicing memory, reflection, refraction of memory through philosophical contemplation, fantastical thinking, education, you continue to review your life and all the layers of content from the indefinitely abstract to the infinitely exact, over and over and over as you observe the dots connecting and remember each moment as an object or symbol of god in a perfect/holy relation-worship sort of way and how it relates to all time, integrating the parts of your life in a way that brings a totally sound syntharmony of soul or immaculate conception, revolving around the continuum of consciousness inside you, that imperceptible point of perception that is the atom of you in the body of god.

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