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Ψ Official Ψ Paranormal Defense Agency - Charter

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    Alkar Director
    Paranormal Defense Agency

    Mar 13, 2018
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    Let it be known: This charter confirms the establishment of the Paranormal Defense Agency. All rights and privileges are granted therein under the auspices of the Paranormal Defense Agency.

    This charter is granted without restriction or limitation so long as the agency remains in accordance with US Laws, the Psionic Nation's Community Rules, the Paranormal Defense Agency's Rules, maintains the minimum number of members, maintains the highest standards of safety and confidentiality, and answers all edicts of the Psionic Nation's Management Department.

    This charter is issued in good faith, with psionic respect, and is revocable only by the Management Department of the Psionic Nation.

    Enacted this 18th Day of March, 2018

    Owner of Psionic Nation

    and signed by:
    Paranormal Defense Agency Director
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Thread Status:
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