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Photokinesis: Light Energy Manipulation Guide

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    Arn Issai

    Arn Issai Guest

    "The Light and How To Swing It"
    This is a guide on Photokinesis,the version which is Light Energy Manipulation.Not the ability to manipulate physical light or anything.

    What is Light Energy?

    Light energy is an element of it's own.That will only appear within a person at birth/if they ended up developing it spiritually prior to incarnation.It is not easily introduced into a person. Light energy is a direct opposite to dark energy,this energy isn't highly corruptive for example. It follows the positive spectrum of things also.

    From my notes Light energy appears to have a side effect of actually fueling off of positive emotions. I don't know if it's just me but whenever your happy,hopeful,etc,any emotion positive it rises up and flares within you.Feeding off of that to strengthen naturally.(This can be done voluntarily if you want),the same applies to if people around you feel positive as a whole.

    What Are The Properties Of Light Energy?

    Light energy has its own colors as it appears as a partial gold/white (or apparently a friend of mine sees it as orange for some reason) on whatever it's infused into in whoever alongside adding a in general bright tint to things.It always maintains an appearance or side effect similar to that. Light energy is very firey and heals just as well as it is capable of burning something,making it a rather versatile energy.However of course it does not heal dark beings and would instead harm them and vice versa with dark energy harming light beings.It's naturally positive nature is also what makes it great with healing.

    Who / What has Light energy?

    Not every being exactly possessing/uses light energy. Beings such as Angelics, Keres,etc are some of the very notable ones that tend to possess light. Humans also have had a tendency to grab light and end up using it. Sometimes there are members of other races that not very often end up having light within their energy system. In order to use light energy,you usually have to be one of these beings/naturally have it within your system as there doesn't seem to be much of a way of introducing it. Beings that have light are referred to also as Light beings.(To my knowledge I do not know any areas of the etheric one can just go to and integrate it or anything)

    How Do I Use Light Energy?

    Practice with it,let it flow within you,utilize it and train with it,etc.Train all aspects of EM but with light energy,get creative in a nutshell. It should definitely feel warm/firey or in a way soothing when utilized (depending on whether or not it's being used to heal or to harm or etc) It can be imbued into certain gems (such as amethyst,quartz,etc) to function as a light energy generator for you to absorb from when needed.

    Disclaimers of Light Energy

    Now light energy isn't exactly symbiotic like darkness,however some caution must be exercised with it.

    • If you aren't in check with your emotions/careful with your light you can experience what is called "Righteousness". You begin to get self Righteous,causing yourself to become VERY overly "heroic acting"cocky,and when at a serious level, in that mood where your just screaming "we must burn away the darkness,and everything bad in this world!",excessively and uncontrollably. Hence one must keep themselves in check unless they begin to suffer these side effects.This basically happens from light overspiking and not being able to handle it.
    • Your very vulnerable to darkness and have to be wary of that,but vice versa with darkness users(energetically)
    Disclaimer2:This is all from the experiences of my own/what I've seen and discussed with others. Hope this helped you out and leave any comments/replies below :p

    Vadeshi Senior Citizen II

    Jun 28, 2014
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    so that's why your always talking about being a bada** your light talks out your a** for you;) lol.in all seriousness great guide
    Arn Issai

    Arn Issai Guest

    lol or nah xD
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    Dan_29 New Citizen

    Apr 19, 2015
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    I understand you want to call "light energy" manipulation photokinesis, but be aware that a LOT of people who have never read this article don't call "light energy" manipulation photokinesis. I, and everyone else I know of who does psionics calls the manipulation of PHYSICAL light photokinesis. Please try to call this something else or make a slang for it on this site or something. I'm not trying to force you into doing things my way, im saying that people who come to this site will think photokinesis is the manipulation of light energy, read article and think its positive energy, then checking out other sites about psionics and getting confused. I dunno if you know people besides people on this site who think what you think photoK is but I personally don't.

    Clearing up terminology for psionics will help a lot of people actually learn it.
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    jason1stlegion Citizen

    May 26, 2015
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    could you have both light and dark energy in you at the same time (introduced by you or a friend, naturally is probably impossible)? that way when you had problems with either you could just use the other to solve them, and perhaps create a construct that channels certain types of flare into the other power well (I doubt you could keep them together without one annihilating the other) so that no problems arise? I'm posting the same thing on Baal's "Understanding Umbrakinesis: Part One", just so you know.
    Arn Issai

    Arn Issai Guest

    I know this is a late response because I really don't go on this site much,But Those are already Distincted between. Theres 2 types of Photo Kinesis,The one you manipulate physical light with,and the one you manipulate Energetic Light with. Light isn't exactly just "positive" energy either and can't really be said as that.

    No that really just would not work at all to be honest.You'd end up a mess maybe or One would overtake the other.
    The ShadeOfLight

    The ShadeOfLight Cadet Citizen I

    Jun 12, 2017
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    You could theoretically but its like 75% risk and 25% success. U could use a construct to imbue all that energy into it and then take what you need from the construct when needed

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