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Shanes lessons (1-11)

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    Shanes Lessons 1-11
    "These are 11 lessons that I made for students I was teaching at the time, I am not currently teaching said students as I decided to move on for now. These are a bit outdated but are overall fine. Albeit, I didn't include all things in them that I should have, as well as some of it being outdated in terms of what I believe, but they are overall fine." - Shane

    Lesson 1 - Meditation
    Meditation is one of the most important factors in energy work/the occult, and in general when you think about it. Of course many people ignore this and acts like it literally means nothing for them, but in reality it wil really help you in not only energy work, but every portion of your life. Take me for an example, when I got into energy work, I hated meditation but decided to do it one day, over time, my control of my energy from meditating on my energy increased a large amount, way more then i myself, expected.

    But, how exactly does one meditate? Well, you need to understand that the amount of different methods that there are in meditation is way beyond being able to be listed. Hundreds, thousands, of different ways, so NEVER expect to learn them all, rather, meditate, and develop your own method over time. I would say that is the best way to go.

    For now, we will be going over the universal basic method, regular meditation you can say... As in, the one that everyone likely does at some point in time... It involves just relaxing rather then some special visualization or focus to achieve, so how do you go about this?

    Start off, I want you to get in the most relaxing position you can, -but, the thing is, not in one that you'll fall asleep in, make sure you can't fall asleep in it, or in a position that it would take too long to fall asleep. Why? Because, a huge problem many have at the beginning is staying awake, so yes, to avoid such, do as I just said.

    Now then, once you are in your position, begin to just focus on nothing specific, literally, just let all your thoughts go through your head, without even caring about them but letting them remain. Now then, you should've also closed your eyes bye now, You should also start just being a passive observer to your senses such as hearing, etc. As in, hear something? Don't trust to understand it, just let it be.

    Keep doing this to every thought you have, just be passive to them, overtime, you'll relax to the point that you will likely just have all your thoughts a blur, as well as all your senses. This, is the basic meditation method.

    Lesson 2 - Emotions, Thoughts, Path.
    These are three things that are rather interesting even though most don't look into it. I often try to avoid this as people always jump to the idea that I am talking about emotional or mental energy shit, like, emotions don't have a specific energy, nor do thoughts (Unless you are counting emotions imbued into energy and or thoughts), so it get's annoying, But you gotta understand something about these, it'll really help you later on as in it'll help whatever path you decide to take, we'll also be talking about choosing your path you wish to take as well.

    So, let's get into it... Emotions, what's so important about them? Well, first off, you need as I said, to understand that there are no specific emotional energies, but, it is possible for emotional and personality imprints to be put on your energy, so as you use it with others they may have some sense of it, but overall, that doesn't matter much for now. But, the real key part, is you need to realize your emotional state will effect the path you take in all of this a fair amount, just like thoughts will.

    How? Your emotional state determines how you'll react to something, so say if you are chronically depressed, that'll be in the long run, harmful for your path as generally that'll lead you down a path of doubting yourself and not even caring enough to do energy work period. It'll also influence how you'll act in situations which will, be your 'fate" or "timeline" determination, as in, if someone were to use precognition on you, if you emotionally changed, the whole path would change. Infact, this is the whole basis of my precognition. Albeit, the future is not set in stone, but specific points is, which, is determined by your main personality traits, and emotions play a large role in such.

    Thoughts, also do play a huge role in it all, thoughts, are firstly, the whole basis of you even being able to do shit as if you didn't think, you would be dead. But, that is not exactly what I mean here, rather, the trends in your thoughts. These, can influence you, how? Through influences a bigger picture of yourself, as in, if you continuously say you doubt you can do energy work, you will build a subconscious seal that literally makes it so you can't do it. Which, in turn, changes your whole path unless you hit somewhere along the road that such is undone, etc.

    So, for choosing your path, you've gotta firstly understand the path that'll work with your emotional and thought processes, PLUS you'll have to actually enjoy it too, which, likely you will. Though, the thing you gotta keep in mind, the path you take is technically already determined through your personality, ofc, that can be changed via changing yourself. But yeah.

    Lesson 3 - Inner Awareness
    Inner Awareness is one of the most important, actually, scratch that, it IS the most important aspect in energy work. As to why? It involves feeling your onw energy and such, so if you do not practice such, and understand it, how the hell do you expect to do energy work at all in the first place?

    Well then, lets get started... First off, I want you to begin meditating using the basic method that i taught you in the first lesson, of course, you can technically use any method you wish but I am building up on that one as it's the easiest to do and understand. Next, what you want to start doing after that is to begin examining one part of your body mentally, like, say your hand, feel out everything in it, every sensation, each sensation you get from said hand, determine what it is, if you know it, then put that in the back of your head.

    Slowly start expanding that up your arm, then down your toros, just begin to identify every sensation you feel until you do it to your whole energy system, continue going on as well. Feel it all, warm, cold, whatever it is.

    Once you get to a point, you should start noticing something peculiar. -Sensations that you don't know how to explain, this'll generally start off with some basic things, maybe even mundane still, but as time goes on, you should start feeling more extremeties.

    Maybe you'll start feeling vibrations, prickling, unexplainable temperature changes, etc. Once you do, and it can't be mundane, and you WILL know if it's mundane or not once you feel it, congrats, you have felt something that isn't physical.

    Next, you continue this ever day for 20-30 minutes or however long you feel, eventually you'll start noticing sensations that you can manipulate, like, vibrations, etc. Technically, you should notice it the first time, vibrations, liquid, gas, whatever it is, flowing through you.

    That, is your energy. Get to know it well, try to play with it, etc, As you'll need to know it well.

    Lesson 4 - Outer Awareness
    Outer Awareness is just that, awareness of things outside of you. This is something many people jump the gun on and just don't even practice in the first place and expect to be able to scan 10/10 with no problem and see in projection with no problem. It REALLY helps with all things senses.

    Now then, the goal of this is to be able to feel your surroundings to a good degree, no, not to be able to say pinpoint a object nearby you, albeit, it can get to that point, rather, you'll have impressions of your surroundings, be able to feel movements of things in a way when actively doing it... Energy movements will also be feelable around you via this pretty easily. The physical effects are neat as well. Ever wanted eyes in the back of your head? You'll technically get such via practicing this.

    Now then, let's get going on...For now I want you to get into a basic meditative trance similar to what we have already done. The only difference here is don't focus on separating the non metaphysical and physical sensations you feel, rather, close your eyes, preferably muffle your senses as much as possible. Next. I want you to begin to notice the air, what does it feel like? Temperature, cold, hot, what? Now, what of any vibrations you feel from around you? Something moving around? Keep doing this, this'll work on more of a physical approach, next off... I want you to concentrate some energy around you like your aura.

    Then, send a small burst outwards all around you almost like a expanding dome, not too much, just a bit. This isn't the technique itself, but it'll help, as in, you don't need to do this as you'll become aware of around yourself without such awhile. But this helps, as soon as you do such, just pay attention, did you feel as if the energy suddenly hit something? If so, you likely just felt it hitting a object.

    Now then, once you practice all that for awhile, we'll get to the actually technique... You gotta understand that there is ambient energy all around you, as in, non living. It is in every nonliving object, what you want to do, is to focus on it, become aware of it, got that?

    Focus on it and connect to it, once you do such, you'll notice something interesting happening, many don't realize this, but if you do connect to it, you can get a general idea of the general surroundings of yourself. Of course, this takes a very long time to get accurately, but it'll 100% help you.

    Lesson 5 - Linking
    Now then this lesson is where you start getting into some good shit, linking, so what is it? Well, you all know phones yes? You know those magical little toys that allow you to talk to another from miles away due to connecting to another little magical toy? yeah, envision links like that for just a few minutes, mm'kay?

    Links are connections between one one, and point two, or person 1, and person 2, it all really depends on what you are using it for in that case. But linking is one of the most important skills you'll ever learn in energy work as it is used in almost every more advanced skill.

    Such as, telepathic links, empathic links, etc, hell, links are even used in constructs a crap ton, my whole method I do for constructs has dozens of links per construct and that is just a small one.

    Now then, exactly how do you form a link? Well, the method I do and teach is rather simple that you just get it on your first try!, Basically, all you have to do is focus on the object that you wish to link to and begin to send energy towards it, will it towards it. If you have done the previous lessons you should be more than capable of doing this with ease.

    But, it is possible that you could use a visual aid to help you do so if you are having trouble forming the link, one is through imaging a string or rope forming between you and said person/thing and connect from you to them. Though, I personalyl recommend doing it without such to avoid relying on the visual aid.
    Lesson 6 - Grounding
    Now then, this is the next thing that you really need to understand, cleansing, though, there are many different methods to do so we will be going over the most used, "Grounding". Now what do I mean by cleansing exactly? Well I mean cleaning your energy system of any unhealthy shit, like foreign energy, any gathered "Dirt" you can say, and stagnant energy.

    Overall you can see this very much like taking medication to get healthy, or well, stay healthy in this case, though, keep in mind, you should try and cleanse at least once a day if you really want to stay at tip top shape, though, you don't 100% have to every single day.

    Anyways though, let's get into it... Now then, grounding... How exactly do you do it? Well, we are going to be combining na fair amount of what you already know to do so. So first off, I want you for the start though, later on you can easily just do it passively whenever doing anything else, get into the basic meditative state that I taught you earlier.

    Now that you are in it, I want you to send a link to say, the earth, or whatever, technically, you don't even need to link to something and can just send it outside of yourself, but it's easier this way. Got it? Now then, what you are going to do is start focusing on your energy like in the inner awareness lesson, but this time, you'lll start looking for anything that feels painful energy wise, or anything that just feels wrong. And then push it out, hint, if it starts moving, then you should be 100% fine with grounding that out. You ain't going to ground out your pathways or chakras or some shit like some people are scared of.
    Lesson 7 - Parts Of A System
    Okay so yes, this is the next thing that I chose to teach you, what exactly are the parts of your energy system? Believe it or not, this is something really important to understand in energy work for things such as healing, understanding it can even make your overall energy work improve as well tbh. Okay, so first off you gotta realize that each different races energy system is largely different, tho, that really depends as well, such as humans and human like creatures will be somewhat similar tho, there are always differences present. So don't think you know how every energetic system works just because you studied yours, etc.(edited)​

    Well yeah, let's get into it shall we? The first pretty universal part of the energy system is the energy pathways/meridians. These things are the well, tubes you could say that go throughout the energy system and allow transfer of energy very similar to veins. Humans, have one main one in each limb and they all connect to the main center one down the chakras. They also have a huge amount of smaller ones shooting off of the main ones throughout the rest of the energy system.

    The next portion is Chakras, these are interesting things... They are generally where main energy pathways intersect but not always. All in all the functions they perform are really widely different per race. Elementals, hardly need them, Humans, need them to do energy work at all. For Humans they have a large amount of different functions per chakra.

    Next off, the elements of your system.. Everyone has at least one or two or sometimes more elements in there energy system, whats the purpose of this? They basically align your system to specific properties/traits, so you'll be more so comfortable with those ones, and/or the same elements that you have. Tho, I also view it as almost like blood type, but, rather energy type you could say.

    The final portion you actually need to know about is apart of your soul and ES, the Core. This is the portion that basically decides your race and performs a whole 'lotta functions, way more then anyone can really tell you. So say this core was destroyed, you would start going ghoul likely, tho, if safely removed you may technically just become the race of your vessel or well, human, tho... I also see race as being more so from the soul and the core just does some functions of such so I kind of doubt that you would really change that deeply, but that is just my view on it.
    Lesson 8 - Basic Programming
    Okay it's been awhile since I planned out this lesson but I'll start working on it now... Programming is the act of making energy do a specific act, literally, just that simple... Though it does get complex as time goes on so I will explain a few concepts here and now that many people appear to not really understand when dealing with constructs/programming.

    The first thing is, yes will is a big portion of it but actually understanding the function that it does is required, if you do not understand it then will literally means nothing. So if you attempted to make a construct to heal someones energy system, but yet did not know how to heal a ES, how do you expect a construct to do it? Some exceptions are self learning constructs/servitors.

    The next thing you gotta understand is that creating a construct require time and effort, a lot of people will just tell you to make a quick ball and do the functions with it, but that's not exactly what you should be doing. think of it as a assembly line, you make multiple parts for the construct to do a single task, so if you have a shield, you'll have one piece gathering energy, another storing it, another making sure it's clean in a manner of speaking, another to project the shield out, one to perform keep the shield intact/repairing it, get what I mean?

    So yes, thats the basic concepts of programming that you need to understand, for homework, I want you to begin to experiment with programming construct ideas, the first one would be making it orbit you, then slowly build up to a shield, PLEASE don't make the mistake that many do and think that constructs work without testing them and getting others to scan/look at them at the beginning, ofc, you don't really need people to look at them, but for some constructs it really helps at the beginning to get people to scan them/look at them for you.
    Lesson 9 - Basic Healing
    Healing is a skill that is needed throughout energy work, mostly when you fuck up and do damage to yourself or a outside party does damage to you, in a spar, just to be a dickhead, etc. Whatever. Stagnation can also cause damage so it is useful in that case too...

    I assume that you can by now feel the pain caused by energetic damage, if not, then you need to work on your sensitivity more then you already have, and then you can work on learning this. Though, this doesn't directly teach you to heal others but it can be used in the same manner to do such.

    Okay, focused on the damaged area, make sure you actually know what the damage is though, else you may just do more harm then good... So is it a fractured meridian? Or a stab wound-like thing? Once you understand that, start sending energy to that area, condensing it.

    Now, utilize programming to imbue an effect into it of soothing, this in of itself won't heal it, but it'll relieve the pain.

    Next, for a wound connect connection "strings" on each side of it as if your stiching it, which is, literally what you are doing. And then simply pull it shut. Of course, this is just a basic method and takes time, but yeah. Once you have done such, you can start putting energy into it to begin to "reconstruct' the energy system in tha region. You can do this manually, or through a construct, but just picture it as rebuilding the piece that's damaged back to what it should be, can't be too hard yes?
    Lesson 10 - Introduction To Scanning(edited)
    Scanning is something that many struggle on, and frankly, it makes no real sense for them to be struggling on it. If you trained yourself in all the previous lessons and actually stuck to them getting good and shit... Then you should be more then capable of doing scanning...

    So what is the method I'll be teaching you? It'll tie into the linking method found in a earlier lessons, as that is a important part of scanning. -Linking to the target. So I want you to link to the person or thing you are scanning, make sure the link is actually strong, aka, don't make a quick link that you easily lse focus from.

    Now then, I want you to split said link into two directions and connect them to both of your hands... As this scanning method will be using those to scan, rather then unreliable sight, as sight can easily be manipulated by your mind. Once you have done such, stick your hands into the link in a manner of speaking, almost as if you are sticking your hand into liquid to feel it. Think of it similar to your hand becoming the link in a manner of speaking. This should, if you actually train the previous things, give you a general sense of how there energy feels by manifesting it on your hands. Now you just gotta work on understanding all the sensations if you managed the above.
    Lesson 11 - Elements
    Elements aren't really all that important to know at the start, but it'll really help to understand them for constructs as well as generally for anything eventually... Elements even though many claim it, are not just programmed energy...

    Elements in the simplist manner of speaking each have inherent traits and effects that can simply not be removed. Technically speaking, they can be programmed to match another element in a way, but the trait will always be present still, so for programming energy to be like a different element, it is best to use ambient energy.

    Knowing each element allows your constructs to function better in terms of letting you make sure the traits and such align properly with the construct's purpose itself, of course, you won't always be able to get the "best element" for the function buuuut... Ambient energy will usually work best in that case.

    Every energy system has inherent elements that are present inside the system, of course, it's possible to get elements added to your system through multiple methods... One is through a deity, and technically, through aritficial means such as a construct that gathers some of that element... Everyone can use a small bit of each element, which is how the artificial method is possible, and something I have seen many do in the past.

    Albeit, the thing that decides the element energy is, I have yet to figure out.
    The known elements are...
    • Void (Chaos)
    • Cosmic
    • Solar, Lunar
    • Death, Life, Time
    • Light, Dark
    • Fire, Water, Earth, Air
    There are obviously more, it is irrational to believe otherwise considering all the different "materials" in existence, but these are the only ones I know of.

    Though, each element does have different states, freezing water = ice, etc... As well as storm existing, which, I dunno, there are some people that have it naturally, but generally, it's just combining elements to get it, etc.
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    Nice guide, I'll start using this!

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    Hope it helps you in someway then! :)
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    I might release more later on of these if I ever get around to making more.
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