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The Otherkin Issues

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    Ouroboros Citizen

    Mar 30, 2018
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    The Otherkin Issues
    Some known, some not so

    Written by Ouroboros

    I have been reading a bit of the otherkin section of this site in order to grasp how people here see, or used to see, this "condition of being".I won't be discussing if otherkins are real or not because that in itself is a can of worms that could fill a while post and in the end we all have each of our own opinions about it.I will just say however that I do despise how everyone likes to pick a race-or create one in some cases-and attach kin at the end as a means of...what exactly?Making it more official?Considering the issues of the entire concept itself I don't see how "generating kin-ness" would make it more legit.

    • Call the races as they are.Dragons, demons, angels, and etc.

    With that out of the way I will start with the most glaring and obvious issue that I have encountered on the posts.The fact that apparently everyone, or most people at the time at least, seemed to take in the words of certain members as to how being an otherkin worked as the right ones or the only ones.

    For example (http://psionicnation.com/threads/otherkin-am-i-or-am-i-not-originial.441/)

    As you can see I even highlighted some parts of the post that caught my attention and wrote my response to this defunct thread(http://psionicnation.com/threads/otherkin-am-i-or-am-i-not-originial.441/page-2 end of the page).Then we also have this thread here(http://psionicnation.com/threads/why-you-might-not-be-otherkin.1173/) that is basically the same as the other with one or two points being talked about more or differently.

    For starters, who created this mold of HOW being an otherkin works?Why is it that their words should be taken more seriously-or as more legit-as the words of others?We are not equal and even if there are some things that can be taken as common ground you have to take into consideration that at most they will be very few.Differences will still be the majority, specially when dealing with a concept of belonging to different races.
    What if someone that "is a dragon" found out about them later in life after a meaningful event, and someone that "is a demon" found out when they were a kid?Races works differently in the physical so why expect the same thing for all when dealing with souls?

    • Each race has their own time and each individual have their own traits.Don't generalize.

    The second issue with otherkin, in this community at least, is the talk of being legit.
    I get that being considered legit would not only be a boost to someone's ego-as they would be recognized as one of the few that are true-but would also work as a place-or person-to go from when trying to find if others are legit as well.The problem here with this however is one divided in two parts.

    1. How would you be able to know if someone was legit?
    2. What being "legit" would entail?

    I know that for the first part many people talked about getting "legit" scanners to scan the person and see if they were otherkin-or which kind they were-but how would you even know if the person tasked with getting the truth was for real as well?It would all be based on the words of those that recommended the scanner and you can bet that the words of the more popular members would be taken as more valuable as the words of others.It would all turn into a friendship system where having the right friends would guarantee you a certificate of legit.

    The second part is a bit more tricky.Based on what I saw the person would have to project into the etheric-and by doing that land on their true self's body-or do something related to projecting.What if the person that would give you the legit sticker doesn't know or can't yet project?What if the one claiming be otherkin can't project to "prove their words"?I think that something more solid would be needed as proof of legitimacy, otherwise we could even create a place where those that want to be recognized as scanners lie about the true self of others just to not loose their label as legit as well.Both sides end up wrong and everyon loses.

    I know that the best way to prove it would be to somehow transfer the spiritual chracteristics of your race to your physical body.Am I talking about shapeshifting or suddenly generating scales?No, at least not since I know that biology doesn't work like that.But let's be honest for a second, in the end it doesn't matter if you are a dragon, a mix of demon and angel or even a wolf of hell with fairy descent, if your true self can't interact with your physical self then it won't matter what you are.For all intents and purposes you are human.

    • Does the label of legit matters that much when in your daily life it won't change a thing?

    Final Words

    I don't like the word otherkin, period.

    No matter if you are a badass demon in the etheric or if you are actually a deity reincarnated, if your true self can't interact directly with or through your physical self then you are just as human as the rest of humanity.

    Don't take the words of others as the only truth, go after what you want to know, research and develop your own view of how it all works.It's your reality that you are living in, not theirs.

    Don't take everything so seriously, but also don't believe in everything your hear.Try to maintain a balance.

    RockShan Citizen

    Mar 6, 2016
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    "Don't take everything so seriously, but also don't believe in everything your hear.Try to maintain a balance."

    Your right, you shouldn't believe the words of others; you should focus on achieving the skills yourself. In which case you can identify your traits (energetically) yourself, and have them confirmed by others without "front-loading", I myself have done that. I figured out my energetic appearance, but not my past life after nearly a decade sense I first started practicing energy, and I had it confirmed by a very new user without front-loading them nearly a year ago. (I should note that the "complete newbie" I taught him several methods before I had them practice his energetic sight on me).

    So I would recommend anyone that is looking to know if their "other-kin", do not use one method of discovering, use a two-fold or more approach, first your confirmation and than confirmation by others, if they do not properly align, ask others, and if the description from others matches multiple times, but doesn't match to yours, it's likely that their description could be more accurate.
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