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Why communities go down

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    Ouroboros Cadet Citizen III

    Mar 30, 2018
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    The obvious and the common

    Written by Ouroboros

    This is a psionic community, so my main focus of discussion will be centered around it even if I might diverge a bit and include other kinds of communities.My intent here isn't to put blame on anyone-although that might happen-or start a problem for the new management but if no one wants to talk about it it can only mean that they do acknowledge the truth, at least partially, but have their reasons to keep denying it.

    What is this "truth"?

    The fact that although talked about a lot, no one has given solid proof yet.

    I get it that some people are shy or just want to keep their anonimity, and we even have those that believe that their government will try to kidnap or kill them because of their "powers", but with this many communities and this long of a time how is it that so far not even a single person was able to show result?

    Follow my thinking.If someone goes to the gym one day their body will start to show the result of their work, same with someone who wants to learn a new skill, and this pattern of TIME+TRAINING/RESEARCH has always brought results of some kind.Psionics though seems to be the odd one because no matter how much people comment about their training or how much time they have learned about something it always stops there.On the comments.

    Considering how many people are here-or in other communities-you would think that a certain number would at least be able to put the money where their mouths are, but so far that hasn't been the case.People are quick to claim mastery of a subject, or at least talk about it in a way that make them seem knowledgeable enough to be considered a master when compared to the rest that talks with uncertainty or even doubt.

    This is the main reason why this kind of community fails at the long run, if they can even get that far.People want to know that what they are searching for isn't just a delusion or a silly wish, and I know that for some "confirmations comes when you practice", I also believe that being hands-on with something is much better than just hearing from others.But could you say honestly that you wouldn't feel at least a little bit more certain-or relieved-of having trying to pursue this path, if someone showed an unquestionable proof of their (energy work of your choice)?

    Other reasons for failure include:

    Becoming a playground instead of a place to share knowledge
    People abandon these communities because at the long run they stop becoming a place to learn-if they ever were such in the beginning-and become just a meeting place where people talk about their day to day and tell jokes with once in a while someone remembering that this should be a place to talk about, for example, psionics.

    People end up just going to the community to chat with the friends they made or just talk with someone.

    Non-sharing is regular...and non-caring?
    A community is a group with a certain number of people that work together towards a goal.The goal here is learning and developing real psionic skills, that can be used on our lives when needed.How can a community function properly when everyone wants to learn but no one is willing to "spill the beans"?This ends up creating a demand that can't really be fulfilled, and I don't know if the lack of sharing of training methods that work is based on a non-willingness to "give freely"knowledge that was acquired through time and hardship or if it is because no one wants to acknowledge that they aren't as good as they claimed.

    I would understand partially the former, but something tells me that for most it is the latter.Besides, if you don't want to share then just don't join a community because THAT is the main point of a community.

    Expectations running amok.
    When it is just one or two users talking big about what they can do, or what they think they know to be possible, it isn't that big of a deal.But when more influential members or a bigger portion of a community bases their development in 'what ifs' and skewed perceptions then we start to have a problem.

    How many haven't already given up only because the results weren't the ones they had expected?There isn't a problem about dreaming big, but when all you do is dream without centering yourself on reality you are setting yourself up to failure.

    Final Words.
    I know that there will be people that will talk about the "burden of proof" as a way to say that I shouldn't be the one to ask for proof but instead go after it or prove that they are wrong.

    I know that there will be people that will say that the current state of technology isn't enough to be able to record any kind of evidence.

    But in the end creating excuses to "not do it" is easier than admiting your inability.BTW, this isn't a critique just a heads-up of why things go this way.
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    ChronoKing Cadet Citizen I

    Dec 6, 2014
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    I think you've made some excellent points here, Ouroboros. A couple things that especially caught my attention were your words on expectations and what you said about excuses in the "Final Words" section. I have an awful habit of dropping a psionic ability within a week (or two if I'm feeling "patient") when I make no progress. It's especially frustrating as well that I find combat-oriented psionics easiest AND most interesting, because although I have two sparring partners, they just plainly don't always want to spar (as opposed to myself, who usually always does). I do like your words on it being easier to make excuses to not do it, becuase you're 110% correct. Sometimes you just need to find a way to practice. Think outside the box and such...
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