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    Energy ideas. Aug 3, 2016

    Finding your energy
    First relax. Then think what am I going to accomplish with my energy. Your energy will then prepare. Sense your energy is you, I think it is your minds way of accomplishing things. Think of your mind. Imagine that there is a machine in your mind. (Or something that can produce things. It could be cogs. It's up to you.) Then focus on it there should be something to start it. (If you already have started the p shifting processes it should be moving slowly.) What you want is to have it go faster. (Or the processes to be giving out energy to your body.) Switch the on switch. If it is already going have it go faster. Make it imitate your feelings, thoughts, etcetera, anchor it to something so that you can flip it on whenever without going into your mind. Feel something of your energy. Is it warm? Cold? What does it feel like? What comes to mind when you feel it? Catalog it in your mind. If you catalog it, it should be easier to make the machine go faster. Now go to your body. You should feel the energy you didn't before.
    Applications Of Energy
    You use energy for everything, such as moving your body normally. You also use the energy for mundane and supernatural means. You just have to tap into the energy. Basicly everything requires some amount of energy to do anything.
    Therories On Energy
    Energy comes from the mind. If energy is in everything you can learn to tap into its potential. One of the things you could do is change physical and mental energys. To prove that it is possible you only need to look into mental shifting. One such thing is multiple personality disorder. This proves that you can unconsciously can split or change your whole personality in seconds. To prove that physical changing is possible you only need to look to nature, more spicificaly lightning. Lightning is basically friction. If lightning is possible because of change we only need to learn how to change other things and ourselves by our will alone. In other words, Energy used in physical or reality shifting is just changing the compisition of one thing into another, or to add a element onto the current to change from one thing to the next.

    This is related to therianthropy. I don't know how if it is related to anything else.
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