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    games Dec 25, 2014

    give a word,
    just say my name,
    call me out,
    just one more game,

    dont fear this place,
    where we all unite,
    a kill for a kill,
    a life for a life.

    we are a dangerous kind,
    the ones with true talent,
    come see us play,
    come see the end.

    the clueless don't see,
    the vengeful are blind,
    you who do not know,
    you will not find.

    here the games begin,
    and most do not understand,
    the reapers and clairvoyant,
    the angels and the demons.

    they don't know the pain,
    the games we all play,
    so play with your trinkets,
    and play your petty games,
    but learn to open your eyes.
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