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    Improved model of psi energy and aura Jan 29, 2016

    People have been researching psychical phenomena for 200 years and have more to learn about the nature of aura.

    All psychic phenomena have 3 parts. The psi energy, the psyche, and the aura. All 3 parts have one thing in common that they process information and exist in space. The psi energy is part of the psionics of the body and the psyche is the subtle body of a psion. The aura is different it has effects on electromagnetic radiation that passes thru it. The body has a magnetic field therefore the psyche has a magnetic field. The body has an electric field therefore the psyche has an electric field. The body has a gravity field therefore the psyche has a gravity field. Electromagnetic radiation fields are generated by electrical and magnetic fields.

    Psi energy is psychic energy radiated by the body, the psyche stays in the body, and the aura surrounds the body. The key to understanding the roles of the phenomenological parts is the bekenstein bound that says all quantum information has space, energy, and mass; Ingo Swann shared the dynamic that awareness, perception, and info are one in the psyche: while psi energy has pattern, range, and code.

    Psi energy is only one part of psi and the goal of most psions is to develop psychokinesis which is an interaction between the psyche and psi energy. The problem is that psi energy does not have very much mass. This is because just as there is psi energy there is psi info. Psychometry is reading the information stored in aura and certain psychologists have found that some memories are not stored in the brain. Psi info is stored in the aura therefore the aura has greater mass than psi energy. The psyche is made of both psi info and psi energy. The psi info acts as a permanent charge around the body while psi energy acts as flows of energy spiraling away from the body as 3 dimensional waves. The aura grows according to the understanding of a psion and the psi energy output grows according to the skill of the psion. When the skill and understanding of a psion grow equally the psyche grows.

    The psi energy exists in space and has high energy. Aura exists in space and has high mass. The psyche is a structure. Psi energy tends to propagate along electrical and magnetic field lines while making its own fields following the skill of a psion. Aura tends to propagate along gravity field lines. Gravity is time independent therefore psychometry follows the aura in time. All subjects have aura because it is the passive accumulation of psi info according to the space and mass of a subject.

    The communication channel between space and particles shown by bose einstein condensates makes it possible but the information does not flow the same. Some quantum info communicated to space travels faster because they absorb more of the ambient temperature while other quantum info stays cooler and moving slower because the quantum info in aura is gathered into structures by the pressure of faster moving heated quantum info in psi energy. Differences in masses of aura show implied energy and high mass areas in aura bond just like high energy charges do with psi energy. Low mass aura moves in flows just like low energy psi energy does.

    Aura can be seen with kilner lenses, Kirlian photograghy, and I recently discovered that aura is responsible for the double slit experiment. The double slit experiment is one of the defining experiments in quantum mechanics. The essential property is that in a dark room if you point a light at two small slits it produces more than two lines. Light is produced by heating gas into plasma and plasma fuses producing light and heavier nuclei. This light is stored in energy distance between the nucleus of an atom and its electrons. Light is still a high temperature effect passing thru an area with aura in it and the cooler high mass quantum info structure of aura bends the light into more lines than the number of slits.

    Heat flows from hot to cold aura structures passively accumulate heat from environment recharging the psyche. Just like psi energy makes psi fields. Aura makes aura nodes. Aura tends to flow toward a psion while psi energy tends to flow away. Whenever psi energy is intentionally radiated by a psion the rate of aura absorption tends to increase.

    The understanding of a psion can cause aura streams to develop naturally where they focus. The understanding of the psion focused on an area causes the info in aura to restructure. These are higher mass movements of psychic info and therefore have a larger impact on the environment than flexing psi field lines.
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