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    Journal 2 Oct 8, 2014


    Today I had a bad day. I woke up feeling like shit. That black cloud that hangs around my head is back. I’ve got my tournament match after school. I’ll continue writing when I get back.

    Just got back, from school. I’ve got my Managing Emotions group soon, then there’s something at school after that. My evening is full. I’ll write more when I get home from that.

    Okay, so I just got back from all that stuff. School was a load of shit, boring like hell. The only thing I look forward to this week is tomorrow, for the next episode of RWBY. Still haven’t had that match (10pm). Bored out of my skull. I plan on doing something, seeing as it’s a Blood Moon and all. Oh fantastic, parents weren’t lying about Internet off at 10pm. thankfully they’ve given me some extra time for the match.
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