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    Just an update Jan 1, 2017


    I know I'm not on here often and when I am it's only briefly but I thought I'd post an update about things that have been happening lately. So my coven now has another member, which makes us a coven of 4, we are working on a 5th member, so we one member for each element and the element we are currently missing is Earth. The newest member, Air, is completely new not only to the craft but also to powers, her powers are slowly emerging and I am helping her along but we're quite far away so the distance can be difficult, especially when trying to do Coven magic, but next time she is down we're going to do some of that. Since adding her into the coven we have all noticed that our individual powers are getting stronger, sometimes out of control but we're learning to work with it. My telekinesis has been the thing going out of control as random things keep moving when I'm angry, like yesterday, I was shouting at my friend and as I shouted 'I said no' a jar fell off the shelf and smashed onto a plate, smashing the plate but luckily the subject was changed, due to some people being intoxicated and nobody took any notice.
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