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    Manifesting favorable outcomes Nov 6, 2016

    Recently, I have been trying to get into instantaneous manifestation. How I do it is I apply an image and energy to a single thought, representing what I want to happen in the next seconds or hours, and release the thought into the flow of consciousness, with the intent to influence small things. Every time it's worked when I was most focused on a single thought, grasping it as a fact, having no doubt the manifestation would happen. Every time I had doubt or was mentally fatigued, it didn't work in my favor. Doing this repeatedly over and over makes you very tired and I find trying to force a manifestation while you're tired is taxing on the mind. As of right now I feel like my brain is cluttered and throbbing from too much work.

    I find that the bigger the manifestation, and the more people it affects, the more energy I pour into it.
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