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    ORIGIN STORYYYYYYYYY ^-^ Aug 18, 2016

    So, I figured I might as well tell you guys how I got here in the first place...
    Unfortunately, I don't remember who my parents or family members were due to a much later merge.
    I happened to be a thief in the Etheric, however, I did also make my own equipment, and still continue making different devices and weapons.
    Somewhere along the way I met my eventual partner in crime, who helped me advance my theivery skills.(He's reincarnated, but we don't really talk anymore at the moment.) We also raised a lot of hell with our Pyrokinesis, mainly in the Cindor area.
    One day, we had planned to cause some chaos in Heaven as revenge for Yahweh killing off most of his race, however, we would need to get access into Heaven itself.
    In order to to do that, we'd need an Angels Grace. And that was the last thing I ever stole.
    I tried to run away, but nonetheless, the Angelic caught up to me and beat me down. Badly.
    And if THAT wasn't enough, the jerk force-reincarnated me here.
    Fast forward years later, I soon began testing different things in order to modify myself, including merging and making more technology, like my suit.
    I usually keep what I am as Kin a secret, but if anyone's curious enough, they'll flash to me in the Etheric. :P
    As of now, I continue making technology, and hope to offer my services to people.
    I'm also hoping that one day, I can find my parents, or any family members that I had...
    And also find the Angelic that put me here.
    In due time, I guess.
    -Sune Lin
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