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    Pooting, it's a power? May 20, 2016

    My daughter threw the gauntlet and items of laundry last night. She taunted me which was unusual, but I think she is aware of my interest in Psionics, and I know I have been racking my brain to think of ways to access her.
    I think she wanted to play, because usually I am not the focus of these behaviors.

    She started threatening me, saying, "Mother, I'll spit you!"
    Oh boy... she meant business!
    "You better not- am I gonna have to come in there?" (she was shouting from her bedroom next door, so I did not feel in danger of spit)
    "No." She paused for a few minutes.
    My hubby and I were giggling quietly because we adore her infantile threats of "harm" and we did not want her to know we were amused.

    "Mother, I'm going to POOT you!"
    My brow furrowed.... I was confused as I turned to my hubby and said "What did she-" and I farted loudly, "say?" I looked startled, and my hubby rolled laughing.
    She said she would poot you - and you farted, he laughed.

    It was on. She threw sleep attacks at me three times and I shook them off. Each time I intentionally pushed it off she loudly exclaimed "Gerrrrr!" this thing went on until 4 am.

    She was trying to do something else that never panned out because she was grunting and growling, and then panting from trying so hard. I was forced to stay awake and watch my back!

    I mentioned I was rusty, hadn't allowed myself to be active for a while due to safety reasons. Well now I need to become active for safety reasons- or I might find myself fighting any number of uncomfortable personal attacks just for shits and giggles.
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