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    Spatial Physics. Jun 24, 2016

    (http://community.psionnation.com/threads/umbrakinesis-beginner-techniques.787/) from Ivan.

    Einstein developed a model of the universe called an eternal black hole where the black hole existed in a universe without matter. Black holes have three properties charge, spin, and mass. This means space itself has mass, spin, and charge. Psi energy flows, structures, and bonds. This means that even space flows, structures, and bonds.

    A bond between spatial lengths makes a spatial charge with a potential energy stored. A structure of spatial lengths acts as both a bond of spatial lengths and a flow of spatial lengths. This means spatial length structures fluctuate between being like a bond of spatial charge and like a flow of spatial length which is the source of wave/particle effect. A flow of spatial length generates pressure on spatial length. A tensed car spring weighs more than a relaxed car spring. Therefore spatial flows generate spatial length tension that acts as a weight on surrounding universe acting as dark matter. Bond of spatial lengths acts as dark energy from potential energy stored in the field bond between lengths. Dark matter is a consequence of chain reaction spatial length expansion as pressure which causes tension with average spatial length that makes spatial length touching spatial flow heavy like mass. Spin plus expansion equals flow pressure tension as mass. Spin plus compression equals bond charge which acts as energy.

    Spatial bond acts as repulsion from charge acting as a potential barrier to probability of flux in spatial length. Spatial flow acts as attraction from pressure tension mass as gravity source.

    Observation from a psion which is act of choosing description for chosen perspective acts by causing bond between descriptions for potential energy charge growth causing repulsion called wit. Observation from a psion which is act of choosing description for chosen definition acts as spatial flow causing tension pressure attraction called skill.

    Skill puls wit equals sorcery or systems of flow and bond from observation that acts as a structure around a goal. Depending on how much observation perspective or how much observation definition alters the particle effects or the wave effects. Particle effects generate photons and wave effects generate wave condensate between observation definition and natural wave states of natural energy structure.
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