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    Subconscious Jan 10, 2017

    The unconsciousness absorbs information that is installed into you through out your life. This is why you can't get rid of those nagging societal doubts in the back of your mind easily. You are exposed to these reinforcements everyday. Whether it's of a video of a ranting conservative on the Internet or in real life where you and your nihalist friend debate about the meaning of life, it is extremely hard to change negative subconsciousous behaviors and thoughts. So in order for these habits to be changed, there needs to be more of an repetition of positivity. Positive affirmations. Exercise. Generally doing something new. Sounds like these activities may be unfullfilling right? That's your subconscious automatically says that because of the way your mind shaped. And even when you do play the affirmations regardless, you start to become uncomfortable, afraid even. Maybe emotional. But that is a good sign that these restraints are being released. Of course, this process does not happen overnight. Hell, I'm feeling uncomfortable and doubtful even typing this. Eitherway, good luck on your journey people. :)
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