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    The Logical idea that its not energy its just in our heads... Sep 23, 2015

    My friend is not exactly skeptic, he just belives we are conditioning ourselves to feel things that are not there, via a brain simulation, aka we tell our body todo x and it simulates x....this has weight, but its not the whole truth, you cannot sit there and tell me that:
    • We do not broadcast waves of information
    • that our very body does not osculates at a certain rythm giving off a bio-electro-magnetic feild ( or something like that ) that we call our aura.
    • That when thoughts are transmitted we all pick them up, our subconscious does in a form of suggesions

    Furthormore, thoughts like this are beyond the concept of cancer, because its believing in these things that make it work, much like little to no confidence will yield little to no results.

    However if I put energy on/into something and ask a few friends to report their findings:
    • friend A tries to feels it, he already has it in his mind its bull#$%^, and nothing is there, therefore his own brain locks him out, or could it be he doesn't know what energy feels like and he does feel it but doesnt want to accept it/ doesn't understand it so rejects it.

    • Friend B, doesn't do E.M but has physic experiences here and there, I do the same thing and he does feel a pulse of energy

    • Friend C, who is buhhdist feels it as well, I didnt tell them what energy it was (electro-magnetic) and he claims his hand almost went numb, which is about the same sensation I felt when imbuing said object.
    So the question is: If it is just in my head and not effecting the world around us, then how can a completly differnet person touch said object and feel its energy?, could it be that we leave like a program marker in our brains and that brains will broadcast that info, so other people who can pickup that signal will have all that info, about said energy object.
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