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    The Ophan's Amoung Us Chapter One Dec 1, 2015

    Its the year 2000 many people are expecting hovercrafts and datapads. What really happens is the emergence of a race calling themselves Furries. They walk like humans, they talk like humans but instead of bare skin they have fur and instead of hands they have paws. They seek not to destroy the human race as so many think but, to live with them in peace. Instead they are hunted down and nearly all killed in fear. All that is left is a few struggling orphans. Together these orphans represent the last members of their race. Will they survive? Or will they perish? Turn the page to find out.​

    Chapter 1


    April 5, 2000

    It is snowing outside as I run trying to outpace the gunner behind me holding my son to my chest. I turn on the street corner urging more speed from my tired body as I see the orphanage in sight.

    Stooping I placed the freshly born fox on the stoop of the orphanage and kissed his forehead one more time before running off. I hid in an alley nearby and watched as they took my son inside and a single tear fell from my eye as a roar from behind me announced my death. As I took my last breath I took comfort in the fact that my son was safe.


    I heard the gunshot outside and ran to the front door after telling Anges to call the police to report a disturbance. I was about to step outside but, I stopped short looking at the strange baby on the door step. I picked it up and it opened its eyes looking at me with wonder and stretching its tiny paws. Behind me I heard Anges say "I couldn't get through it must be the bad weather." She walked up behind me and peered over my shoulder to see what I was holding. "What is that thing?" she asked backing away hurriedly putting a hand over her mouth to hide her horror. I closed the door and turned around to face her. "Its not a thing. Judging from the color of the blankets I would say we have a young male fox furry." As I spoke I let the young fox wrap its paw around my finger and tug on it. "But what if he is sick? Should we go to a vet and have him get a check up?" she asked moving to stand by my side. I shrugged and said "We should go to the Library. Surely some of the Furries managed to get a book published. That or we can look up books on fox anatomy ourselves."

    I headed upstairs and got out the old crib. I dusted it off added some clean sheets and a pillow and then put in the room of Travis a 2 year old that was snoring beneath his blankets. The hour was growing late so I bid Anges goodnight and after checking on my other charges and turning off the lights I went to my own small chamber and crawled into bed.

    May 15, 2008

    Young Sukura has grown up into a strong and healthy furry. He stays to himself and prefers to read and keep out of the way. He is polite and courteous to the other boys and has managed to make friends with Travis who is now 10 Travis has grown into a rather frail boy who has been picked on non stop by the older boys. He wears glasses and because of his small size has endured a barrage of insults. Sukura's fur is midnight blue and cherry blossom designs are visible on his arms, legs, and the length of his nine tails. He has higher than average strength and has been visiting the vet once every year. Sometimes the nuns let him hunt the rabbits that dare to enter their garden other times he sneaks out at night and gets on the roof staring at the moon while wondering about his parents. The orphanage boasted a passable playground and that is where we found Sukura today swinging through the air his eyes closed.


    Today was adoption day but, since no one would dare look at a furry boy I decided to stay out of sight. My friend Travis was in the yard and I could tell by the scent through out the years we had been steadfast friends and he was one of the few humans I dared to trust. Conner the resident bully was also outside. Ever since I can remember Conner has wreaked havoc on the younger orphans here.

    Being 14 and convinced that no one would want him, his temper had gone through the roof. Known among the rest of us as the "Ticking Time Bomb" Things would never be good if he was around. Halfway opening my eyes I glanced at the pair warily. As expected Conner started to move towards my friend and I sighed, "Today will not be a good day for me" I thought as at the peak of my swing I used my tails to flip off the seat like a trapeze artist and land in front of Travis on my paws shielding him from Conner. Unfortunately for Conner, his first punch was already in motion and it struck my muzzle with a thud! I yelped in pain and my tails lashed threateningly at Conner who took a step back to deliver yet another punch "Move Fox boy or I will beat you to a pulp!"

    I shook my head to clear it and fanned out my tails facing the bully, "Go head and try" Try he did. I was busy blocking punches with my paws as Conner tried his best to pierce my defenses. Travis was cowering behind me as the fight went on finally it was stopped when Ms. Mrytle ran out and got between us. My jaw was beginning to swell and I was panting. Conner had bruised knuckles and a red face. From behind us a couple ran up to the scene.

    I took one look at them and pushed off hard from the ground propelling myself backwards into the limbs of a nearby tree. Unfortunately, I didn't move fast enough because the two stood with their jaws touching the ground staring at me. I chose to ignore them instead focusing my eyes on Ms. Mrytle. Since I was mostly a quite little fox we got along really well. Thought from the look on her face I could tell that she wasn't pleased with the turn of events,

    "Sukura get down here!" she said sternly. I sighed and jumped down warily eying the other two humans as I wrapped my tails around my middle to discourage any sudden yanks on their part' "Yes Miss?" I asked innocently. "What is going on here?" I raised my eyebrows "Conner tried to Jump Travis and beat him up but, I got in the way." As I spoke I helped Travis to his feet prompting a gasp from the couple behind me. I turned to face them and rubbed my jaw,

    "To who do we owe this pleasure?" I gave a slight bow to the adults before straightening up waiting for their reply. They were wearing their Sunday best . The Guy was wearing a classic suit and tie while the lady was in a summer dress covered in flowers and wearing high-heeled shoes. Trying to hide my growing irritation at their silence I turned to Travis.

    "I Think you stand a better chance with these two. I'm gonna skip out." I gave my friend a smile and Ms Mrytle a nod before walking away into the house with the intention of going to my room and locking the door behind me. "Wait!" I stopped in my tracks and ever so slowly turned to face the woman behind me. "Yes?" I asked leaving the question hanging in the air. "How long have you been here?" My instincts were screaming for me to shut up as I answered the question "8 years. Why do you ask?" "We had come here with the intention to adopt one boy but i think we found two instead." said the man.

    "You mean Travis and Conner right?" I asked "Nope we mean Travis and You" This time it was my muzzle that was left gapping open. The next few hours passed in a flurry of activity as the papers were signed and our belongings packed. The following morning we were on our way to our new home in the back of a station wagon.

    Originally posted by me here (the site might contain mature content outside of this story. Read at your own discrection) https://www.wattpad.com/37236980-the-orphans-among-us-chapter-one-a-unexpected

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