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    things ive seen Apr 17, 2015

    the first hing isaw that was strange was when i was trying to sleep. i saw myself in a cottage. the outside was beautiful. then the darkness came in from the left of the house and they had to move. after the other experiences (ill get to them) i saw awhite being with a smaller childlike being. he/she told me that they were good people and i drove them away. the second experience in this chain. i saw myself inside of a ball. there was a man and a woman. the man didnt move much. the female didnt notice me for some time. i could duplicate myself while in this place. (kept getting yelled at for it) then the walls started to kindve like get cracked. me and the girl tried to help but i coukdnt do much and she could only do so mch. then the man got up and also tried to help. then i saw outside of it and it was covered in three triangles. i believe they were purple. then i came back a different time. was in a spaceship which had a similiar layout. but we were in space. i dont remember to much but i was able to walk around physically while still being inside of it. i was told to sit in a chair. which i did. if i stepped out of the chair i got in trouble. but one time when i did. i stepped into a white part. and the both of them froze. it felt like time had stopped in this place. i decided to try to stay in the chair. i then appeared outside of the ship and saw a bald dark humanoid being trying to send the ship through green triangles. i felt the need to stop the thing from doing it. so i took control from where i was standing outside of the ship. then i went back in and not too long after they said they had to move. after they left it felt so quiet inside the ship. then i think either me or my uncle took control of the ship. the front window blinked through places and we ended up in the mountains. then the dark came. maybe i should stop fiddling sround with things.
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