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    Thoughts on psionics thus far Apr 5, 2016

    It's be feeling like a long haul these days. I try to do a kinetic action and it feel much harder than it used to even a month ago. I haven't been practicing everyday like I used to,but I still feel "off" when I attempt. I don't practice in front of people, nor do I seek attention like some. I have nothing to prove or gain, so why I ask? as so many times before. To know and understand that there are other less understood forces that can work. I find it a novel and possibly helpful thing to achieve.
    On that note I do have my own way to do psionics. I focus on what I want to achieve: say for instance telekinesis/moving objects, so of course the main objective is to influence a subject or object in a controlled environment. I make rules for myself when ever I try to influence a subject (doesn't have to be an object) with intentions.Ah yes intention the concept that many consider programming psi, I just call it intention because it seems more fitting and I like it more. Perhaps also I consider it a better word is that it is more direct when as with programming is more of a manual imputing style. (by the way had a deja vu moment when I wrote that last sentence had a brief dream/vision a few days ago) Intention is the input/command that directs how the psionic action is to be influenced. Now this is not energy manipulation, but you do need a strong belief in both yourself, that you can do it and it is happening . In other words the "just do it method" hopefully explained in a better way.
    for an excerpt from a conversation where I was trying to explain how to do it
    My method is just do it in a basic way, I simply just do it. It does take a firm belief in both what one is doing and no doubt what so ever. In a way it is energy manipulation,but it is more simple, basically do not think ,just do. The activity is you, it is you. it not that you are one, you are just the extension or junction, instead of the EM methods as a junction.
    A junction is just the way the connection is manifested(definition needs more clarity)

    I do have a basic idea and I think that contemplating how I really do it would help me, I do feel confused at the moment, and there is a pattern I just need to decipher my process, which in a weird way is one'self in a microcosmic and macrocosmic way. Well enough of my ramblings and bad grammar. Whoever read this have a nice day.
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