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  • Energy manipulation/shmanism Sep 30, 2017

    I find it rather amazing that energy manipulation has been incredibly easy. like, literally 1 hour into practice and I'm already feeling energy again. I mean with psychic abilities. it was rather easier. it only took me about two week to get used to a smaller form of telepathy (not master it),and about two more weeks to get a hang of empathy and emotional sensing (again, not mastering). This whole "do it yourself" thing in regards to magic is actually quite hard, but i have managed it for quite a while. precognition is actually a bit harder to master. i have already garnered how to use it to my advantage (divination), but not to master it. probably because I use it more as a supplementary ability, rather than an active ability. let me know how y'all are working on your abilities.
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  • interesting Sep 30, 2017

    from what i have learned all on my own this past year, I found out that I actually have been doing a lot more than I thought i have. I find it rather amazing how most of us have actually done the same this throughout our lives. What a ride! I also found that it's easier for some to do things. but for others, well. not quite. Its time to get the ball rolling.
  • It is time to control Sep 27, 2017

    I have been known to be a bit naive about my abilities and when and where to use them. I know that i have the power to do what i need to. I do not mean in ways of indirect magic (manifestation). I mean in ways of kinetics, direct magic and esp (the later being far far easier to access consciously then the first two stated). ESP in my point of view, has been known as telepathy, empathy, astral projection, remote viewing (another form of astral projection) precognition, aura reading, divination (in magical senses), mediumship,etc. I have lost control of my precognitive abilities . I have recently gained emphatic and telepathic abilities. I have also come to know of the direct magic abilities I do have. I have been in denial for the past 14 years about my abilities. but now that i know about the power that I have. i need to learn control. it is time for my control of my abilities.