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  • I kept her Apr 6, 2015

    I kept her safe.
    My Safe.
    Simply breathing.
    She was grateful in heart.
    But her heart was unbeating.
    She smiles at the waves.
    Riddled with sun.
    From them it was ended.
    For her It had begun.
    She was ready to pass.
    But they could not follow.
    If they could make it today.
    Then she promised tomorrow.
    I had let her go.
    Only as she said.
    Her last kiss goodbye.
    Lingered on my head.
    I did not cry when she left.
    Only smiled at the moon.
    If I made it today.
    Then tomorrow would be soon.
    They followed me slowly.
    We all let go.
    I kept her safe.
    I set her free.
    I let her know.
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  • I whispered Mar 22, 2015

    I found you love.
    You looked so afraid.
    I was confused because
    I thought you were brave.
    I thought you had no bounds
    I thought once loved you had to be set free.
    But I found you love so ever close to me.
    It matters not what I thought.
    Only what I feel.
    And when satin pecks my smile.
    I know it is real.
    When we join in the dance.
    In which only we knew the steps.
    I took count into my heart.
    To Never forget.
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  • Beneath Me Mar 16, 2015

    Beneath the ice.
    A frozen smile.
    Frosted veins.
    Hearts gone miles.
    Away from each other.
    The great migration.
    Poisoned seeps.
    We went from words.
    To abbreviations.
    Death in sleep?
    Sleep in death?
    Never sleep.
    No regrets.
    Hold me tighter.
    Until I'm allergic to air.
    We are too gone already.
    To caution we give no care.
    That ice never melts.
    It's always on the skin.
    Cold as death.
    Peaceful as wind.
    It keeps us apart.
    But we frozen together.
    Separated in flesh.
    But Bound forever.
  • I swear Feb 8, 2015

    I swear you are beautiful.
    I swear you once had it all.
    But away through the days.
    You allowed me to fall.
    I swear our hearts were beating.
    I swear I heard your voice.
    But that one ghost's whisper.
    Reminded me I had no choice.
    So I climbed the highest tower.
    To look at what I could see.
    To swear more things upon you.
    To swear you're next to me.
    I swear that you are smart.
    I swear that you are in light.
    I swear that when you turn away.
    I brush tears from my sight.
    I swear I'm giving my all.
    I swear that you can hear.
    and I swear that if you fade.
    The I too will disappear.
    I swear we are omnipotent.
    A love that has no bounds.
    Only outside opinions.
    Caused the days of downs.
    Because when we are alone.
    In the twilight sea's I see.
    That all our hearts have held.
    Is the the love I have for you.
    and the love you have for me.
    So I swear to never leave it.
    I swear to be to your side.
    I swear when the demons come.
    We will fight and not hide.
    I swear to be yours.
    and thy loyalty is true.
    You would swear after me.
    But I don't need you to.
    All the qualities I named.
    Are all inside of you.
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  • After Me Feb 7, 2015

    I only had one summers day.
    The afternoon of a month called may.
    To hold your hand that one daring time.
    To bask in the fact that I could call you mine.
    As the hours went by we sang and danced.
    Who knew life had made some other plans.
    As you walked me home we crossed the street.
    Fate called my name as tires screeched.
    My body broken so numb and still.
    Your salty tears that held my will.
    But like you I was broken and there was no escape.
    I only had one summers day.
    The afternoon of a month called may.
    And though things did not go as planned.
    I remember that I got to hold your hand.
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  • Progress Jan 20, 2015

    Lately I have been working with myself trying to accomplish a few things. But the most I got down was improving my defensive construct and actually getting to work on learning how to heal. I have healed two people so far from what I was told I did good but I know I need more practice before I can be good . A while ago I had gotten a dive and I was told my landscape was all flowery and vines and pretty . Full of pretty the only thing it was missing was some biscuits and or cows but thats unimportant and wouldn't have been there anyway. So i decided for grounding at first instead of using the cord i had been using i would try using vines. I kept using them then I wondered if I could heal with them. So the perfect chance came when I accidentally hurt my brother. So i was like " yay lets see what the vines can do" and i tried and it worked. I'm seeing those light thingys in my eyes more often. They are there almost all the time and I can hear something but i'm not very sure what it is it's like radio waves or static but whatever it is I hear it a lot when they are around. This entry sorta jumped around but i wanted to be sure everything was in here. I'm going to try biolocation today ^.^ so yeah hopefully that goes well.
  • Inferno Jan 9, 2015

    Touch too many flames
    candles stains
    you will all burn
    Tears i've cried from the acid skies
    you will all burn.
    I can't walk another step my legs are too weak.
    Power drills industrial mills break within me.
    I'll start an inferno , I will let you know about what's inside. A soul that never dies.
    I have bled tonight
    They can't stop the plight.
    Don't let them drag me away.
    I can go to hell another day.
    I raised my flag blood stained sight.
    I just need to get through one more night.
    I switch my gun , curl my toes. Hearts can't be with bullet holes.
    I'll take my time make it new.
    All the while you won't know what to do.
    You'll call my name but i won't hear.
    Because the infernos already here.
    I'll start an inferno , I will let you know what's inside. A soul that never dies.
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  • Precious Juels. Jan 3, 2015

    I held your hand as we drew our swords.
    Bloodshed has become our father .
    I can't stand the look of tears on your face.
    I have gathered all the bodies but we still feel we are dying.
    Even after our hearts still beat.
    Still beat.
    Why can we not leave this lifestyle.
    When did this ever become worthwhile.
    I am here but you are fading fast.
    Please don't run I'd barley catch you.
    You love me but you don't get to walk away .
    We both made this mess.
    I can bring them back to life if you just stay one more night.
    I can promise you the whole wide world.
    Don't walk away where you can't hear me.
    Your skeletons yes they all fear me because I love you despite what you have done.
    The journey is rough but we will get there and at the end we will stop and stare into each others eyes.
    Look at how far we have come we are still walking past the sun when everyone else went take a break.
    I can keep you warm at night only if you hold me tight.
    I will be your little baby bear.
    You don't know the bruises I hide if you did you would leave my side to destroy the ones who destroyed me.
    At the end we found our true friends and we found the happiness.
    We will be forever young.
    Hold my hand then kiss on my lips the feeling we never forget I'm your wife and you are my husband.
    Through the fields we take our time build the house with our gold mine.
    Your a king and im a lions heart.
    You hold my heart.
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  • Well this was unexpected Jan 1, 2015

    Yesterday , I found out that my brother was demonkin . I don't think it really registered until I went back to sleep then I was like " This is real isn't it." Then my mind said yes and I told her to shut up. He had an awesome person from here scan him so I know its the truth but....never met any type of kin in person. The only kin I know is Kindle and he broke down on me after a year of use so ...yeah ( don't laugh at my bad joke ) . Anyways he is taking it well enough , not surprised at all. At least now if someone bothers me I can unleash the master brother card. It makes me want to get scanned but im cool being human , It's just that curious bean growing. It doesn't matter what I am anything butters the biscuits except biscuits. I wouldn't want to be a biscuit that wouldn't be fun. I'm hopefully getting my dive scan thingamahjiger today :). So yay. So far my bf , his brother and my brother have been scanned. I think my brother is the only kin so now it's just me.

    P.S Haddee New Year - You have all earned biscuits go and eat one if you do not like biscuits then..then that sucks but Hadee New Year!!!!!!
  • Holiday Thing I want to rememeber Dec 21, 2014

    Holidays for most are a very special time and although you should spend time with your family regardless ( if the relationship is good ) Holidays are usually the time you see or talk to them the most. Gifts , Food , laughing and story sharing are just some of the things that happen at our Christmas Breakfast every year at my great grandmothers house. I am blessed for lack of better word that both of my great grandmothers are alive. These Breakfasts are hosted a different houses switching up between grandmother and great-grandmother. They almost always start at 10am but my dad is actually always late to everything except work. Let me tell you how late , he actually didn't wake us up till 10am . I'm in Ohio so it is now about 12 pm we most likely will not get there till around 1 or 2 . He's that bad lol but I love my dad. I want to do this , that far time in the future when I have children I want those special Holiday breakfasts. I love the feeling of being around family where we are all just on point and not arguing . No matter how annoying at the end of the day I love them and I wouldn't trade a family member out for the world. I think the point of this post is just to spend some time with your family today. Smile now be happy now , live now and love now because no body is promised tomorrow.
  • Light Eyes Dec 19, 2014

    So for a while ( I actually can't give a time of when this started happening) I have been having these random time where these light orby thingys flash right by the sides of my eyes. I never knew what they were and they didn't seem to do anything besides just be there so I always wondered what it was. It could very well be nothing though. It happens at random times the just appear my head gets a bit swimy for a moment and then they are gone and its over. :rolleyes:
  • Not sure what happened but .... Dec 17, 2014

    A couple nights ago while i was getting ready for bed I came up with the grand idea to try to Biolocate or astral project whichever came first. This was not a very grand idea at all . I was laying down and I knew good and well I was tired but anyways I made the cord thingy and asked it to take me to the Astral plane . I know that probably was going about it all wrong but I did it anyway. So then I calmed down and started meditating to get everything going. I felt like my stomach was being pulled and then I was watching myself through blurry eyes thrashing around on my bed. It was only for a short time and I was so scared because I didn't know why I was thrashing around. So I felt the tug again and I was seeing stuff from my bodies point of view again. The tugging feeling went away and then I was just laying there before completely passing out. I have no idea what happened but yeah...my awful attempt right here in writing lol.
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  • You call Me Dec 10, 2014

    You call me
    you call me amazing
    you call me a tease
    you say what ever you can to get me on my knees
    I gave you a lot
    I got nothing back
    Your still a boy
    The skills to be a man is what you lack
    You call me sweet
    you call me smart
    you get in my head
    and you tear me apart
    I needed your love
    I thought you needed mine to
    all that you needed
    was me on top of you
    You call me adorable
    the hottest around
    how many girls
    has that line taken down?
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  • Shadow Dec 10, 2014

    Even if you couldn't see me behind you I know you knew I was there. Your just the thing holding me back , your showing me you don't care. Your entire being is a waste of space , victories of mine will forever be held in your face for you said I couldn't achieve , but it is I that leaves you at last. A broken figment of a tormented past.
  • I did not love you Dec 10, 2014

    I did not love you because you were perfect .
    I did not love you because you had it all.
    I loved you because you..
    only had one a heart to give me.
    You only had two eyes to see.
    All that I was offering , and all that we could be.