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  • My past-life memories [set 1] May 9, 2014

    I've recently started receiving my memories from my past-life. I will post them in my blog when I get them. So far I have a few memories of a few different lives, 12000 years ago & 4000 years ago. I will present them in a journal-like structure. If I come across something I can't remember in this memory, like a name for example, I will use this: (...). I may make some stuff up as I go along though, to make the story more interesting.

    4000 years ago
    -Memory 1-
    Why oh why do I have to be held up in this castle... I am quite claustrophobic in a sense. My mother keeps pressuring me to marry, but I am still reluctant to. The reason? Why, it is quite obvious. Most of the women are married already, and the ones that aren't... they don't have a very lasting appeal to me. None of the women here seem to be fit for the throne. Although my mother keeps bringing in girls each week to see if they do "qualify" to be an heir to the throne. This week was the 5th group of girls... This makes me so sick. Gah! I need to go for a walk.
    I always go by the lake and stick my feet in the water to calm my nerves. "Take some guards with you just in case!" my mother always says when I go out. She doesn't understand that I can fully take care of myself. I always carry around my sword with me. But if it pleases my mother, I will abide to her. So I gather up three of my guards and I head out for the lake. It's a very beautiful night, no clouds, full moon, even the forests feel friendly. Perfect night for a rest. But something doesn't feel right... Maybe it's just my crappy intuition.
    Later, I realized my intuition wasn't wrong... As soon as I came upon the clearing where the lake was, I noticed a shadowy figure slumped next to a tree. I order my men to stay put and guard the area. I slowly inch forward to the figure, my hand tightly caressing my scabbard. As soon as I get a good look at the figure, I breathe a sigh of relief and let go of my scabbard. The figure was of a young girl with pure white hair, nothing like I've ever seen before, very beautiful. She seemed to be only 19 years of age. I quickly run over to the girl to check if she is okay. I put my ear to her chest to check for any signs of life. Thank god, she's still alive, but injured. After I stand up, I looked into the girl's face and I feel a rush of emotion over me. Something about this girl seems awfully familiar, though I can't place my finger on it. It's like I've met her before a long, long time ago.
    I quickly shake off these strange memories and trek back to the guards with this mysterious girl on my back. As I reach my guards, they turn at me in surprise. "Who is the girl," they ask in confusion. Typical.
    "I don't know... I've never seen her before. But she is quite injured. I must get her to the castle right away, my water magic should heal her right up." I quickly rush back to my castle with my guards trudging along behind me.
    "What are you doing?" my mother asks as I walk through the castle doors, slightly shocked. I replied in the only way I knew how, "There is no time for questions, mother! I must save this girl!" I knew she hated me when I said things like that. As soon as I reach the medical room, I gently lay the girl on one of the beds, removing strands of hair from her face. I prepare some juice with berries in them for her when she wakes up. Then, I begin to work my healing magic.
    Two hours later, the healing process is complete. She seems to be breathing regularly now. I stay by her bedside for another hour until she finally begins stirring. I breathe another sigh of relief.
    "W-...Where...Where am I?" the girl asks in a soft and elegant voice as she opens her eyes and looks around the room.
    "Woah there, easy now," I say to her calmly. "here, drink this." She looks at me with concerned eyes and agrees to drink it. "This will give you some energy."
    "Th-Thank you.. But... Where am I?" She begins to drink and some color is restored into her face.
    "You are in my home," I reply in a soft manner. "I found you passed out by the lake, may I get your name miss?"
    "M-My name? Well... my name is (...). May I get your name too?"
    "That is a very beautiful name, my name is Prince Arctic Karamandr, but you can just call me 'Arctic'." She gasps suddenly and her eyes widen.
    "P-Prince?! Oh I'm so sorry! I should have recognized you before!"
    "It's not a problem! Besides, I don't really like being called 'prince' anyways..." I say jokingly. She suddenly gets a warm smile and hugs me around the neck from her bed.
    "Thank you so much for saving me!"...

    This is all I remember of this moment so far. Please tell me what you think.