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  • My Fast Experience, part 1 Oct 23, 2014

    First 19 hours
    I have begun my 48 hour fast (as of waking up, around 11am (though I haven’t eaten since dinner yesterday, so I shall time from then)), the only thing I shall consume is water. Though I am determined to complete this fast, my mind and body continue to say “Food.” My soul is determined to complete this task. I have decided to distract myself by going through everything in my room, and watching videos. I hope I can make the sorting and videos last the time that I am awake, so that I am not tempted to eat. I shall continue to dialogue my experiences.
    I shall document at 24 hours, which will be about 7pm (GMT).
  • Journal 2 Oct 8, 2014


    Today I had a bad day. I woke up feeling like shit. That black cloud that hangs around my head is back. I’ve got my tournament match after school. I’ll continue writing when I get back.

    Just got back, from school. I’ve got my Managing Emotions group soon, then there’s something at school after that. My evening is full. I’ll write more when I get home from that.

    Okay, so I just got back from all that stuff. School was a load of shit, boring like hell. The only thing I look forward to this week is tomorrow, for the next episode of RWBY. Still haven’t had that match (10pm). Bored out of my skull. I plan on doing something, seeing as it’s a Blood Moon and all. Oh fantastic, parents weren’t lying about Internet off at 10pm. thankfully they’ve given me some extra time for the match.
  • Journal 1 Oct 8, 2014


    Today was a rough day. School was dull and boring; got an extension on some homework though, so I’m glad for that as I hadn’t done it anyway. I had a Family Counselling session after school, it’s a waste of time if you ask me; they only ever focus on Family or my sister (they focus on my sister as she overdoses). Never on me. Never. It upsets me a little; it makes me feel like I’m not worthy or something. I got to fight with my friend today, which was fun. I’m glad I programed my illusions with massive explosives, useful in taking him out. We fought in a dock, as we know what we were looking for. I find it upsetting that my family seems to ignore me; would it get anyone’s attention if /I/ took an overdose? Oh wait, that’s taken; and I’d rather not slit my wrists. I don’t know what to do. Help… Please…?