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  • change Apr 30, 2015

    movement of the flame
    power of progression
    giving of strength
    shift the frame
    movement of state
  • Life Sep 8, 2014

    Its hard, shit happens. The pain doesn't ever go away you just learn how to cope with it. life can be harsh. forever learning lessons experiencing all possibilities. A great tool in life is knowing how to see the good when things are bad to keep going and never giving in.
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  • The Road Jul 21, 2014

    The roads are made to walk
    On your shoulder the chill of those who have talked
    The past holding you to the path
    Wrath it will be if the path is strayed from.

    Two steps are not the same
    The moment is the step that will be framed
    Each step brings a lesson learned on the for way
    The fray with every step shall enforce the lesson that the path set

    For when you finally reach the door
    And set your things on the must needed floor
    You can take pride in your rest
    Festive it was not for life was never fun but always led you home
  • The Dark Jul 21, 2014

    The sadness that does not end
    Moves silently on the wind
    For all that it as found
    You can find in this noun

    As you knock on deaths door
    All this writing on the floor
    Speaks of a time of happiness
    But all that is left is sadness

    Deaths work is never done
    He is not seen as fun
    Move on he must
    Hoping to not cause a fuss