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  • Afterthought of The universe part 2 Jun 14, 2016

    In this section I will answering dumb questions about my true abilities.
    As a result, it may be extremely funny or terrorizing to read.

    Only 5 questions.

    In your last blog you mentioned thought projection but can you control it?

    No , not always but I can always activate it by being close to soundwave generators.

    What kind of generators can you use?

    Any , from personal objects to objects by other people. Machines and appliances.

    Omg , that means almost everything but do you have weaknesses?

    Yes , normal communication like people talking or brief soundwaves I can't edit and project.

    Can any living people hear what is really going on?

    No , only I can perceive it.

    Omg , omg , omg that's remote thought projection, that's the devil's talking power, are you really the devil???

    No , just a black person with that demonic application of thought projection. I don't look or dress like it , even by your weak standards. In fact , I can post a picture of myself if anybody requests it. I hope that will answer you feeble questions.

  • Afterthought of The universe Jun 14, 2016

    Good day and I hope when you read this thread, you will more enlightened by the power of telepathy. 1st blog for me , ever. So I will just get to the point as quickly as possible because most adults don't like to read lengthy blogs. You may pray for me , or do other cosmic things in my wake. Here we go.

    Race , gender or nationality does not apply here. So don't prejudge me or anybody else.
    Thank you.

    I was living in the state of Florida for about 20 years. I was experimenting with clairvoyance or thought creation since I had believed that was everybody's secret power. I had started at the age of 3 years old and rarely continued with my abilities because of my race had no knowledge of esp powers or any other abilities. So I was in total seclusion. My actions and and reactions was at special places where my mind was free. Graveyards and other hidden locations.

    At the age of 30 I was attacked by unseen forces and the secrets that was revealed to me fueled an unnatural rage and hatred that began my true path to my ultimate power of passive thought projection in which could edit and project my thoughts into consistent soundwaves in my environment. I learned this amazing power in a place called Tuskegee, Alabama 78 months ago.

    Since , being so different from everybody else had time to incorporate many different soundwaves with this power making my tragic life into a great one in which I am never alone.
    This is not a lie or an scam of any kind.
    For this who I am.

    Who am I ?

    I am the person everybody talks about.

    Thank you for reading this.
    For I will use my power until the day I die.