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  • Psionic Ability Tier System (PATS) - Learn Psychic Ablities Aug 12, 2014


  • My Evolution, Update Jul 1, 2014

    Today i couldnt believe myself, i was doing gym with a friend and i saw some bricks outside, we went there and we started talking about chinese shaolin, he said that he dont believe they could break bricks with one hand with them body because they dont have a great body and he dont believe the things they do. (2 weeks before i've trained qi gong in my way, doing the things shaolin do, cocentrate chi in hands and hitting in trees with my body over and over again to become more stiff, all the week). So i said one day i would break that in front of him, that was the day. The brick was hard and big and i started concentrating chi in my right hand, doing breathing exercise, and then wow i breack it, i couldnt believe myself, i was doing it just for fun.
    Last night i tried astral projection seriously, before sleep, i saw Baal astral projection guide and i was doing by it but i didnt create the cord. After 35 mins my eyes started pulsing and vibrating very hard and i couldnt believe, i saw in some guides that they are the door of the soul and the astral body starts leaving there, they were pulsing very hard and vibrating but then..... nothing happens, but i need to be patient it was my first time.
    Im on the 7 month of meditation, i know the basic of scanning thanks to one member here, and my constructs are fine, i thing i have pass the basics of EM, i can make psi balls in seconds, and i dont need to rub my hands to feel energy, its so easy to me that.
    I hope evolve more, im on the first year of psionics. The problem is that sometimes i smoke drugs and drink alchool and that stops my progress, but im most vegetarian and i drink a lot of tea. Im quite popular in my school and surroundigs and people dont know this side of me, some times they ask me to go out and i just say no because i have things to do (meditate), and they say that i stay at home playing games or other things, but its fine that, i like the way they think. I have to thank this forum, although I do not seem active I'm always here, thank u all if that wasnt u i was nothing. Thank u, sorry for bad english