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  • Something to note Mar 9, 2017

    The energies are rising, the veil cracking, thinning. Those with supernatural talents and capabilities are showing up left and right, many of whom practicing magic and Psionics with no realization as to what they are doing. Ever since the eclipse last month, tensions have been growing thicker.

    Something, is coming.
  • Happy Samhain Oct 31, 2016

    Today should be interesting, first Halloween I've had since I've started really training myself, I look forward to it.
  • Psion's Diary- Entry 9, Quick observation Oct 12, 2016

    So has anyone else noticed that when a couple has been in a long and happy relationship, their energy tends to flow through each other's chakras? Like they're sharing their energy bodies, mingling into one.
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  • Psion's Diary- Entry 8, research assistance request. Oct 4, 2016

    I have been compiling some notes for quite a while on the effects of different things on your spirit body, such as how different foods and drugs effect it, different habits, yoga forms, meditation, music you listen to, things you read, etc, however, I am inexperienced with quite a few things, and I would very much appreciate it if people would send me messages with information and personal experiences relevant to this topic. Everything sent to me will be confidential, unless you specifically wish to be mentioned.
  • Psion's Diary- Entry 7 Oct 3, 2016

    I write this under immense spiritual pain, which is something I'm almost amusingly accustomed to, or at least, to my fogged mind at the moment, it seems amusing. It feels as if a hand is gripping my heart, with each of my chakras pulling in a number of different ways, as if each past instance of myself desires to break free, but considering the circumstances, this is very normal to me, or in my mind it is at least.
    As someone will likely ask, I'll go ahead and explain. At times of normality, the split dualities within myself merge and grow into an almost seamless whole. At times of distress, or when my spirit body is nearing a "growth spurt" for lack of better terms, I become a mess in turmoil. This will pass soon enough.
    Honestly, I don't even know why I'm writing this, aside from the fact that I felt like writing.
  • Psion's Diary- Entry 6, unexpected/unwanted hiatus Sep 12, 2016

    I'm going to keep this short and sweet. My mother is a hardcore conservative Christian, and is probably convinced that for me to even be interested in this website, I'm under satanic influence and I'm not allowed to be online at all when I'm at home. More to the story of course, but yeah, that's why I'm hardly on here anymore.
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  • Psions Diary - Entry Five: Wishes and Instinct Aug 28, 2016

    You know, now that I'm actually sitting down, about to write this, I'm realizing that once again, I've started on a couple of subjects far broader than I first suspected.
    So! What I'm really wanting to talk about today is the impact of psionics on things that I didn't expect it to have an impact on.
    Wishes! Something I've noticed throughout my life is that if I really want or want to do something, it'll come to pass somehow. Whatever I set my mind on, eventually, it'll happen. This is something of a hindsight mention, as I always did it without realizing it, but lately, now that I've realized it, I've been doing it willingly, setting my mind to something and simply accepting that it'll come to pass, and with that acceptance, the flow of energy through the world around me changes just a tiny bit, and I feel a bit more at peace. Shortly afterwards, whatever I wished for, comes to pass, just this weekend... well, stuff happened, and it was very good stuff, had a helluva lot of fun, but not going to bother mentioning it on here, this I will keep strictly to PM :3
    As for my instincts! I've always followed my gut, and always ended up regretting it when I don't, but there have been times when my instincts have been inaccurate, but ever since I've joined this community, they've not only been vastly more active, but haven't been wrong a single time.
    I'm not sure how or why exactly, I have my theories on this, but whatever the case may be, it's made my life quite a bit easier, just kinda.. knowing, when I need to do or not do something. At least a dozen times this weekend alone, I've been walking out the door and will grab something that doesn't make sense for me to grab, but it turns out being useful anyway.
    I dunno, I'm tired y'all :p I need to sleep
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  • Psion's Diary - Entry 4: Bits and bobs Aug 26, 2016

    If anyone's coming on here, looking for the latest on my path of self discovery, sorry, but I kinda goofed this morning :p
    Ya see, I woke up with a headache, and my nose was so stuffy I could barely breath, so since it was Friday, I took some pain medicine and allergy medicine a tad bit stronger than what I usually take and washed it down with two energy drinks (which on their own, seems to make it easier to focus on psionics), and as a result, was tripping for almost the entire day, and fun fact, it's nearly impossible to channel or control your own energies while your vision is warping and you have pins and needles all over your body, who coulda thunk it?
    So that having been said, several people (not just the ones who commented) wanted me to go into detail about the things I had found out about myself, and again, it's just little things that I found interesting and are really only significant to me for the most part, but since y'all asked, here we go!
    So, first off, I have wings! Well, on my spirit body anyway. I've always suspected that I was otherkin of some sort, and have been somewhat aware of them, but it's.. odd. I never really feel the wings there unless my ES is charged with a lot more energy than it typically is when I'm just going throughout he day, the more energy, the more clearly I can feel the wings, or to be more specific, the more charged my crown chakra is, the more clear they are.
    Another thing I noticed was an almost vascular arrangement of energy distribution within my ES, with each chakra acting as a 'heart' with veins and arteries branching off of them, distributing energy to the areas, both spiritually and physically, that the chakra is associated with. I could go into details about what it looks like and how it felt, but it's really better to look and see it yourself while deep in meditation.
    Oh yeah, something I did actually notice today, as even though I was tripping, I did try to do psionic works, it seems that my hands have a tendency to naturally curl up into a hand sign of some sort, which aligns the flow of energy in my hands and connects the chakras that I'm using for the particular technique I'm attempting. This is something I'm going to have to look into and research a bit more before saying too much more, but it certainly seems to make everything feel a little bit more natural.
    Oh, and remember me talking about those "locks"? It seems that they're more like gates, that stay open for as long as a significant amount of the energy it took to open them in the first place, remains there, and as I rest, they close back up. It makes sense, having those open increases performance physically, mentally, and spiritually, but also sharply increases strain on all three of those things as well, and can leave you simultaneously achy and giddy.
    I guess the only other things I noticed was how much energy is exchanged between people throughout the day, and just how common otherkin are, nearly all of the friends I've made at this new school are otherkin of some sort or another, even though, as far as I know, none of them have had their eyes opened to the world of psionics.
    I'm still somewhat zonked out from everything I took this morning, and I'm probably going to stay that way for a good while, so I doubt I'll be learning anything new tonight, but believe me, I will most certainly be trying :3
  • Psion's Diary - Entry 3: Personal analysis and observations Aug 25, 2016

    So, having gone nearly the entire day in the psionic mind state I described in my first entry, while also grounding to the Ley Lines, I'm quite certain now that all of the weirder effects were simply due to my mind not being fully acclimated to either of those things, which really points out a major flaw in how I've been training myself. Having natural talent in certain areas, I made the noobly mistake of attempting to practice techniques far beyond my skill level, and neglecting the absolute basics, but! I am determined to correct that :3
    One of the first things I noticed today in particular is that it seems as if each of my chakras have a series of "locks" that are opened by the presence of the proper amount of energy combined with the correct mind state, and using the vast amount of energy from modifying the ley line channeling I was doing into a form of grounding, I opened the first lock on my root, heart, third eye, and crown, in that order. Once I made that push... damn. Just damn. All of my senses, including energy sensitivity and empathy became vastly sharper, and I became even more acutely aware of my own ES in its entirety, from the vascular distribution to the form of my spirit body itself, which is something I've never gotten a clear look, and to a smaller extent, the ES's of everyone around me, but unlike how I expected, it wasn't overwhelming, rather it just felt right.
    I also noticed a variety of other things that caught my attention and were significant to me, but I doubt would be too much of an interest to anyone, feel free to message me though, if you want to hear me ramble for a while about nothing in particular.
    Of course.. isn't that really what you're doing now?

    PS. If anyone decides to spy on me tomorrow, I'm apologizing in advance :3
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  • Psion's Diary - Entry 2: Ley Line tinkering Aug 24, 2016

    So a little something about me is that whenever I find myself in a new place/community, the first people I make friends with are the ones who are the most powerful and influential there, I've been that way for as long as I can remember.
    Having put some thought into it, I've realized that great amounts of power has always fascinated me. Big stats, high numbers, events with heavy impact on history... I could go on. It's not something I've put a lot of thought into, or typically even notice, that's just how things have always gone. All of that having been said, lately, I've been tinkering with using ambient energy, rather than my own energy, to fuel my psionic experiments and general goings about. I've found myself comfortable in large crowds, as it's incredibly easy to absorb the emotional energy being released, positive or negative, it's tasty to me.
    Most recently, I've started tinkering with ley lines, and it is.. exhilarating to say the very least. I'm honestly having a hard time finding the words to describe it, as it feels familiar in a way that, to my logic, would only make sense if I've done it for centuries across my past lives, and as I mentioned before, it's exhilarating, having your ES a part of the flow of the entirety of earth's energy and having that at your disposal.. Anyway, I'm digressing, as I usually do, but that's normal, since my train of thought typically breaks apart, each car on its own individual rail, and nothing ever really getting derailed, if you're going to bother reading these half-assed blogs, I suggest you get used to this :3
    So where was I?
    Sorry, one of the side effects of plugging your ES into a ley line is the overabundance of energy making you very hyperactive and giggly, it's pretty damn fantastic, but I'm sure this is going to hurt later on.. or possibly not, it seems to be accelerating the healing of old injuries, and dammit I'm digressing again, I'm really sorry, even though I can't stop smiling, this is probably very concerning to read, isn't it?
    But yes! In short, I'm capable of so much more this way. I'm going to have to observe for a while what sort of effects this is going to have, both short and long run, but for now, this is truly fantastic. It's like I've unlocked a door in my soul with all of this energy flowing through me..
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  • Psion's Diary - Entry 1 Aug 20, 2016

    I suppose I should start off with what I'll be using this for.
    This is going to serve as a place I can both scribe down my progress in my personal psionic training, as well as record events that I find either significant or interesting, while also hopefully receiving feedback and advice from my peers (You, you guys, you the one reading this, you mah peer)
    Some of the posts will be structured and eloquent, others not so much, but most will probably be somewhere in-between.

    Whenever I prepare myself to do any sort of psionic work, I put myself in a different mindset, almost meditative but not quite, simply allowing all of my senses to open up so that I can become more acutely aware of the flow of energy, both internal and external. Today, just as an experiment, I've been trying to keep myself in that state of mind continuously, while going about with my day-to-day activities and applying psionics to them, imbuing each action with intentional energy flow, with varied outcomes.

    Keeping myself in this mindset seems to make my body tremble more than usual, with my hands randomly twitching from time to time. This may either be due to the increased strain upon my Crown, Heart, and Root chakras, which are the ones I use the most, or this may simply be that I'm just now noticing the trembling. I think it's most likely that it's a combination of the two.

    While moving from place-to-place, or working out, every movement seems to become more fluid and almost effortless, which I have a variety of theories about, but I'm going to wait a while before telling any of them, as more information is needed.

    I've found myself shifting my gaze and moving my head around a lot more than usual, gathering every scrap of information that I can in my immediate area. People seem to notice this to an extent, and some have asked me if I'm anxious about something, which is awkward, since I then have to come up with an explanation on the spot about why I'm being shifty.

    This is something that some of you may find gross, so feel free to skip this paragraph, but I found it extremely interesting. While using the restroom, it seems as if any form of spent or corrupted or negative energy seems to cling to the waste that's leaving your body, and, for me at least, it's incredibly easy to ground while "doing your business". It makes quite a lot of sense if you think about it, your ES does mirror the form and function of your physical body in many ways, and it makes sense to me that waste energy would be easier to expel while physical waste is being expelled. It's not something I've heard mentioned before, but there are most likely quite a few implications to the idea that your energy naturally mimics what you are doing physically. While I speak or sing, my throat chakra imbues every sound that my physical throat makes, and I've practiced psionic singing before many times. This line of thought is something I'm definitely going to experiment more on.

    FOOD, so much flavor! It's like I can taste every different seasoning individually, and all of the flavors linger. I highly suggest you put yourself in a psionic state of mind while eating some time, so yummy :3
    Although you might get distracted by the motions that nearly every muscle in your face seems to make while you're chewing, it's an odd sensation when you first start to notice it.

    Talking to people is.. interesting to say the very least. With my senses more acute, as is my empathy, and, for me at least, it's somewhat more difficult to carry on a meaningful conversation while also paying attention to the ebb and flow of energy between me and whomever I'm talking to. As stated before, they do sometimes notice that I'm shiftier than usual, which is awkward. I wonder how difficult it would be to actively manipulate the ebb and flow of energy between us, and encode that energy, to attain a desired response?

    Okay, well that was more lengthy than I thought it would be, and the way I wrote it is probably somewhat cringy to some of you, but whatever.. If you've made it this far, than good job :3 I have nothing here for you, except a request that you give feedback and/or advice. Not all of the blog entries are going to be like this, in fact, they're most likely going to vary wildly as I flesh out what sort of style I want to use for these. I may or may not write one tomorrow.