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  • Huge Meditation + Wheel Jan 27, 2016

    To clear mind with meditation and move the psi wheel

    Mental state
    • felt amazing after 1 hour meditation
    • Very placid and calm
    • very clear minded
    • what felt like near 0 conscious activity at time of wheel spin
    • Happy
    • confident
    • Strong sense of relaxation like a warm tingling sensation all over my body
    • Warm magnetic feeling in center of brain during the wheel spin

    What was originally going to be a nap funnily enough turned in to a long one hour session of meditation as i lay on my back on the bed. Maintaining calm consciousness the entire time i was able to put my state of mind in a very comfortable place. Although this was broken by a pack of loud cockatoos flying past my window i was able to maintain a very nice state of mind. I went to the psion nation website to ask a question in the forums in regards to PK and decided from there i should attempt the wheel. I briefly meditated for roughly a minute before starting and then put my face mask on to begin. At first i thought about the wheel and how i need to think of it as if it were a limb or part of my body. I attempted this and almost immediately witnessed it spin accompanied by a strong warm magnetic sensation from the center of my brain. I then focused solely on that sensation and tried as best i could to maintain it. Doing this allowed me to witness the wheel spin for almost a full rotation until it then started spinning back in the other direction. It had the same static controlled spin that it did from last time i achieved movement and looked very much like it was being mechanically driven despite being only an eraser, straightened paperclip and paper. It was definitely the most rewarding practice session I've had to date and it has become evident a fully calm and under control mind is required for PK to work for me.
  • Wheel Jan 18, 2016

    Attempt to mentally influence the psi wheel

    Mental State
    • Easier to focus
    • HPPD present but ignorable
    • Good mood
    • Calm
    • Slight frustration from neighbors making noise but was for the most part easy to overcome
    • Better posture sitting in chair
    One false alarm occurred in which i believe i breathed onto the psi wheel. This made me decide to wear a face mask so as to avoid a repeat. I tested the mask and proceeded. I felt a strange feeling in head followed by a wobble but am uncertain