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  • A little intro to my life story and a question I have... May 25, 2016

    So...any idea?
    Forgive the vague intro, but I have a question to ask that requires me to explain some of my life story in more detail. It might be kind of long, but I'll start from the beginning, trying to skim over the less important details and specific names as I go.
    The story began when I started seventh grade. In August or September of 2013 (or around that time, I can't remember exactly), I was taking a test. You know, one of those long, boring ones with a set time limit and no one is allowed to talk or do anything other than read or just sit there...so when I was done with the test, I was bored out of my mind. For some reason, I decided to start playing with my pencil since I had nothing else to do without getting into trouble. I just sat there, tossing it back and forth absentmindedly, until I looked at it and it stopped abruptly. "Luck? Coincidence?" I thought at first. I was kind of a skeptic back then. I repeated the same exact moves several times, eventually reaching the point where I could stare at the pencil and make it wobble back and forth, just a little bit.
    I told one of my very good friends about this; a friend who I had known since my move to where I currently live in late spring of 2010. Se told me that she, too, had a similar experience whilst playing with a pencil, presumably bored, too, after taking that test. Me and her had begun to try and move other things, such as glue sticks and feathers (not much, as we were, and still are, beginners) using our telekinesis, and for a while it was our own little secret. We had begun to dabble with something that few others even believed existed. On the other hand, I was told by another of my friends whom I later met that using an ability such as telekinesis could be opening me up to bad things, like inviting the Devil in or something, and that is how I have been raised as well. Although I don't entirely agree with that proposition, it has made me a bit hesitant to try new things
    A couple months passed, which were relatively uneventful compared to mine and my friend's recent discovery. Finally, in early November of that same year, my friend revealed a rather fascinating story to me that sounded like something out of a science fiction novel. Both fortunately and unfortunately, this narrative WAS NOT made up, at least as far as I know.
    She detailed a relationship she had with a woman from another planet, who warned of an apocalypse to come on Earth and also had a father who wished to destroy the human race. My friend claimed to be able to astrally project herself to meet this woman and speak with her, and on many occasions, I would observe how my friend would blankly stare off into space at random, and "be back" several minutes later with new news. As a skeptic at the time, I believed this all to be something my friend had fabricated, and that she was just playing pretend like we all used to do when we were little.
    My friend continued on to say that our newly discovered abilities could be developed and used to help this woman during the "apocalypse" or something to that effect.
    She stuck with the story. Months, then a couple of years, it would have to be now. She still believes that this woman from another planet really did visit her, and I have no reason to think my friend is lying to me, as she has never lied to me about anything before...I just find it so hard to believe, even to this day.
    Then the dreams began to happen. My friend had similar dreams, but never as many, and definitely not as detailed and multi-faceted as mine. They started off mundane, simple; not really creepy or scary, and gradually got more detailed, complex, and vivid. Most involved UFOS, aliens, men in lab coats, weird hospital type places, men dressed in military clothes, and many a scenario of me being chased down the hall by some mad scientist (think Mengele) type with a syringe in his hand. In a couple of these dreams, I could remember bits of exact dialogue and even a few faces to the point where I could draw them when I woke up. I remember each dream of this type in minute detail, even without looking back into the diary entry where I had written them down. Such dreams were a frequent occurrence; every month I would have maybe two or three extremely vivid and detailed ones, and this continued up until the summer of last year. Then they ABRUPTLY STOPPED.
    But that's when I started to have random pictures and poems, sometimes of a very dark nature, pop into my head at impromptu times. When put together in the order in which they came, from first to last, the drawings and poems would read almost like a narrative of some kind...speaking of an overbearing, tyrannical mystery man who oppressed the other people in this narrative physically, emotionally, and/or psychologically. The idea of these things coming into my head when I had no idea what they meant or their source was kind of terrifying at first, but I began to think it was just my dark imagination, working in mysterious ways.
    This, too, halted. I went from drawing/writing something of the spontaneous sort at least a few times a day, to once a day, to, eventually, not at all.
    Even more weird stops: I asked my friend a couple of weeks ago if there was any new news or information about/from the woman from another planet, but my friend simply stated that she has not been able to contact her as of late, for some unknown reason. It begs the question, "was that woman ever real?" because I never actually met her, only heard descriptions of her, what she looks like, and so forth. However, I elect to keep an open mind about all of this, because I don't have enough information to say for certain if my friend made this up, or if it is real.
    So, my question is this: Why/how could all of this stuff start to happen (the dreams, random images coming to me, unconfirmed contact with an extraterrestrial [or, as I presume, interdimensional or spiritual being], etc) and then just suddenly halt as if hitting a brick wall? It has happened to both me and my friend, and we are lost as to why. I don't really know if this whole thing relates to the subject of psionics, but it is a curious situation anyway.