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  • Dreams Jan 15, 2017

    Learning to lucid dream also involves writing a dream journal. Dreams often show us what our inner world looks like, for example i saw a dream where there was a dark green,brown river. It felt heavy and difficult to breathe. This means that this energy is making significant blockages within certain parts of my body. Even causes anxiety.
  • Mastery over self Jan 15, 2017

    I recently realised that mastery over self is no the ability to control, but rather a powerful unity between mind body and spirit, when you are no longer divided by anything, when mind and heart are in balance and your body simply follows. In this life we are no longer only spirit, the spirit is only one of 3 vital parts that forms us. Balance between these 3 parts should be enough to ''master yourself''
  • When silence and calmness took over. Nov 10, 2016

    A while back i drew a disc that consisted of multiple layers sigils and geometry. It must have affected me because a bit later i realized something. A long time I've had these wishes and fantasies that i wanted to ''do things'' but the reason why i was unable to do them was because I've been thinking too much and acting too little, the amount of thought also generated anxiety. When i stopped thinking so much i started to notice how events were lining up in my favor. The thing is, they were always in my favor, only I wasn't able to see it because of the amount of thoughts, density and noise in general in my mind. Now I can ''see'' a bit better :)
  • Astral travel/OBE training Jul 17, 2016

    was training in astral travel today. At the end I felt ''tingeling'' sensations in my arms and legs. I decided that it is time to wake up. At first it was a bit difficoult to move my arms. But they werent compleately paralyzed, so I was able to get back at the end. Now I have a wierd feeling.
    Must be making progress.
    After training I became ''happy'' Started to feel sun in my stomach and heart. Now I can laugh no problem :D