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My thoughts, my stories and anything else i might want to write.
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  • Harder,Better, Still not Faster but definitely Stronger Aug 28, 2015

    Lately i've been trying to harness at least a fraction of the strenght that i have as a "kin" so i can do more while i wait for the veil to fall.It's a little bit complicated but i can say that for now i use some constructs to help channel the strenght to my human physical body, and so far i've seen progress.And not only strenght, but what would be my natural endurance is also being channeled so i can take much more damage before i even feel pain, and when you're in a city like mine where the drug dealers are running rampant, i can't complain about the little boost.

    These days i was crossing the street when a car-really, only one car in an empty street due to the fact that it was the weekend-passed the red light and hit me.If i wasn't experimenting i would surely be a goner, but i got no scratch on my person, though i did "fly" above the car and fell on the ground quite loudly.The car stopped two meters away from my body and the passengers-which i guessed were just a bunch of drunken teenagers-all looked at me through the windows with their dazed faces.

    I stood on my feet and gave quite the nasty glare towards them, and it didn't helped much that i was wearing my black hoodie so i probably looked bigger than i really am.The driver stepped on the gas and run away.
    I could probably have done something to "get even", but i wouldn't waste my time on a bunch of kids that thought that drinking and driving was a good idea.At least i gave them a hell of a scare.

    I'm not even ashamed to say that i use my new found strenght and endurance to make the other guys cry on the gym.Most of them are like those ridiculous bodybuilders, so full of muscle that they look more like balloons than people, and just because i'm not "full" like them they think that i'm weaker but once they see how much i can lift and they try to do the same...well i don't laugh about other people's misfortunes but it's good to show them to not judge a book by it's cover.

    Maybe in the future i'll try to create a "system" that i can wear, like an exoskeleton.
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  • Strange lights and explosion May 3, 2015

    Yesterday(2 of May on my country) was a cloudy/rainy day and everything was normal, i was reading a little when suddenly for 1-2 seconds a very bright light illuminated everything around my house, and unless i was on the corridor and seeing through both the frontal and backyard window, i saw some of the light through the walls.Before i could even finish my thought of "fuc-" there was a really loud booming sound that left me with an annoying headache.

    I don't know what happened but it was strange because the sound seemed as if it was near my house, but i heard that my grandparents also heard the sound as if it was near them.Here is the thing, they live near enough to me that i can walk to their house if i want to, but also far enough that if it is raining or if am tired i have to use the car to reach them.

    So the question is, what caused that supposed explosion?
  • The one who protects? Mar 21, 2015

    I don't remember if it was two or three nights ago that i had a dream that was strange.I mean, most dreams tend to be strange but this one was strange because an action repeated four times and almost in the same way.

    I can't remember exactly where i was or how i even got there but as far as my memory goes i think that it was either a huge underground cave with some pieces of technology(steampunk or modern, or maybe both at the same time) here and there or some place beneath the ground that while seeming as if made by nature had evidences of human-or not- existence.As if an underground, hidden lab or HQ?Can't recall the dream.

    I was there, seeing things at times in first person and other times in third person(above right/left shoulder), i was wearing unusual clothes, mostly black and i believe i had some weapons with me.Both ancient(like sword/daggers) and modern(a gun perhaps) and maybe some kind of light/medium armor.
    I was in a group of four/five people and some of them, if not all, were people important to me and more at the back i had the sensation that there were more people, they could've been friends or something else, what matters is that i was in a small group going towards the location of something dangerous and pursuing someone for an unkown reason.

    Maybe he/she/them were a threat because i could feel the danger but at the same time i felt that i needed to do something because i wouldn't let the ones i care about die in that weird place.

    (cut on dream because i forgot the rest)

    Some kind of machinery was overloaded and started to shoot in our direction a perfect spheric ball of energy that looked like a small sun(or a fireball) with dark parts that could be smoke or darkness.The "dangerous person" told me that this would kill us and each time it was shot it would shot an even hotter and unstable "dark/sun sphere" and i was scared but i was an idiot that would do whatever was necessary to defend the ones behind me.

    I looked at my hands and they had brown/black gloves on them, i thought that the gloves and my natural resistance-which i didn't know which was-would have to work.I got the first dark/sun sphere and forced it to shrink until it dissapeared between my hands, the second one was a little faster and just a little hotter than the one before.I made the same thing.

    The third one came like a cnnonball and was as shiny as it was dark, the 'fire' was dripping on the ground, the darkness/smoke started to cover more the ambient and the place started to look like a sauna.I grabbed this one and felt the start of a burning but through my...willpoer?...i took away the pain and made myself more resistant to the burning, through pure stubbornness or activating a shield that was arounf my body.

    The fourth one was the hardest, it was even hard to catch it even though it came in my direction and with this one i had to focus my energy in not becoming a BBQ and not let it explode there.This sphere was so unstable that it was hard to even keep it on my hands and i knew that if that exploded, in the possiblity that i survived, the others would get caught in the explosion.And inside an underground/cave an explosion is a death sentence.I couldn't shrink or make the sphere disappear so i did the next best option availabel...i made it explode in my hands and used dozens of strong shields to contain the explosion.

    Not the best idea but since it was a dream everything worked in the end, even my gloves just seemed a little charred.People cheered, i turned around to look at them and then, everything disappeared and i woke up.

    Not the best of my dreams but the fireball/sun sphere/dark-smoke+fire sphere really stayed in my mind.
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  • A lost soul in a chaotic world. Mar 9, 2015

    Since yesterday's night until the end of this day I felt as if everything was...weird, different.The best way to explain it is as if i felt like I was in another place unknown to me though my eyes confirmed that it was still my own room and as the day passed i still saw the same landscapes i've been seeing for the past 12 years since i had arrived in this town.
    I recognized my family and friends but for some reason while my brain remembered who they are, it was as if a part of me saw them as strangers, just shadows of people that I had no links with.Most of the day i did what I had to do while still feeling detached from what I was doing.
    Even the city felt a little alien to me and that was very uncomfortable.

    Being there but still don't being there completely is probably the worst sensation i've felt in my life until now, it was as if I was both a character and a spectator at the same time.
    I hope this ends tonight and doesn't happen anymore because honestly, feeling like a stranger in a world you know ever since you've been born is confusing and disturbing.

    Inside this vessel of flesh and bones i remain awake, my power going as far as the hands, feet, hair and skin from this puppet.Am i the master of this vessel or just a vagrant soul that decided to step in the physical realm?
  • The One that Eludes Jan 15, 2015

    7 out of 10 people will ask for a love spell, and from those 7, 4 will be to get the love of someone and 3 will be to get someone back.From those 4, 3 are to get the love of a famous person or someone that the client loves but is either in a high status or have no relation to the client at all.Love is something that is neither hard nor easy, it is an emotion that should make someone feel on cloud nine however humans have the tendency of making everything harder than it should be and with such conflicting emotions such as jealousy, envy and anger they destroy what could be a good thing by themselves.

    Reason why they come to me, to use my powers to get back what they lost because of their own stupidity and blindness.
    Common sense is something that most of them lack and the major reason of their failures.

    From 10 people, 1 will ask for power to conquer whatever it is the client's wish and 2 will ask for their enemies to have bad luck or loose everything.There are those that wish power over their fellow humans, because no matter how good a person might be in the end everyone thought, at least once, of having power over other humans's destinies and be the one to dictate the rules.It doesn't matter if they want to feel powerfull once in their lives, if they're jealous of others's powers or even if they want to just have for the greater good.

    They still desire power, because in the end that is the deepest desire of everyone.Power to fight, power to protect or power to rule, it doesn't matter the denomination, in the end everything is power and there are those that lust for it.There are also those that wish to do their own brand of justice, or get revenge or get out of the way someone that might be a menace to their plans of the future.
    Most of them are weak-willed and jealous people that envy those that achieved success because they themselves are too lazy, too weak, too rotten, too powerless to try to achieve success by themselves, so instead of hunting their glory they try to bring down those that got it.That's why they come to me, so i can satisfy their thirst for power or act as their sword.

    Everyone assumes that because of who i am, of what i am, that i should be their own personal sorcerer and do what they want when they want, just because they can pay me money for the time lost.

    Money?They think that i need that, specially from people like them that cannot-or will not-chase their path because they are too scared or too weak to it by themselves?With my power i can do much more than those menial wishes of theirs, reason why i despise and even refuse those that ask-and the ones naive enough to think that they can demand-me to help them with their issues.

    I work with the big work, the hard work, the one that changes not one person but an entire community, the whole world.I can say that i am truly free to do as i wish and my wish is as vast as the universe and it's infinite dimensions, no one will ever be able to understand it and i doubt that there are others like me who think like this.

    Every time i leave my house i am already causing the changes i want and not even a single soul can notice this, they're too busy with their works or their lives to see what is going around them and that is one of my trump cards, their ignorance.Humans don't care about something unless it is happening in their area and they do the most stupid actions because they're too irrational and emotional to see the consequences and the future that they choose because of them.

    And when they're in trouble, the kind that they're so deep that they can't see an exit, the kind caused by themselves and for themselves, they come to me because i am the only one they know that can solve all of their problems with the same ease as a snap of fingers and they depend on my help too much that it becomes addictive to them.They go higher and fall harder because they think that i can get them out of anything, they think that their actions will not bring any penalties for them because i am there.You know how the rich and famous always get the best deals?I am the lawyer that gives back their freedom, the one that take their karma away.

    Or at least, that is how they see me, because i have no interest of helping those that can't help themselves.

    I am the one that have true freedom, the one that can give you your desire, i am the one that possess power and the one that gives the final word.You don't know who i am and i like it that way.
  • The End of possibilites Jan 13, 2015

    First the trouble was because of the economic inequality creating a(still alive) fight and hate between classes being mostly the low and middle class against the high class, then it became a fight for freedom having to deal with corrupt cops that "are the law", governments spying on each other and on their own country and trying to dictate how much freedom the people should have, and both abusing their power to trample over the weak or harmless.Now it is becoming a religious fight, somehow reminding me of the ones during the Crusades.Now, i won't say names because if you search you'll see that most religions started with a common goal, peace, self-development and etc but most-if not all-had their "dark moments" in history, some more than others and for this reason no one can play the blame game for all of them are guilty in the end.

    Continuing with this post, if we had an...economic?..."war", a social "war" and a religious "war", what is left to happen before humanity achieve the brink of destruction or collapse?Because if everything you believe in is corrupted and broken, what is left for you?

    The only thing thatis left is the beginning of the WW3, however no one knows what this one will be about with so many things happening at once.Who knows, maybe the beings of legends and myths start showing up and attack humanity, maybe a psion posts a video of him/herself doing something considered "impossible"...maybe the next Avatar appears before us to unify the physical and spiritual worlds...maybe a meteor will blow everything up, maybe aliens will greet us and we'll start a sci-fi civilization, or maybe everything goes back to the chaos and order of always and nothing extreme happens.There are many possibilites and i'm sure each one of them is happening or will happen in a parallel universe.
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  • Randomness Jan 3, 2015

    When i was a kid i wasn't given a chance.Everybody thought that i was an underdog and never once someone game me the chance to prove myself or helped me when the things go rough.I was on my own.
    In school i was always the one without a group or the one that the coach never called when our soccer team was playing, i had no probelm with my grades but due to my background no university would allow me, after all my parents-who were in the military-were branded traitors and disappeared while my uncle and aunt were terrorists working for a group made of many ethnic "minorities" that thought it was okay to get revenge to what they suffered in the past.

    After school i was accepted in a small university, and this was because i faked my background.I had to pay a hacker to fake my documents so i could enter this relatively unknown university.After graduation i had trouble finding a job, it seems that even if the years pass, the innocent ones from an "evil family" will still be stigmatized by the deeds of their relatives.No one in this goddamn country thought of me as a worthy person, not even as a person.They probably thought of me like a boogeyman, someone that would make a mistake or "evil stuff" to others without remorse, bunch of hypocrites.They thought this lowly of me and yet they had no humility to acknowledge that they were the actual evil ones.Without a job and the-newly elected-mayor promising to "get rid of terrorists"(or me as was the case)i decided to leave my country.
    Why live in a place where they treat you like scum when i knew that with my skills i could live anywhere else?

    Skip some years and here i am, one of the most known persons in all of the world, currently working with(not for, pay attention because there is a difference) the UN.I travel the whole world saving people from natural disasters, war zones and from the spiritual beings that had entered this dimension few years ago.I am the only one that can do what i do and the only one that can deal with these spirits/entities and because of this i can stipulate my conditions and no one can say no.They have no options.

    So, today i was supposed to go to a meeting of the leaders of the most powerful countries and who i find in there represeting my ex-country?The old mayor of the town i was born in, it seems that his campaing had given him the position of President.Not so much of a surprise since most politicians nowadays use the psychological terror to win votes, you know stuff like "i'll end the wars", "no one will die by terrorists", "we'll become the strong ones" and all that crap that seems to cast a illusion over peoples's eyes and makes them vote for someone that only had PROMISED just ONE thing.
    The Prsident-which i'll call John-looked in my direction- as well as the rest of the world leaders-when i entered the meeting room.We all seated and talked about the current troubles and what could be done to fix it, i gave my input whenever i thought necessary and after six hours we left that place.Or that was what i wanted to do when John grabbed my shoulder and asked if we could talk.He motioned to a place where we wouldn't be bothered and as soon as we seated he started to talk.

    "Look, i know that we had our differences in the past and while your family is a stain in our country's history i want you to help your country.We have no way to defend ourselves against the world's changes and many innocents are dying since we aren't fast enough to save them.You have a duty to help your country in a time of need!"

    "MY country?You mean the one that practically ignored me and made me pay for the actions of my parents and relatives even though i was an innocent?The one that never once helped me as it should and instead made every day miserable?The one with people that never let me prove myself and judged me for what i did and what i didn't?The one that made my life such a living hell that i had to go to other country just so i could even live?THAT ONE?!"

    He looked at me with a glare and pointed his bony finger in my direction.

    "Look, either you want or not, you're still ours and you'll do as i say since i am YOUR president."

    "The hell i will, did you forget the part where i cut all ties i had to YOUR country?Besides, due to my contract with the UN i have to answer to NO ONE.I can do what others can't and i can do so much more so in order for me to help them i have absolute freedom, a nice exchange don't you think?"

    His glared change to a more apologetic one and he passed a hand over his silver-brown hair, a classic sign of a worried person.He took a necklace from his pocket and opened it, it probably contained a picture of someone but i didn't care to know of who.

    "Look kid, i know that i did a lot of wrongs and that our...my country didn't treated you with the respect that we should, but we have to leave the past behind.We are currently facing a great danger and while we can boast of having a great military power we are powerless to deal with everything else.We can't even kill those damn things!We are on the red here kid, we need you right now."

    I stand up from the chair and look down to him.

    "Yeah, and where were you all when i needed you help?The past can be forgiven, but not forgotten and you are just reaping what you sow.Better luck next time."


    A gust of wind enters the room and as soon as it appeared it was gone, as well as myself.

    I won't ask for forgiveness because of the innocents, that is not my fault and i will not carry the burden for something i didn't, again.I pray for them to find peace but i will not help those that denied the same for me.Revenge?No, they're just getting what they paid for.I am here to save people, to help the ones that can't get help or fend for themselves, but make no mistake, i am no one's personal dog or slave, i help only those in dire need or that really need a "special help" not those too lazy to do something.

    I am different, i do what i want and what i want is to make a goddamn change, something so big that no one will ever link me again to my famly's deeds.I AM the change myself and i promise that even if it takes a thousand lives, i will never stray from my path.I might stumble or get lost, but i'll always get back to it.
    My powers are not gift for they were not given to me, i was born with them but also achieved them.


    Damn, the end is so non-sense and strange.I mean WTH?Well, this is my story so deal with it.
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  • Truly a change or another subject? Dec 13, 2014

    I don't know if it is related but i have a feeling that it is.Ever since Acheron's first post on this site i've noticed that many people started to talk about a change and how they started to notice it and etc.

    Are you guys really feeling a change, noticing the game or doing anything related to what was in his post?If you do, then why now?If you can "see it", then how you didn't saw or felt this before?

    Is it really something that you know of or are you just going with the flow and trying to join a group of people that we know are part of this site and might have something to do with the so called change, just because you want to feel accepted by them?

    After all, if someone has to show us something for we to see/understand it, then do we really see/understand it now?
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  • The Black Knight Sep 18, 2014

    Hear with this song:

    This happened a long time ago, when i still had a soul...

    In the world i was born, people like me had to endure the abuse and hold our tongues, least we received a harsher treatment.See, i was born with a gift, i was able to see the true colors of life and death, the flow of them.I knew how to change the world around me with a simple gesture and i could do what others couldn't.I could be anything i wanted, i could do whatever i wanted, i was a sorcerer.

    But sadly, when you're a child you don't think about the obvious, you're scared and you feel alone and weak...you don't know yet what you're truly capable of and due to this people manipulate you to make you feel diminished and to not ever be able to walk with your head up.

    Even my family was a part of this.My parents would call me names and praise my older sister and my younger brother, saying how grateful they were for having two blessed children even if they had to have a "cursed" one.I wasn't safe either inside or outside.Deep down i knew that they were really scared of me-all of them were-but since i was a child i would not know how to stand up against them if they attacked in numbers and with great force.That was their thoughts everytime they would approach me, and in some way they were right.

    Why they didn't just kill me?Well, because no matter how "dangerous" and an "abomination" i was, in the end i was the best defense they could ever have against their enemies.Monsters, rivals...as far as they broke my spirit and brainwashed me to become their perfect 'pet', their ultimate weapon, they would have a "trump card" in their hands.


    When i was 15 the violence against me was even greater.Kids could be so cruel and dark, and teenagers could be as darker as them.I could see how their souls showed their true nature, not only deep down but also in the surface, they were all monsters.I could not endure this anymore, i could not tolerate what they were doing to me, i was certain that if i stayed they would break me completely and i would become my own prison.I was a person too!I had every right to be able to live my life with the freedom they had!Why did i had to be different?!I am so f***ing angry that life was so unfair to me!

    That day i ran away and went into the black forest, a place where is said that the dead can live and the living can die, a place like this was perfect for me.I just had to wait until something took away my life and made my suffering go away.

    I guess that i fell asleep since when i opende my eyes again it was morning and the night, as well as the monsters, were gone too.The fog still was high and even the light above the big trees could not light my path well enough.I was lost.

    I hear a sound, something that i never heard before and when i turn around i see at the distance the blury image of a huge person.This "person" wears an all-black armor that seemed to literally be a part of that "person" as well as his/her arms and legs.I couldn't see the dark one's eyes since the 'helmet' was covering his/her face bu i could feel that they were calling me.Maybe i heard his/her voice or it was projected in my head, but i honestly didn't care.I follow him/her into the shadowy fog and i never looked behind, i didn't thought of my family, of my village, of the discrimination against me...i just couldn't and DIDN'T want to think about any of that.

    Not now.





    To Be Continued...
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  • Levitation-part 1(manipulating gravity) Jul 13, 2014

    This experiment will try to find out if levitation is possible and how to achieve it.

    Phase ONE:Develop control and mastery(as much as possible) over the manipulation of gravity energy(a.k.a. "gyrokinesis" or "gravitokinesis").

    according to the wikipedia:" It is most commonly recognized and experienced as the agent that gives weight to physical objects and causes physical objects to fall toward the ground when dropped from a height.Gravity is one of the four fundamental forcesof nature, along with electromagnetism, and the nuclear strong force and weak force. Colloquially, gravitation is a force of attraction that acts between and on all physical objects with matter (mass) or energy. "

    Now throwing away the definition of gravity, let's focus on the most basic aspect of this energy:
    -attract and repel.

    I could probably say that to be able to understand how to manipulate this energy you would need to study a lot about it, but since we deal with gravity every day i believe that we already have developed our understanding on how it works.

    In this first phase a person should focus only on "feeling" the energy, and for this you should chose a hand that will be the "main hand" when dealing with this energy(just for starters) and 4-5 cm above the hand, right in the middle, "feel" the energy being attracted to that point.Not imagine, nor visualize it(although if you're adept of this type of 'training', feel free to do it.What makes easier for you, i'm not trying to difficult anyone's life in here) but FEEL the attraction of energy happening in that small point.Remember, you're not attracting the energy to your hand, but to the point above it, you need to be precise when dealing with gravity because if you're not you might end up doing mistakes or hurting yourself.And this will work as "foundation" for the levitation so, study and practice.

    After 10-20 minutes you'll change the 'attract' to 'repel'.You might not feel a difference in the beginning since although they're opposites in the end you're dealing with the same energy, but with time you'll notice how different it is.Feel that point above your hand starting to 'push back' what it was attracting(you might feel your hand also being pushed back a little but that is normal.You still don't have control but i will gice you an advice.Have your hand above a soft surface or else you might end up feeling pain as the time goes by).

    Do this exercise whenever possible.

    On the next part we'll learn how to use gravity on small objects and living beings(no, we'll not harm any animals).

    -Dr.Kratos, engineer of abilities and creator of new paths.

    This is a mock experiment and shouldn't be taken seriously.
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  • Kratos born - the cruel version May 3, 2014

    background song:

    I wasn't that young to not remember where i came from, however my memory is still foggy and i can only catch glimpses, but from what i can get i lived in a place that for humans would be considered dangerous and maybe be the same as a "ghetto".

    Some places where hidden beneath the ground or inside the caves.Those had a smell of death and decay, but also a darkness that attracted me to it...and also the other "citizens".

    Distorted bodies that vaguely resembled humans-probably their souls corrupted by a higher being with whom they made a pact or by their own sin in life-could be seen walking in the border of the "city" as if they were both mindless and also a horde waiting for a innocent prey to walk right into their trap.They would walk around and not acknowledge their prey until it had reached the "core" of the group.Then they would fall over it like vultures and eat whatever they could.
    Curiously, they seemed to have an intelligence to distinguish what was a prey and what was a danger, because everytime i passed by them they would create distance from me.Heh, even the vermin didn't liked me.

    Some places were wide open, either with some plant life on them(and some animals)...

    or completely devoid of life.Even sound.

    Much later i found out that where i was was a "separated plane", a land that existed only within a certain space and that due to it's "chaotic existence" was known to sometimes get pieces of other planes or lands and 'fuse' it, as if copying something that already exists and placing it there.That was why the city seemed such a mess geographically and why sometimes what i saw in a place just vanished in the next day, the "city" was always re-making itself.

    Few months later i got another memory, one explaining why i was there.See, it seems that i am what you can call a b****rd, one of my parents was a dragon and the other a demon-i don't know which was which and honestly i don't give a d*mn-and either by acident or through other means that i honestly don't want to even think about, i was conceived and they only learned about my existence when i was born.
    An ugly dragon-demon hybrid from one relatively known parent and the other a relatively powerful parent, i was a disgrace for both families and also a reminder of whatever happened between them.So it seemed that they thought that it was better to just "ship me off" to somewhere where i wouldn't have contact with other(more intellectual)beings.

    Worse for them, now that i am i was reborn in human body i am free from that place and now i will hunt them down and maybe after a few question...i will show them how dangerous i've become and i will make them beg for forgiveness.

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  • Kratos - A little bit about myself(random rambling) Apr 4, 2014

    This is just a random post about something that i don't talk much about.

    See, i look around me, i see this on TV, two people together in a relationship.Some have it just "for fun" and to treat it as a one night stand, others give their entire lives and focus much of themselves into this.I have many friends who had different types of relationships, and even though they were different, one thing was common: they liked(maybe even loved) the other person(either entirely or just based on appearance, this doesn't matter much right now) and felt attracted to he/she.

    I, on the other hand, never felt this attraction that everyone speaks of.Honestly i can't even understand how this works, what exactly people feel when they say that they have found their "other half".Although this "lack feeling" might be one of the reasons for me to never have had any kind of relationship, the other reason must be because i'm an idealist(or maybe a 'romantic' person).Since i never felt like this i do believe in the naïve thinking that this kin of love must be something pure and beautiful, that "soulmates" exist and that this person will be my one and only love eternally.

    But i know that this kind of childish thinking is wrong.Today(who am i kidding?This has been happening for long time...) i see many couples(some with a huge history together and others that are still in the beginning) that break up due to one(some times both) of the couple having relations with a third person(most of the times, behind the other's back) just because instead of talking and trying to understand what is wrong with their relationship, they chose to become weak and search for another person.
    I know that there are more reasons than betraying for a couple to end up separated, but this one is the most horrifying action, for me.
    Another reason why no relationship would ever happen is because i am not like most "young people" nowadays.

    Kratos, the bona fide.
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  • My awakening Apr 1, 2014

    A few nights in a roll i had the same dream, i was in a big room(though it looked more like a cave) made of pale gray stone and everything around me was covered in darkness.That was until a dark fire started to "sprout" from the ground-forming a circle of fire around me-and go up the walls until it reached the "roof".After that some runes/symbols(i admit, i'm not that great when distinguishing some things, okay?) were shining in the places where the fire had passed.
    I tried to leave the circle but i found out that i couldn't.I tried to use force but even that was useless.Only then i looked to myself and saw that my body wasn't my humam body as i was used to, it was my real body.
    Then i thought "Oh, this must be the reason why i can't get out".

    Last night the same thing happened once again(like a replay), but this time i knew what to do to get out of that invisible circle, i made a few gestures with my hands and said an anchient incantation used by my kind to annul this type of magick.I don't know if this came from me or if it was a trait of my race, but i felt so prideful(bordering arrogant) and if i was the most knowmedgeable being in the world.
    For a person that had low-esteem most of my life that was quite the change.And honestly, i'm still finding new changes in myself since yesterday.
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  • Twin Blades-Void and Ichor Mar 8, 2014

    Two swords, similar in shape and weight, both are aestheticaly pleasing to the eye, with a graceful but also strong/primal design.One is golden, wilingly reflecting light and seems to exude a feeling of raw power.The material is similar to metal but it's nothing that i've ever seen on Earth, it's light but also very hard.I call this blade "Ichor".
    The other sword is even more strange.It seems to be a dark black-blue color with a few specks of color or "little stars" appearing once in a while(though it still stays dark), as if the sword was alive.As if i could see the cosmos/space through it.A dark and unknown aura emits from it.For that i called this sword "Void".
    Although both swords can be used in offense/deffence moves, each one has different "powers" and can be used differently when attacking or defending, each one also have "special forms" that can be used either for battle or to help with other things.Yes,both swords can "change" their shape, at some level, to "adapt" and become what it's necessary to help me.
    Still working on them, but one day i hope to take them to the etheric(when i get there) and let loose.
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  • All in the past Mar 2, 2014

    A fisherman, swimming underwater in search of food with a rudimentary harpoon on the right hand.My mates are splashing the surface of the water to call my attention and warn me of nearby sea monsters or possible preys, i can see at the distance the "beast of 100 teeth" swimming faster than humanly possible straight to me, it's deep black eyes on either side of it's head trying to focus on myself as it shakes it's head left and right.But i don't fear it since i know that it is one of the servants of our god, i touch my hand on it's dorsal fin and hold tight, letting the beast take me to where i can find more fish.
    A scholar, just worried about learning more and more without having time for other activities.Idiots laughing from drinking too much and trying to chase young maidens during the night, the only thing they're good for is to be cannon fodder.And the stuck ups in the politics waste their power and influence with their expensive parties and slaves, just wanting to assure pleasure and high quality merchandise for themselves when they could be working to change this old country.One day i'll leave this damned place and will travel the world seeking knowledge.
    A warrior, fighting for his life, for his honor, for his family.My blade splits open their flesh and a gust of blood hits my face, i can smell their fear and our general tell us that they're retreating.Next to our general i can see our other "leaders", the coward bunch from the wealthiest families that only shows up behind their "wall of shields" as if being part of the battle, WE are the ones spilling blood and being killed, we are the ones doing something to save our country from our enemy, and THEY end up being the ones claimed as heroes as if they did everything alone.What a laugh they don't even bother with at least holding a sword, much less using it.Maybe i should teach them a lesson of a warrior's path and how cruel and ruthless it can be.

    Part 1 of 10 past lives concluded
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