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  • Manifesting favorable outcomes Nov 6, 2016

    Recently, I have been trying to get into instantaneous manifestation. How I do it is I apply an image and energy to a single thought, representing what I want to happen in the next seconds or hours, and release the thought into the flow of consciousness, with the intent to influence small things. Every time it's worked when I was most focused on a single thought, grasping it as a fact, having no doubt the manifestation would happen. Every time I had doubt or was mentally fatigued, it didn't work in my favor. Doing this repeatedly over and over makes you very tired and I find trying to force a manifestation while you're tired is taxing on the mind. As of right now I feel like my brain is cluttered and throbbing from too much work.

    I find that the bigger the manifestation, and the more people it affects, the more energy I pour into it.
  • Restarting from Square One. Nov 5, 2016

    I've picked up a good deal of information recently, teaching me how to use magic. I thought I could do well with already obtained knowledge but quite the opposite. I'm stuck on what you'd think would be the easiest of all, thought control. Something must be wrong with the way I learned if I am not even able to concentrate on an idea for at least 10 minutes. I've been at electrokinesis for years, looking for the shortcuts or the best techniques, but I haven't progressed since. What I've been missing is the work ethic, I wasn't interested in hard work, I only wanted the juicy bits, the flashy psychic abilities. I was so focused on expanding my skills without even realizing the importance of self perfection.

    What I am saying is I'm going to challenge myself now, with the tedious, boring parts, because apparently without the prerequisites I'm gonna end up going in circles forever.
  • Im a little stupid Oct 26, 2016

    Someone told me that time is speeding up, and I can't help but agree. It could either be because the Sun has been heating up, or because of the alignment of the planets, or both, are causing the energy on our planet to change itself. The past few months I have had instances of losing track of time more and more, like today I had been 100% sure it was a Thursday, rather it is a Wednesday. I also feel like the months are going by quicker.

    I was talking to this teacher-in-training who does homework like the rest of us in my Precalculus class, she is pretty cool for an adult (in my opinion). She is consciously aware of things like middle Earth and universal energies and aliens, I know because she gave me things to look up one day after I said something that stimulated her memory. I asked if she felt time was speeding up, and she agreed, saying it may be because of the cosmic energies of the universe affecting our planet.

    A youtuber I watch is saying this energy shift may 'amplify' (for the lack of a better word) our energy bodies. He believes people like us who are already somewhat consciously aware will experience the effects of the energy shift firsthand. The same youtuber also believes in indigo children and believes that feeling like time is speeding up is a trait common in indigos.

    (The following paragraph is not too relevant, but has to do with proof of an increased output of cosmic energies in our solar system.)We know that cosmic energy is not just heating up the Earth due to it's high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere because studies have shown that other planets without carbon in their atmosphere, and planets without an atmosphere, are also heating up along with the Earth.

  • I'm ready for my next acid trip. Oct 24, 2016

    Whenever I am at the peak of my mental (spiritual, if you'd like) strength, I start seeing and hearing weird shit, and I get premonitions. My friend says not to open my third eye because I will start seeing weird shit like he says he did, I don't really care or acknowledge his warnings because I've already experienced these things in the past. He wouldn't stop warning me so I gave him my philosophy: "If your words and intentions manifest reality, shouldn't you be elevating yourself instead of telling other people how you got scared of a few experiences?"

    Anyways, I call it an acid trip because, even though I may be well awake, I start to experience abnormal things that others around me aren't aware I'm experiencing. It's actually fun, really. Lately though, my premonitions have been kinda weak and meh, like when thoughts enter my mind about future invents, instead of seeing the events visually happen inside my head. It's like 'future radio station', I can't control when I tune in though.

    I can influence myself to tap into this state of awareness though, I just need to listen. Just listen. Then my 'better ears' open up and I start hearing ringing and random thoughts pop into my head. My hair starts to feel static-y and every click or bang makes me jump. My hair also becomes charged when I try sending intentions or thoughts to people. I produce the best results when the person is right in front of me, or when I can see their eyes.

    When I try to expand my awareness and communicate thoughts and intentions, I always get woozy. I wonder if you guys ever feel that way?