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  • The Golden Dawn, Ritual 1 May 31, 2017

    Experiment ritual: Commune with Archangel Auriel.

    Christian Magick

    Fourfold breath performed after moment of meditation. Talisman procured with Auriels image. His name written on natural wood with salt.

    Faced the northeast.

    "Hekas, Hekas, este bebeloi!"

    Perform the Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram.

    Turn clockwise to the east.

    Traced the lesser invoking pentagram with a wand. (Other tools such as the finger will work)

    Attempt to feel vibration, stab the wand forward


    Turned again and do the same until stopped at the north.

    Invoked Uriel/Auriel through any plead. I used the following: "In the name of Yahweh, the Great Architecht, I bid apparition of Auriel before me, but only if it what you desire."

    Circumabulate the temple thrice and faced east and give adorance to Yahweh.

    Pivoted clockwise and bowed to all of the archangles.

    I faced North and sat down, my eyes closed.

    From then I attempt to visualize the angel before me. I see a man clad in yellow and white clothing with two red wings, and fire in his palm.

    Meditation ensues on the image until he vanishes.

    Overall experiment sees a mild success. Practice carefully.
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  • I met a Psion upfront for the first time this week Feb 26, 2017

    Last Friday, at my band class, I had some sensory issues and left to the storage room to relax. I found a charector whos name I shall not mention meditating in the room. He did not notice me which suggests his proprioception is very limited. After a while he opened his eyes and was frightened upon seeing me, but relaxed after a moment. To start converation and to make it less uncomftorable, I gave him a tip on better posture in meditation. We ended up in a conversation about meditation and I asked what his reason is for doing so, such as religion, relaxation etc. He seemed uncomftorable about it so I gave away a certain theory about meditation, that wasn't too crazy sounding. He gave one and I gave another. Sooner or later we were having full conversations of psionics. He has a very comforting energy.
  • Just an update Aug 6, 2016

    My mother is suffering from an illness occurring alongside her migraines.

    My studies are decent, but I grow tired of how miniscule my results are. I have potential, I dont know why I can't realize such!

    I'm heading off the forum for some time for a few reasons. Mostly, I desire to study in an unbiased and efficient manner. Any worth noting finding will be posted. So far, I am dipping my fingers into some more advanced programming. Furthermore, if I have some success in astral projection I will give my experience as text in the blog.

    I feel very lonely at times. Is it odd that I enjoy it though? Isolation, something so pure, yet so dark. Leading both self destruction and realization. Anyways, thats just me.
  • Creative Block Aug 3, 2016

    Unguided psionism is dreadfully hard now that I'm thinking about it. I know one is supposed to be patient, but I'm 80% German, and they don't like wasting time.

    Anyways I've got a problem with a creative block thats keeping me from advancing. My visualization of energy and sensing of it is starting to flounder a bit. Focus and intense meditation helps, but I'm very tired as of late. Almost drained. It feels at time that my mind is slipping.

    I tried to meditate and play piano at the same time, with only my fingers moving. It was hard at first but very relaxing. Momentarily, I had removed my creative block and experienced muse to write a new sonata.

    I've become increasingly annoyed with the amount of slights against religion here, which makes me very sad as part of the reason I came here was for sanctuary. A christian mage or psion or any other thing of the sorts is highly ostracized, and I thought I would be more welcome here. I suppose I was right, but not as much as I hoped.

    Another mage that I know has taught me something amazing. It is a very powerful method of draining the energy of the enviroment around me in a violent whirlwind, turning me into a living black hole of energy. This is accompanied by a strong euphoria that lasts for ten minutes. Afterwards, all of the gathered energy is released out and followed by an odd sadness, unlike anything else. The range of these effects are rather small though. From testing, it only pulls from about a half of a customary foot, however this is with practice as it started much smaller, and I don't know how big it can get. I've read about mages in the middle ages that leveled entire battlefields this way. Has anything like this been spoken of on the forum? I wonder what it would be like if I pulled from organic matter.

    I wonder too, how many people won't believe this is true! Ha, though I know many people here do indeed hold the knowledge that nothing is impossible.
  • Making a text based game and other chicanery Jul 27, 2016

    The whole shadow people debacle has been dealt with, thanks to Cat Sage. Nothing of excitement in terms of Psionics.

    However, I had a small victory recently. I had another EEG as a check up on my migraine disorder and instead of sleeping, I meditated. The results were completely manipulated into looking as though I was 100% asleep. I'm proud of how well I've been doing in meditation.

    Also, I'm creating a new text based game. After my first past life encounter I decided to make a game around ancient Germanic society. I don't want to give anything away. I'm using ChoiceScript to create it. I've already got 6,000 words down, excluding code. I'm thinking 50,000 words would be good to publish at. I'll make royalties from the publisher too.

    Since this can be seen as advertising I'm going to have to stop before the Administration lifts a brow in my direction.

    See you guys later!
  • Odd circumstances, and a possible past life. Jul 12, 2016

    Showering last night, I suddenly felt a painfully large pool of energy in my hands and feet, and then an *almost* trance like euphoria.
    Afterwards, I had something even more interesting happen. I finished showering and clothed myself and sat down at around 10:15. I started to have this weird half awake half asleep dream... thing. I could hear and see in both the real world and the dream, but I could easily shut the sight and sound out of reality. I realized what I was seeing was an organized mass of horses with scandidly clad and stinking men with facepaint on clutching spears. It came to me that I recognized them somehow but I couldn't place it at the time. Suddenly, my head turned against my will to my left, though I didn't feel it. There a saw an appareant horde of 500 or more tunic-wearing axe-bearing hooligans. I was able to place with what little I had that I must have been in the Ancient era, someplace in Germania. The people were not wearing bronze helmet which told me that we were not Aedui, but Germans. I realized I had a short spear in my right hand and a roman gladius in another, probably stole that one. I recognized the language everyone was speaking. What luck that the one Ancient Germanic language I chose it would be this one! All throughout, this felt right. Very right. An upwelling of pride filled my heart. I began to spoke what seemed to be gibberish, but I was able to discern it from the language I know. I was evidently not in charge, however I was a lietenant of sorts, close to commanding this unit I was in. I looked around, there were more of us. From what I heard, Romans brokered a deal with the Suebi (Swebozez) for our land without our will so we decided to fight. We marched, not in unison, to meet the Romans, and then it stopped. I never caught my name.
  • The start of my adventure Jul 11, 2016

    Well, I should keep a blog to log my mental ventures. I have recently found a great way to recharge and absorb energy, it even temporarily removes and dissipates my headache.
    I have alot of hallucinations, wisps and people in the mirror, shadowmen in the doorway, that kind of stuff. Music constantly being played in my ears, and alot more chaos in my life. Unfortunate, as I much prefer order. I guess my brain is just going on strike, maybe it's French!
    I also had an interesting dream the other day. I was out having the time of my life, everything went black except for a few white stars, and a clock rolled into view. Someone started saying "Tick tock" until eventually it got louder and louder until it was shouting. Very very loud.
    Well, until next time folks!