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  • Just an update Jan 1, 2017


    I know I'm not on here often and when I am it's only briefly but I thought I'd post an update about things that have been happening lately. So my coven now has another member, which makes us a coven of 4, we are working on a 5th member, so we one member for each element and the element we are currently missing is Earth. The newest member, Air, is completely new not only to the craft but also to powers, her powers are slowly emerging and I am helping her along but we're quite far away so the distance can be difficult, especially when trying to do Coven magic, but next time she is down we're going to do some of that. Since adding her into the coven we have all noticed that our individual powers are getting stronger, sometimes out of control but we're learning to work with it. My telekinesis has been the thing going out of control as random things keep moving when I'm angry, like yesterday, I was shouting at my friend and as I shouted 'I said no' a jar fell off the shelf and smashed onto a plate, smashing the plate but luckily the subject was changed, due to some people being intoxicated and nobody took any notice.
  • My first blog Apr 25, 2016

    So I've decided I'm going to start blogging my training with my powers, as this is my first one I'm going to say what powers I'm going to be training, my skill level currently and what I'm going to be doing in order to train.

    I have decided that I'm going to train Levitation, Telekinesis and Pyrokinesis and I am also going to start meditating. The reason I'm going to start meditating is because it can not only destress me and all that but it could also help me with psionics training so I'm going to begin with that. I want to practice Levitation as a week ago I met up with my twin after he came back from seeing his girlfriend and I accidentally levitated onto his shoulders, which caused us to fall onto the road. I plan to train telekinesis with my twin, and separately, because I have recently came up with a telekinesis experiment, which I will link below, and I have high hopes for with that. I also want to practice Pyrokinesis because well I think it's cool and it's one of my stronger powers.

    I can't do much with Levitation, I've levitated less than 5 times, all accidental and all for short periods of time, however I once used rose, which is where you use levitation when you're falling to stop you from falling to land on your feet, I did this accidentally when my friend was in the room and they couldn't work out how I was able to land on my feet as it didn't make sense. I plan to train this by meditating, however it will be different to my usual meditation as my normal meditation will be focusing on me as a person, enhancing my abilities and connecting to mother nature whereas my levitation one will be me visualising me levitating as well as imagining scenes from TV shows where someone levitates and I will also try to levitate at the same time.

    I have used telekinesis a few times and am better at controlling things that are already in motion rather than causing something to start moving, for example, I was walking down the road and a van drove past me and the man didn't realise but his back door was open, it was shaking a little because of driving so I used telekinesis to close the door and it slammed shut and didn't open again, I can also do similar things with sports balls, such as making them miss me when playing dodgeball. I will train this by doing my experiment with my twin as well as using a normal psi-wheel to practice by myself.

    I have used Pyrokinesis mainly with lighters and candles, causing it to dance around and get bigger, get smaller, the usual type of thing however when I get angry I can do this to a much higher level being able to make it so small it's almost extinguished and making the flame at least an inch long, I was also able to make the flame rise from the gas, stay lit from my own willpower and then connected it back to the gas, however it was only about 3 centimetres away from the gas. I'm going to train this by using a candle and getting better at controlling fire and once I can do that I will learn to extinguish the fire and then relight the fire.