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  • Spatial Physics. Jun 24, 2016

    (http://community.psionnation.com/threads/umbrakinesis-beginner-techniques.787/) from Ivan.

    Einstein developed a model of the universe called an eternal black hole where the black hole existed in a universe without matter. Black holes have three properties charge, spin, and mass. This means space itself has mass, spin, and charge. Psi energy flows, structures, and bonds. This means that even space flows, structures, and bonds.

    A bond between spatial lengths makes a spatial charge with a potential energy stored. A structure of spatial lengths acts as both a bond of spatial lengths and a flow of spatial lengths. This means spatial length structures fluctuate between being like a bond of spatial charge and like a flow of spatial length which is the source of wave/particle effect. A flow of spatial length generates pressure on spatial length. A tensed car spring weighs more than a relaxed car spring. Therefore spatial flows generate spatial length tension that acts as a weight on surrounding universe acting as dark matter. Bond of spatial lengths acts as dark energy from potential energy stored in the field bond between lengths. Dark matter is a consequence of chain reaction spatial length expansion as pressure which causes tension with average spatial length that makes spatial length touching spatial flow heavy like mass. Spin plus expansion equals flow pressure tension as mass. Spin plus compression equals bond charge which acts as energy.

    Spatial bond acts as repulsion from charge acting as a potential barrier to probability of flux in spatial length. Spatial flow acts as attraction from pressure tension mass as gravity source.

    Observation from a psion which is act of choosing description for chosen perspective acts by causing bond between descriptions for potential energy charge growth causing repulsion called wit. Observation from a psion which is act of choosing description for chosen definition acts as spatial flow causing tension pressure attraction called skill.

    Skill puls wit equals sorcery or systems of flow and bond from observation that acts as a structure around a goal. Depending on how much observation perspective or how much observation definition alters the particle effects or the wave effects. Particle effects generate photons and wave effects generate wave condensate between observation definition and natural wave states of natural energy structure.
  • Featured Forum techs, mechs, and derivations Jun 17, 2016


    Ninjamuffin article from which can be learned psionic units, link, connect, enhance to model, and replicate.

    Beginner techniques:
    1. Generate your psionic energy and light a candle in front of you. Now visualize your psionic energy linking with the flame, Feel the fire like you have made a connection, simply will the fire to pulse along with your heartbeat.
    2. Light a candle in front of you. Stare deep into the flame connect with the flame, and visualize in your mind’s eye the flame, now focus on it and visualize as vividly as possible the flame bending, and bend it.
    3. Light a candle in front of you, Connect with the flame. Now pay attention to your breath, Breathe in a shallow breath as you do feel the flame rise along with it, take another deep breath feel the flame rise with your inhale. Exhale and repeat this continuing until you raise it as much as possible.

    Advanced techniques:
    1. Place a lit candle in front of you, Connect with the flame stare into the blue base of the flame, Focus as hard as you possibly can on intensifying the heat of the flame, feel the flame as if it were within yourself burning with heating, inhale deeply and instead of the flame rising the blue flame should intensify itself.
    2. Place a lit candle in front of you, Connect with the flame, visualize as vividly as possible in your mind’s eye the flame, feel its energy within yourself, Now visualize the vibrating atoms of the wick of the candle vibrating slower and slower, until its barely moving at all.
    3. Place an unlit candle in front of you. Summon psionic energy, focus all of it to your mind’s eye visualize tiny balls that make up the wick in front of you as you visualize start streaming psionic energy into the wick, visualizing the balls vibrating faster, as the vibrations speed up so does the rate of psionic energy going into the wick. The faster the vibrations the more heat is made, when you feel it is ready visualize the flame bursting forth, in that millisecond you imagine it bursting forth match it with psionic energy, and The wick should ignite.
    http://community.psionnation.com/th...hniques-and-introduction-learn-beginners.146/ Mech only from Ninjamuffin article as Sense modelling, detailing energy to link to sensed vibes, and model from link connection.

    Think about pyrokinesis, how to create a flame all one must do is vibrate the molecules in something like a wick or a piece of paper to cause it to burst into flames. Now take cryokinesis, just take pyrokinesis and do the opposite, immobilize the molecules in a liquid or solid until it completely freezes. Molecules are constantly in a vibrational state, this means that in order to keep a certain temperature the target must maintain its vibrational speed. Usually you would use water for practicing cryokinesis but there is a liquid that freezes at a faster rate. Vinegar works much better than water. The answer is Vinegar molecules have less kinetic energy than water.

    Here is a technique for beginners.
    1. Place a small bowl with a liquid, dip the tip of your finger in, feel the temperature of the water, now send energy to the tip of your finger, connect with the energies inside. If you succeed in connecting with the liquid you should be able to Feel all the molecules vibrating inside.

    Now a technique for the more advanced crowd.
    1. Cover your entire hand in water. Now freeze the water on your hand. Once you have done this send energy to your hand and store it in the ice. Program the energy to automatically begin freezing a certain type of molecule to come in contact with it, Pour the warm water on your frozen hand and watch as your energy immobilizes the water.
    Ninjamuffin cryo mech: different molecules have different rates of kinetic energy and different regions within a material have different vibration states. Ninjamuffin Beginner Cryo Tech 1 know the place you are targeting, extend your senses to that place, feel the temperature of that place with your senses, send psionic energy to connect with energy of material, and the vibration of material felt thru psionic energy.

    Know the place you are targeting can be any volume. When you extend your senses you are extending the ability of your nervous system to sense to a volume which extends your psionic to that volume. Your psyche thru your nervous system psionic models the volume passively. When you send psi energy to enhance the psionic, your psi energy partially comes from body, and removes the strain from nervous system. The psi working of psionic enhances the vibration states just enough that the psionic vibration enhances the physical vibration. The amount of thermal able to be modelled is limited by vibration range of psi worked psionic. Once you have modelled vibration states with psi worked psionic additional psi energy can be used to make the psionic vibration reduce or increase vibration rate of material.

    The key idea is extending your psionic, being careful to enhance that psionic with psi work, and vibration state entanglement. Something implied by cryo techs of ninja muffin is that more than one type of molecule is being cooled for water is other than 100% pure. This means you can entangle with vibration states across multiple types of material without increased effort.

    Pyro mech of Ninjamuffin relies on very specific idea that a psi worked psionic can be made into different sizes. Pyro one has psi worked psionic generated in quantities near body. The psi worked psionic is then sent to model the volume to be heated. The volume then has different size psi worked psionic for different temperatures. The model of pulses from heating is from psionic has to alter shape and vibration rate to stay with material as it rapidly decomposes. The psi worked psionic acquires energy from material being at higher temperature while psi worked psionic is at same temperature.

    The important part is that heating generates photons from black body radiation and thermal flux. Ninjamuffin Beginner Pyro tech one links black body radiation to radiation field of body. Ninjamuffin beginner Pyro tech three links heating and cooling from material to energy system heating and cooling. Ninjamuffin beginner pyro tech two is very useful from mind's eye reference which links combined sense of thought to heating and cooling of psi worked psionic in material. The processing rate of thought and the thermal flux in material are linked for the material to be altered by memory capacity of the psi worked psionic in the material. Advanced Pyro tech one is combo of beginner pyro tech three and beginner pyro tech one. Advanced pyro tech two is combo of beginner pyro tech two and beginner pyro tech one. Advanced pyro tech three is combo of beginner pyro tech one and beginner pyro tech three. Total of 4 techs and this means about 24 different derivations of these techniques of Ninjamuffin. The two key mechs are vibration entanglement and thought processing rate linked to thermal flux.
  • Thanksgiving Jun 13, 2016

    When I said I owed metalforever a debt of gratitude I will always seek to repay, I meant it.

    In 2009 I joined the USAF as a 4th generation military member I was spent my life preparing for military service. In 2010 I while I was deployed a telepath tried to scan me and was blocked by the exacting nature of my mind at the time. I got back from deployment and was taken by other military members to a strip club where I lost my virginity. In 2011 I was screwed out of transfer overseas by military politics. In an effort to save my mind from from sexual problems, military politics, and telepathic bombardment I went to a christian chaplain. The chaplain told me that most members of the military were circles, triangles, and squares but I was a squiggly line. Some people he said just are not cut out for military life.

    Christianity failed to save me, the military I grew up preparing to help screwed me for political advantage, and telepathic sensitivity was destroying my sanity while books on psychical nature were based lesser standards of thought than what I survived on and was dying in.

    The bibliography of a book on psychical nature had an online source referenced that I followed to eventually to psionics online.

    At psionics online I found articles based on premises other that opinion and verifiable by personal practice. The military went on to screw me out of a job in addition to many many others at the time. Psionics was more than just a way to handle telepathic sensitivity. The psionic practice verified the strength of my person in physics and gave me a way to exhaust emotions that would have otherwise led to me using my life to cause mass destruction.

    As a person who relied on psionics to make up where christians and military institution failed me. I will always owe metalforever. She could ask me anything but murder, killing, and suicide. I would argue practicalities to be a better help in any request. Beyond love and sex and money, I am grateful.
  • Bible and Psionics May 24, 2016

    I will be blunt I was attacked in the last month by a squad of angels wielding swords of reason. The reason they attacked me was I developed a proof I shared with God thru prayer. The proof goes like this choices do not exist before they are made. Therefore all choices enhance existence. When a person kills or murders another they create a lack of enhancement of existence. The lack creates a vacuum in the nature of existence that acts as a permanent cost of choice of the killer or murder. A range of frequencies that the killer or murder cannot modulate their psi energy. God in the bible has killed and angels have killed.

    Reason in greek is a ratio so I think on my choice in existence to make an existential reason. I found that thoughtforms of my choice in existence bend fate of reality. This means that reality is manufactured for there is no fate but what we make. I call this kind of pk as bending. Bending like Avatar the last airbender or Legend Of Korra but more complex as any property of reality can be bent with strength of choice and thought of ratio in choice to existence.

    Psalm 139 of the bible says that thoughts can be discerned from afar. Proverbs 11, Proverbs 12 of the bible say that righteousness is life. Job 12 and Proverbs 16 say that understanding is life. 2 Timothy 3 says all scripture is inspired. 2 Peter 1 says that men moved by the holy spirit spoke from God.

    The word inspired means wind, breath, or fire. In my understanding motion. This means that all motion can be interpreted as holy inspiration by relying on that motion to increase righteousness and understanding. This means that thinking on your choice in existence also bends spirit. This also means that angels kill according to righteousness but are selfish because only righteousness with understanding inspires life. This also means that demons murder according to understanding but are selfish because only righteousness with understanding inspires life.

    In 2015 angels used hell as shock troops against the aesir. In 2016 angels attacked me for proving killing is wrong and a permanent vulnerability. I decided to investigate demons. What I found has taught me that some demons are not demons but protectors of destiny which is the energy flows of life need to be protected from damage and some people are conduits for the energy flows that life uses to keep living. These conduit people deserve to be treated as people and not used to murder. The fates of demons can be bent so that some have avoid murder.

    Angels are in trouble for people who attack me will be disabled.
  • My mind is trying to work itself like a hypersphere Mar 7, 2016

    I am doing something risky with the ascension process. I am using my exacting balance between skill and understanding to ascend the abyss.

    When a psion or practitioner ascends or transcends without reabsorbing their psychic work. All the psychic work of that psion returns to the last known location of that soul. The psychic work without a soul becomes an abyssmal subject. Psi energy, aura, psychic fields, Constructs, thoughtforms, sigils, and egregores all return to where the absence of the physical/ subtle/ existential body happened. They make a form out of combined subtle work.

    The ascension process applies to things not just people. If a person ascends with their cloths on they leave behind some of the mass flux of their clothes that becomes an abyssmal subject.

    Natural process works better than this. In order to prove it I am now choosing to relate to the psionics of the abyss. Suffice it to say that my aura is burning up making the combined abyssmals follow natural process of ascension.
  • Psychospatial Eventlines explained Mar 5, 2016


    This is a Minkowski-Reitz diagram of the stories Unicorn Jelly, Pastel Defender Heliotrope, and To Save Her. This makes it possible to model stories as supersystem chemistry models. Wizardry by first modelling space as a service.

    My profile picture is a pentagram orb, I got the idea by watching Orphen on Amazon Prime and by studying at the Grey School of Wizardry. At the time I noticed some details that the orb thingy Orphen character does as sorcery was to take weion put it in a closed system and then increase the complexity until it manifest into an effect. My idea of sorcery that it was about applying will to manifest desire. Wizardry is about serving until the reason for serving is rewarded. I designed the pentagram orb as a method of combining wizardry and sorcery. The pentagram orb uses the fact that it is a pentagram in a universe with a hexagonal bias. All pentagram orbs have to do is exist and they can self-organize more of themselves. Psionic Microscope.png
    This is a 3 axis cartesian construct that combines psi stream pk from the psion guild and taking a single hair making a flat construct as dense as possible which is as think as the hair is side. The next part is take the hair thick construct and make two more. Step third is to push each construct thru each other without any of them. When non linear effects of vibration on constructs are experimented with you can figure out feed back loops required to observe smaller and smaller scales. You can figure out with a nested series of these at about 7 layers that you can view spatial units and make constructs out of psi energy bonded to units of space with the right coding.

    The manufacture of pentagram orbs makes it possible to observe spatial units from the perspective of something that lives there. You see stories that you can model as Minkowski-Reitz diagrams. On a fundamental level words and math are the same. The next step is to model all human stories as stories of alternate universes made viable by certain systems of Minkowski-Reitz diagrams of spatial existence.

    I think the veil is some kind of isolation from universal production process. Akira the anime is about how a person becomes a universe. I have found many clues because of what I have done with these concepts and stories. The fundamental question is the same. What are all psions and all people progressing towards?
  • Why is Michael Chaney so gloomy most of the time? Feb 27, 2016

    There are two ways that most metaphysical practitioners go. There is alchemy and there is psionics. The alchemy varies according to the magical system but the end result is using 5% variance in probability in nature to manifest alchemical effects. The psionics is the other path is psionics with pk at highest skill rating. It requires a deep understanding of nature to manifest alchemical effects and it takes great skill in psionics to manifest psychokinesis.

    The two factions heaven and hell are cops and robbers. This is kinda depressing that metaphysics has avoided getting past the cops and robbers stage. Why does heaven and hell avoid going past cops and robbers metaphysics? Heaven wants to kill everyone who avoids harmony with their society and hell wants to murder anyone who inspires them to kill. Seriously the killing of heaven and the murder of hell basically mean that both sides are screwed with the void eventually claiming both. The etheric council trains death workers and asks for their consent in knowingly causing death with the consequences of being claimed by the void. This is slow suicide for a cause of their choosing. Harmonic sentients who kill too many get sent to the abyssmal plane. The infernal sentients who murder too many get sent to the abyssmal plane. Where they get torn apart by the inhabitants. The survivors migrate to our world with harmonic sentients becoming lightworkers and the infernal sentients becoming watchers.

    Alchemy can solve any problem and pk can build anything or heal any wounded person. I use both alchemy and psychokinesis to cure nature of people with things of damage. This is confusing the stuffing out of everyone. Recently people have been trying to hack my curation of damage rightly thinking that this is how I stay independent of all factions. I have to spend most of the near future plugging the accumulated system vulnerabilities from psychokinesis of biology and alchemy of biology from Harmonic and Infernal factions over the past 6,000 years or so.

    When I succeed I am assuming that all factions will come after me in a continuous pissing match to see who can gain an advantage in their cops and robbers game. When my hybrid alchemy and psychokinesis system does manifest in obvious ways it means everyone playing cops and robbers will be at a disadvantage to me.
  • The way of the lie is coming for me Feb 24, 2016

    The way of the lie is to treat every subject as an it. This being it is wrong because it treats everything the same. Subjects are vast and varied. Is being a useful word to describe being. I met the source of 'it' and now I have to fall back from memory enhancement to a last ditch defense based on the self-organizing principle used in thaumaturgy, alchemy, and wizardry. It may be a long time before I resurface. There are identities based on beings in space and there are identities based on beings in existence. The right balance is relating the two. Any identity based on beings in space will be killed by the lie. Any identity based on being in existence will live.

    The key to surviving the lie is trans-spatial resonance. When you observe the whole of existence and all that is spatial. You make a psychospatial gate. I have explained memory gates and info gates but psychospatial gates can be thought of as similes. The simile of my simile is my similes simile which avoids the lie of it. Units of being tend to bond together making units of space while the rest of existence is a flow. Right now as part of that which is truthful about the interaction of the whole of being in my relationship with all that is psychic, I have to relate to it as a psychic entity. Any probability enhancement should go to my relationship with them as a collective of psychic entities. Psychic means any being that can be described.

    The affirmation 'for that which is truthful about the interaction of the whole of being in my relationship with all that is psychic' becomes a feedback system generating all possible psychic proofs. The proofs purify making the affirmation a program that turns my energy system into a self purifying system. The effort of purifying all the ways of it will be a long tedium see ya in a few years.

    All this is a thinly veiled metaphor for I was in the room with someone with a history of causing damage that was longer than the average human lifespan. The key to the lie and the evil in the lie is that evil will evil mar. Evil mar evil means that evil is sustained by damage. When you cure that damage you stop the evil. A being that stops damaging other beings stops being evil. When you believe that evil deserved it that is when you are evil yourself. The psychic contact is eating away at me but my system of psychic proof generation is fighting it. The switch to combo of thaumaturgy, wizardry, and alchemy means that memory enhancement has hit the limit.
  • The mind and the time. Feb 22, 2016

    I am in a difficult project based on memory enhancement, alchemy, and psychic fields. This project is taking my strength quite heavily. Alchemy in this case means running an amount of psi energy along an area to constructively interfere with all units of being in the area to create constructive feedback that leads to regenerative feedback that stays in wholistic feedback for that area. Memory enhancement is very useful for creating charged emotional associations with all memories in the enhancement, those emotional associations vary according to how you filter memory. If you filter memory only according to perceptual artifacts, then what you get is the continuous passive construction of info gates. When you start getting to psychic fields that generate constructive, regenerative, and wholistic feedback using memory enhancement you will understand the scale of my project. The last most difficult parts is the whole process is generated and run by info gates supported in choosing to relate to psychic properties of all possible subjects in existence powered by memory enhancement.

    I am pushing the upper limits of what is able to be supported by psychic nature. This is the culmination of my life's goal of being able to treat all people and things exactly the same in a way that stays true to who they are chosen to be. The deja vu is getting seriously heavy and I am alone most of my days.

    I am currently watching the anime 'irregular at magical high school' which has the line if any one found a method of dispersing magical effect without extensive cost it would shake the magical foundations of society. Info gates and memory gates based on observation based coding of alternate timelines from perceptual artifacts fits that.

    How long until mages come for me? Only about as long as it takes them to verify the method works.
  • Improved model of psi energy and aura Jan 29, 2016

    People have been researching psychical phenomena for 200 years and have more to learn about the nature of aura.

    All psychic phenomena have 3 parts. The psi energy, the psyche, and the aura. All 3 parts have one thing in common that they process information and exist in space. The psi energy is part of the psionics of the body and the psyche is the subtle body of a psion. The aura is different it has effects on electromagnetic radiation that passes thru it. The body has a magnetic field therefore the psyche has a magnetic field. The body has an electric field therefore the psyche has an electric field. The body has a gravity field therefore the psyche has a gravity field. Electromagnetic radiation fields are generated by electrical and magnetic fields.

    Psi energy is psychic energy radiated by the body, the psyche stays in the body, and the aura surrounds the body. The key to understanding the roles of the phenomenological parts is the bekenstein bound that says all quantum information has space, energy, and mass; Ingo Swann shared the dynamic that awareness, perception, and info are one in the psyche: while psi energy has pattern, range, and code.

    Psi energy is only one part of psi and the goal of most psions is to develop psychokinesis which is an interaction between the psyche and psi energy. The problem is that psi energy does not have very much mass. This is because just as there is psi energy there is psi info. Psychometry is reading the information stored in aura and certain psychologists have found that some memories are not stored in the brain. Psi info is stored in the aura therefore the aura has greater mass than psi energy. The psyche is made of both psi info and psi energy. The psi info acts as a permanent charge around the body while psi energy acts as flows of energy spiraling away from the body as 3 dimensional waves. The aura grows according to the understanding of a psion and the psi energy output grows according to the skill of the psion. When the skill and understanding of a psion grow equally the psyche grows.

    The psi energy exists in space and has high energy. Aura exists in space and has high mass. The psyche is a structure. Psi energy tends to propagate along electrical and magnetic field lines while making its own fields following the skill of a psion. Aura tends to propagate along gravity field lines. Gravity is time independent therefore psychometry follows the aura in time. All subjects have aura because it is the passive accumulation of psi info according to the space and mass of a subject.

    The communication channel between space and particles shown by bose einstein condensates makes it possible but the information does not flow the same. Some quantum info communicated to space travels faster because they absorb more of the ambient temperature while other quantum info stays cooler and moving slower because the quantum info in aura is gathered into structures by the pressure of faster moving heated quantum info in psi energy. Differences in masses of aura show implied energy and high mass areas in aura bond just like high energy charges do with psi energy. Low mass aura moves in flows just like low energy psi energy does.

    Aura can be seen with kilner lenses, Kirlian photograghy, and I recently discovered that aura is responsible for the double slit experiment. The double slit experiment is one of the defining experiments in quantum mechanics. The essential property is that in a dark room if you point a light at two small slits it produces more than two lines. Light is produced by heating gas into plasma and plasma fuses producing light and heavier nuclei. This light is stored in energy distance between the nucleus of an atom and its electrons. Light is still a high temperature effect passing thru an area with aura in it and the cooler high mass quantum info structure of aura bends the light into more lines than the number of slits.

    Heat flows from hot to cold aura structures passively accumulate heat from environment recharging the psyche. Just like psi energy makes psi fields. Aura makes aura nodes. Aura tends to flow toward a psion while psi energy tends to flow away. Whenever psi energy is intentionally radiated by a psion the rate of aura absorption tends to increase.

    The understanding of a psion can cause aura streams to develop naturally where they focus. The understanding of the psion focused on an area causes the info in aura to restructure. These are higher mass movements of psychic info and therefore have a larger impact on the environment than flexing psi field lines.
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  • Being Reminded of Needs Jan 16, 2016

    I have run into many people on Facebook and other sites that act badly in metaphysics. They claim to be advanced. They use any skill or understand to gain an edge over people to control or steal from them information they have acquired in metaphysics. The websites for psions do not have same problem most of the time. I have the assumption that everything in metaphysics wants to kill you. Even developing the complex systems of thought required to maintain metaphysical abilities can wear a person down.

    I have an over-reliance on propioception or the ability of people to feel when they are observed. Surveillance of any kind is the first thing I try to circumvent. I have found recently that I have become no better than the people I struggled with on facebook and other sites. I have practiced and have more practical meanings than I do words to describe them. The fact that I practice more than I claim is something I have been losing recently from trying to keep descriptions of psionics in ordinary language and from focusing on personal failures.

    I need to be humble and recognize I have much to learn. I have run into references for Ludwig Boltzmann, Josiah Willard Gibbs, and Oliver Heaviside in my practice. I did not heed them or learn from them I should spend more time learning about math for all kinds of statistical mechanics cause personal observation is that the universe operates according to statistics and practice of psionics is a study of statistical phenomena.

    People who develop pk can be anyone and they must use whatever language is ordinary to them to describe what they do. Developing a universal system of psionics has to be a balance of technical knowledge and practical technique. In differentiating and integrating, calculus haunts me whatever technical or practical subjects I look up.
  • Progress Report Various Jan 11, 2016

    I studied some rune stuff from Psionics1000 so I decided to make a matrix of runes by focusing thermodynamics, electrodynamics, and radiation fields on 'all that is runic'. Shortly after made angelic coding took a large slice and 3 different demonic code sources took 3 small slices of the runic matrix. Work arounds are keeping runic matrix alive.

    The veil seems to have a bunch if elementals pieced together into a system sustained by blood/ essence. The only thing that works so far is studying all of the destructive interference of the veil. The attempt to disintegrate via all of the interaction method ended with the veil using the same technique on me. Upgraded version using psychospatial marginally more effective because elementals could not be integrated at the same time. The some veil architect is spending alot of resources trying to model my use of psionics.

    Progress on magical parasites. I am going to make mana out of void to burn them out. Then the next step will be the idea of the Force. Force seems to be a key to self mastery. Pk is developing only as much as I study the effects of choice on psi energy and self assembly of psi energy according to direct observation.

    Any sufficiently advanced system of thought runs into quantum mechanical effects. Consciousness interacts with space, which is any unit of length, shown by how consciousness stays localized to the body except for: specialized training; unusual events; or death. Bose Einstein condensates are caused by cooling matter down near absolute zero during which matter and the space between matter acts as a single quantum state. This means consciousness communicates with space and particles communicate with space which means there is a communication channel between consciousness and particles that make up matter. The thoughts with quantum mechanical effects applied to spatial communication channel with particles creates psychic ability.

    The parts that frustrate are all of the species of sentient beings that use the sufficiently advanced thought in the spatial communication channel to create feedback loops between the information in consciousness, the information in genetics, and advanced psychic programming to steal humans into other species. All the soul is caused by the interaction between choice and psi energy.
  • The things I find in blogs lead to this. Jan 9, 2016

    Your personality type: “The Logician” (INTP-A)
    Strength of individual traits: Introverted: 53%, Intuitive: 76%, Thinking: 54%, Prospecting: 65%, Assertive: 83%.
    Role: Analyst
    Strategy: Confident Individualism

    Link to your profile: http://www.16personalities.com/profiles/5691caf4a7280
  • Topology and Ecology Jan 8, 2016

    People make choices. Choices are units of being made by people that would not exist without people. Between the void and units of length is being without place. Choices fresh made from the void are part of being without place. If existence interferes with itself, it makes space which are units of length. This means that all of the states of the universe are made by all the choices people have made in the past. Human bodies are enormous structures information localizing the choices of a person to that structure requires an existential interface to filter all possible units of being that are brought in existence to just a single sentient being. This takes enormous technical skill and understanding to make happen in practice.

    Think of the practical effort to build up enough existence out of void interference to become sentient. Enough choices to make existential dynamics and existential structure.

    Topology is a study in complexity of structure. Ecology is a study in propagation of systems. Info is space, energy, and mass. Mass exists in space and therefore is a complex structure of space. Energy is a difference in potential between initial and final states of a system which is therefore a study in ecology. Imagine doing all the things necessary to make space, energy, and mass only to find in that universe there is no life. Life requires beings that choose for themselves. Becoming sentient just requires a being of a certain complexity. This complexity can be in space or not depending on how their existence interferes with itself.
  • The relationship that creates the veil. Jan 3, 2016

    Every entity physical or spiritual has to reproduce. There are 7 deadly sins according to christian theology. I have found that there are self-sustaining magical systems. For any type of magic that is based on natural process there is a self-sustaining system of magic.

    There is a problem I have been unable to find the self-sustaining magical system for sexuality. My guess is that the veil harnesses that self sustaining sexual magical system by controlling how physical and spiritual beings reproduce you control their behavior. The comment by vadeshi gave me this idea.

    The Immutable law of the universe always true. I have been involved in a divine magic system for 14 years and spiritual alchemy is what I have been verifying magic with. In every religion there is an end of the world with end of the universe scenario. The only way that those scenarios would happen is if the religion itself brings those scenarios to pass. I do not agree. I believe that it was religion that struck first and made the veil out of the self sustaining magical system of sexuality.

    The universe wants to reproduce itself which makes a multiverse. The problem is that the ley line network goes to almost every universe. Any being that can exist does. This means that there is a universe free of the ley line network. This universe would be free of the veil and free of the ley line network. This would be the key to bringing them both down by replacing them.

    The universe is a dynamic which means it is a momentum based operating system. I believe in the self-organizing principle which is based on self-organizing systems by William Ashby and the fact that self-organizing maps are used on every form of data found in hard science. If the universe self-organized out of units of existence generated by void charged with motion, then self organization must be the reformation of the self sustaining sexual magic systems.

    I study magical parasites. When a homosexual I met in person during work decided to magically attack me I took it as an opportunity. I used psionics to treat his homosexuality as a magical parasite. Using the love based junction and psychospatial kernel I was able to separate part of the parasite from his sexuality to put it into a flow bubble to accelerate natural processes. At one point it made a monosexual organism. It turns out that it was some kind of sorcery beast combining chi, psi, and magic. This sorcery beast made from the homosexuality of a magical attacker is contained by my void skills at the moment. I associate sorcery beasts with extinction level events. Sorcery beasts are created by shortcuts taken to their conclusion by natural process. All shortcuts are lies.

    I think that the veil degrades some of the kingdoms of taxonomy and enhances others. The problem is that bacteria psychic instincts in humans lead to trolls. I have a suspicion based on medical history that bacteria are not effected by the veil. Virus based psychic instincts are less complex than bacteria. The key is that bacteria and viruses are not multicellular. This means that the veil only effects collectives. Demon collectives, angel collectives, and any other magical system that relies on beings acting as a collective.

    I am going for the mother of all psychospatial hacks. I use psychospatial because it is the unity of spiritual alchemy and psionics. I am going to use systematic memory enhancement on the interaction between the veil and the void. The veil is has a flaw that it does not allow for all possible interactions between psi properties. This means there is a destructive interference conducting that to the void is about to cause massive loss to the veil.