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  • Carefree May 17, 2015

    I love living without a care in the world. Nothing can hurt you. Failures or negative effects are no longer seen as a bad thing, but as a way to grow and experience life. You just go with the flow. Sometimes I just like to lay back on my board and let the surf take me wherever it wants. Do I know what will happen? No, but the unpredictability of life is what makes it easy to just let it do what it wants. Changing it is just going to get you hurt in the long run. Just hang on and hope that life chooses not to make you its target for the day.
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  • Why? Apr 22, 2015

    HAs anyone else felt like there is a hole where there heart should be? If you have not, then lucky you. If you have, then I am glaad to see what I feel is not my burden alone. Nothing can heal the void that is in my chest, not happiness, not love. Nothing works, and it troubles me. Those I loved betrayed me, and those I trust can only help me so far. Overall, it sucks.