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  • Parents Oct 16, 2016

    I am a mage but my parents do not accept magic. While it is hard to hide it is worth it. I have gained a lot of knowledge even though I can't do what others can because of limitations. I plan on getting a deck of tarot cards soon. Hopefully I will be able to further advance in my studies.
  • Spiritual Revolution Nov 17, 2014

    A group of people and I have decided to make it our goal to enlighten the world about the spiritual side of things. We are calling ourselves S.E.T. or Spiritual Evolution Tribe. Right now we don't have many people so please contact me via pm. if you want to be a part. I will comment any and all updates when they occur.
  • Astral and Ethric Oct 9, 2014

    This blog is about my experiences in the astral and ethric planes. I will also tell how i got there. Thank you for reading!!