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  • watched by those who sit in shadow May 23, 2016

    so i am still new here and learning the forum.. this story stems from an experience i had while astral projecting, which i posted about in the forums.
    so i had started a time travel AP i was met in ancient egypt by an older gentlemen with shoulder length white hair and a white full beard, he told me that i can go anywhere while APing so he asked me to come with him to a place and so we went through space and time and came to a foreign planet that had a very far advanced civilization living there, and they where aware that we where astral projecting. they didnt say nothing. we went somewhere else and then the ap session ended. i never thought much of it until a month or 2 later when i got the unusual idea to send a telepathic through the cosmos and see if i got a response, and so i did i sent out the message" if anyone is out there please respond, i am from the planet earth i am a human" almost instantaneously i got the message back that said "we know who you are and we have been watching you grow your abilities, we are proud of you and we want you to continue your journey." and that was the message and i havent heard anything from the beings since
    this isnt a fictional story, it was a telepathic experience i had.