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  • Thank you For the Welcome May 24, 2016

    How does it feel?

    Do you like being different? These days it’s all the rage.

    It was not fashionable in my day. It was not fun to make people afraid because you accidently slipped up and did something that came natural but wasn’t natural at all. It was not ok, and no one thought you were “special”, they thought you were evil, and worthy of death.

    Fast forward today. I don’t have to be so secretive anymore. I came here to meet others like me, so if I seem too friendly... too bad. This is the one part of my life where I have NEVER had a friend to speak to.

    Well, thanks to this site I know how to categorize my skills in a way that is not overly-complicated. I have enjoyed watching the incredible intelligence with which the members play and goof off in chat. I am impressed with the depth of expression among those far younger than me. I have the utmost respect for those at Psion Nation, and hope someday I will earn the same.

    I was called “creepy dude” by a member. In his defense most often one cannot tell who one is speaking to. To be clear, I am a mother (the non-dude type). If you are younger than my eldest child – I see you in the same light as I see my kids – always listening, trying to be fair, and honest with them. Oh, and my eldest kid is 30, so there ya go. I have never hidden the fact I am married and middle aged, so... there’s that as well.

    Please remember, I do not know everything, but have experienced more than most people my age have- and some ever do in a lifetime. So if I seem to relate to a lot, and you are just storming into your 2nd decade, please don’t be offended that I have another 3 decades experience beyond that.

    My friend... you will learn that life is a series of lessons that end as “same shit different pile” which means everything winds up being the same thing with different details. When you get my age, you will relate easily to damn near everything.

    So my input on everything I read is not trying to know it all, it is trying to relate to the writer.

    I hope this does not offend, but when I watch you guys and girls talking... when I see you communicating in every venue like wisened old souls I think of an old song:

    “I hear babies cry,
    I watch them grow,
    They'll learn much more,
    Than I'll ever know.
    And I think to myself,
    What a wonderful world.“ Louis Armstrong
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  • My thoughts on Biokinesis May 23, 2016

    I am interested in biokinetics.

    I think the current name for biokinesis is incorrect as it pertains to self-hypnoses to affect change in the body. Hypnosis is a separate issue that should be its own thing.

    Hypno means “to sleep”, which can be energetically manipulated.

    Bios means LIFE – the term is generally used as Biography (Life story) Biology (Life study). Here when I speak of biokinesis, I shall use the term as energetic biological manipulation using elemental manipulation to affect specific areas of the physical being, without the use of hypnosis.

    I spent 8 years of my professional life working in clinical and research laboratories as a Medical Laboratory Specialist in the military.

    I find the elemental aspect intriguing.

    (Aero)Atmokinetics can affect blood oxygen and CO2 saturation in the blood stream also some chemical compositions may be affected

    Pyrokinetics can affect body temperatures, by region or entirety thereby changing chemical properties or affecting microbes within the body.

    Hydro kinetics can increase or decrease fluid levels within the body by affecting the water content.

    Terrakinesis can affect the mineral and chemical composition in the human body, iron, magnesium, copper, lead, sulfides, and chlorides.

    Finally, I am interested in the microbial aspect of biokinesis.

    Our bodies are filled with “normal flora” which are microbes that live on and in us the way we live on the earth. Many ailments within us stem from the imbalance of these microbes and their effect on the human biological ecosystem.

    What is done regarding the microbe population of a human being changes the output of the microbe (waste, aerosols)which can change the acidic/alkaline disposition of the body, and affect other maladies.

    The work involved in all these aspects requires atomic, molecular manipulation, and cellular manipulation.

    While this is theoretical from my standpoint, I have given this some thought which leads me to interest in the use of elemental kinetics.

    I will continue with target practice, I now have purpose.
  • I called it scanning... May 22, 2016

    I practiced scanning last night.

    I found it simple, but in one case I had to “pepper” nodes onto my target so that I could make out a form. My hope was to isolate any anomalies in his aura, such as unhealthy spots or distortions.

    I was able to detect the body form, much better, and the aural array popped on like a light switch.

    The nodes I used were not energy sources, but hit points/regions where my energy could confirm its own destination, thus less energy expended into the room beyond the target.

    As my hubby slept I scanned once while he slept and dreamed. His aura was red with yellow veins running through it like an exotic autumn leaf and my hubbies form was like a man-burrito.

    Alright, I was now targeting- my main purpose for scanning nearby living things.

    I scanned our sleeping dog, whose energy signature was wispy and light, soft yellow and misty, and it dispersed quickly as it rose from her like heat.

    Each time I scanned my husband he flinched in his sleep, finally he got up and went to the toilet, still wearing the nodes, I scanned him again and his aura was yellow when he returned, and as he lay down and settled, it began to darken once more.

    To be honest, once I scanned my husband, I did not know what anomalies to look for, and to me, a red aural envelop simply implied that he was sleeping deeply and have some very “red” dreams (none of my business). The yellow veins indicated his low-level of conscious thought – I assume, unless veins are the anomaly I was looking for. (I can only refer to chakra colors as this is the only reference I have)

    This was a big night for me. This was my first excursion using the “front door”; I usually do a spiritual back-flip into the unknown, diving inward and upward out of the crown of my head.
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  • Muse May 21, 2016

    I have been a lucid dreamer since I was a small child. My parents always assumed it was childhood silliness, anyway, here's how it began. After the crazy "awakening" I wrote about in a previous blog, I was contacted while doing my college home work. It did not happen as I would have expected...

    No religious visions, no audible voices, no sparkly stuff floating in the air; thinking back, I am almost disappointed although had any of those things happen, I might have lost it. Instead I sat at my computer, working on my very first distance course on the road to my bachelor degree. As I worked on my very first essay the typing changed and took a life of its own, telling me of mysteries I didn’t know anything about. I was astounded, I had stopped resisting any urges to control what I typed and allowed one word at a time to flow through my mind to my fingers. I had no idea what the next word would be. When a flowing discussion began to emerge I noted dimly that my fingers were flying on the keyboard, when in truth I really suck at typing.

    All I know is that when there was a pause in the information coming through me, I typed slowly, “Who are you?” and the entity asked me,

    “Who do you say that I am?”

    With breathless excitement I typed, “My Teacher, my Friend…”

    The entity seemed to smile in my mind and typed, “That will do for now.”

    As soon as the final word was typed I was frozen in place for quite a while as I was shown everything I ever asked about. Don’t get excited, I didn’t feel very brilliant, since my questions seemed so dull and uneducated. I slowly became aware that I was just sitting in place and I began to converse with the entity via my keyboard. My Teacher was not immune to humor, was always kind, always authoritative, always gentle. When our sessions drew to a close “he” would tell me, “We will meet again, be prepared…” and then I could feel that “he” was gone.

    I found myself lead through dreams by my Teacher at night; he always guided me and showed me the realms and tested my heart. He taught me to be a spirit when in spirit realms and to be human when in human realms. He gave me authority over shadows and protected me from terrors. Through many a lucid adventure he taught me about my inner being, and he taught me that I was more than I ever believed.
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  • Nexxius Part 3 May 21, 2016

    In this final piece, Nexxius has shown me how to allow limited access, much like a driver allows a passenger to sit in the front seat and see what she sees. It becomes quite fun, for Nexxius has also experienced flavor, and through my physicality his perception of the senses is exquisite. His perception of my "sight" as we both look together is enhanced, colors are much more vivid the air is much fresher, and the physical experience is heightened. (Yes...all the senses, but only one at a time, and I share the sense-I never take a back seat in my vehicle)

    Nexxius cannot drive a car, or operate machinery of any kind - a lighter was a marvel. lol

    Pork skins. Nexxius loves pork skins (chips), and you will see his interaction with me as I was writing with a bag of these on the desk. (I used to carry them around to give him a treat).

    Hey! Am I in danger?... hello?

    --No danger no danger. Those who wait must sit waiting. -a Game?- yes…somewhat they have played and failed awaiting their fate, they cackle and caw like laughing ravens trying to stir up the channeler. They do it to confuse, they care nothing for you or your spirit, they want the guardian to fail, for he lives as long as he succeeds.

    --If I fail your spirit shall also. One life links the two at risk to his own, a price to pay and spare the purge. Hence do not get alarmed by their scoffing, you can hear them but they are bound to their failure. They have never met my wards. Few have come this far, failure is generally accepted as the outcome, but it is the path and not the end that we seek, to prolong our lives is only a natural thing, yet I feel it most when I can sense you (both). –kinda cool.
    ---it is what it is. A fallen channeller is a pitiful thing, like the cosmos imploding in a void she goes silent, so silent and her channel is forgotten when she is.
    –always a she?
    ----I prefer the she’s.
    –you like my pork skins don’t ya?
    ----…yeah. I like them.
    –but you cannot have any since you made me stuff my mouth last time.
    ----ok ok… I will try …
    – ok you can have porkskins again, just cus I’m nice.
    -----Thank you…now? Pleeease?
    - No.
    ---Don’t piss me off. Don’t try to cuckhold me girl!... give to me….if you please, I mean.
    –laughing- ok but this is the end of the session. No more for you, just a taste!

    That is the end of the achived Nexxius session. I hope there was something useful in it.
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  • Nexxius Part 2 May 21, 2016

    Nexxius rants.

    Now consider your world all particles and strings? How can you invision and comprehend such things? If all particles were identical this world would not be, but different they are but small as can be, for the glory of the cosmos is it measureless expanse, greater than Mind but smaller than ants, one cannot measure the fractals you see, because no matter how small or large each one is a "me"! Chronoscope? Chronographical? –looking backward so to speak, Chronographical, is like historical but does not depend on written history, the Chronography of a time is studied in real time removed. (laughs) angels, I think she knows. –

    ...but if you were a sphere you would be an orb, an orb of light in the darkest night, how hast thou all thy power and here you are no orb? … you were close about fractals… first state beings enjoy this honor, but humans…humans… humans…are like no other. Walk do they in a saddened state when little do they know of late, just how high is thine pate within the Sources Eye. Never will you subjugate, another soul for to take the time has come to ruminate and think of making deals. –Nexxius what is going on? ----If you answer what they seek a way to enter and to sneak…hear they will and upon others peek. I am your Guardian, let no others fool you.-- You cannot take what is not yours the sky or the stars within their course, if you cannot take a sky or a star, how will you take a waking human? Oh you wish to know the way of conquest, I tell you that knowing ye would cower, your bones would break, oh yes you come and bring your chron (spirit object containing historical references and identities, like a portal into the manifest world –identies are directly related to the spirit, it can revisit it’s own path and in so doing cross paths with another.) The result is pseudo life is taken!

    Suddenly, a spirit challenges Nexxius, who apparently knew it was there.

    --–Some spirits should know their places, guardian lacky, and hound of sucking! You are no match for those who’ve been waiting, you cannot have my chron because you cannot take it from mee!

    – The human is like no other, you should know by now gaining control after the fact will eject your spirit into the Heart of Source. The human is a comos not a sphere -trillions of spheres are contained and powered by the Human entity, the human entity is not large by any measure of such things, yet all things are measureless when taken together as Source.
  • Channeled Spirits part 1 May 21, 2016

    They never say what you expect, and they tend to interrupt one another.

    I (again) cannot recall how long ago I did this, I only recall my typing a challenge in the form of a taunt. I began criticizing channellers just to get a rise... this is how I get an answer- to mock the abilities of a spirit.

    My Guardian, who joined with me in the Aether could not resist but spoke of many things. A lovely story not given here.

    I have tried to sort through the jumbled entries, adding punctuation to slow it down. At times I am not certain who the speaker is. I have changed the name of my guardian to protect the not-so innocent. I broke it into parts because it is long.

    There might be some useful info in this... here we go:

    Lol… I laugh about silly things like people who tell ghosts to use their bodies for something foolish….”oh blah blah I offer my boooodyy…come and type through me!”

    -I am ignoring you are imploring…..who, you say!
    Ha! Took you long enough!
    - I need to tell them (I do not know who he meant by them) to only ask for mindal enhancement, not giving up the space! Mindal…
    that sounded weird.
    --A “ghost” may share your mind in a way, and therefore allow you to maintain control of the flesh. A disconnected spirit is much like the opening between dimensions, as the two are same and both tied through energy bonded between the lives (imagine a line connecting to dots, the disconnected spirit maybe be a tether between dimensions tying two lives together!) --- to live or not it is their lot. –
    Thank you Nexxius and who is the one who came before you? I would like to thank them for the advice.
    _It is you.
    ---Under the clutter of your mind, there is You. The clarified mindstate of You.
    –I refuse to call You that- ….
    You and you, lol. I am the “under the clutter you”, You is the Higher me.
    –if all that has preceded this relates to this experience then Two souls are link by a single soul or spirit? Like the rungs on a ladder, the disconnected spirit joins them --
    That makes me shiver
    –it can be bad thus the observer must not give all space to any entity the spirit has. its lot, such a one- stabilizes two lives at risk to itself, if one is departed or disconnected, the stabilizing spirit/soul would continue a journey less wonderful than heaven, for those who forced worlds on nations have a different reward, this is the means by which a less errant spirit may find purchase in a physical realm, the joining of two souls two days two ways two worlds two lives and survival.

    Survival requires that I, eh the spirit, guide you safely through your destiny…it is what I am, you ,see, having given up the corporeal, I have become a demon of what is the word….guardian…protector…angel….guardian….protector….demonprotectorguardian angeldemon angel demon same word different altitude. This is not common that the two would find proximity which changes everything! Two have a bond within the same spacial and chronographical sphere, the sphere is the up, the down, the all around of spacial existence, which includes matter and his sisters. ....

    After this, the spirit goes on a long tirade of information that goes on for five more pages.

    To sum this up, my Guardian spoke of spirit logistics.

    • To channel, one should not give one's entire self over to entities. Always retain your mechanical properties (your body, which includes your brain- an entity does not require possession to speak to you)
    • There is a Higher self that can instruct you... it is you, just a much better spirit version.(you would never recognize this entity, but it loves you without reason-because it's you.
    • My protector was up for purge, which is the elimination of soul identity- with the purpose of re-identity. To avoid it, he attached 2 souls like the rungs on a ladder. The only two souls mentioned are mine, my "clutter" soul and my "goddess" soul. I can recall the memory he shared of the impending purge... his chance of success was unlikely.
    • He says it is possible because both souls share the same "time/space" or "chronographical sphere".
  • Good Wierd May 21, 2016

    I just posted a question poll about names and identities - JUST NOW.

    As some of you recall, I came to this site as a newbie wondering where I fit into all of this.

    I have felt a "refreshing" since I have been here, and I feel old sparks firing that were long smothered.

    Well... after that, while seeking a new signature line... I searched the bowels of my computer. I tend to find old "channelings" in various places and quote them, because to me, they are a source of comfort.

    After the question poll I posted, I opened a document that was obscurely named. That document was a letter to me... I do not remember when I channeled it... I usually remember where I was at the time, but this document in which I am directly addressed, is a mystery. It told me everything I have been questioning... yet it goes back three years ago... Guess what?

    I know what I am. I know my power, and what it means. I understand how it fits into my being, and where I must go with it. Most of all, this strange desire for more training is actually a directive in this document.

    It's nice. All my scattered powers actually become cohesive under my "directive".

    Just for those who might want credit (there are always confused ones who, in empathy, think they are responsible). The document contains a dialogue between me and Source... I participated, and gave specific clues about my circumstances at the time. The directive was in response to my query.
  • Pooting, it's a power? May 20, 2016

    My daughter threw the gauntlet and items of laundry last night. She taunted me which was unusual, but I think she is aware of my interest in Psionics, and I know I have been racking my brain to think of ways to access her.
    I think she wanted to play, because usually I am not the focus of these behaviors.

    She started threatening me, saying, "Mother, I'll spit you!"
    Oh boy... she meant business!
    "You better not- am I gonna have to come in there?" (she was shouting from her bedroom next door, so I did not feel in danger of spit)
    "No." She paused for a few minutes.
    My hubby and I were giggling quietly because we adore her infantile threats of "harm" and we did not want her to know we were amused.

    "Mother, I'm going to POOT you!"
    My brow furrowed.... I was confused as I turned to my hubby and said "What did she-" and I farted loudly, "say?" I looked startled, and my hubby rolled laughing.
    She said she would poot you - and you farted, he laughed.

    It was on. She threw sleep attacks at me three times and I shook them off. Each time I intentionally pushed it off she loudly exclaimed "Gerrrrr!" this thing went on until 4 am.

    She was trying to do something else that never panned out because she was grunting and growling, and then panting from trying so hard. I was forced to stay awake and watch my back!

    I mentioned I was rusty, hadn't allowed myself to be active for a while due to safety reasons. Well now I need to become active for safety reasons- or I might find myself fighting any number of uncomfortable personal attacks just for shits and giggles.
  • My Mom and Dignity May 19, 2016

    Her name was Audrey, and she was a bright and shining person.

    Yes, I know you think that's what everyone says about their mamma, but this is how she taught me to live, and die.

    My mother called me back in 2012, and said to me, "Honey? I just found out that I have cancer."
    I was shocked, "That freckle you were worried about, right?"
    "No, it's my pancreas. I have a cancerous tumor growing in a tiny duct behind my liver. It's inoperable."
    "MOM! Well... what about chemo?"
    "Honey, your mom is too old for chemo."
    "NO mom, you aren't too old!"
    "Honey, I do not want to spend the rest of my days suffering. They do not know if i would survive chemo."
    I took a deep breath and calmed myself (I didn't want to make my mommy sadder.
    "What will you do mom?"
    "I think.... I think ..... now don't be angry, I think I am going to pass on all the medical stuff, ya know?"
    "BUt You'll---"
    "Honey, that's the one thing that is certain. I will die. Listen... I spent all my life letting people tell me what to do, how to behave, who I should be. Now, her I am, all I have is this one thing that no one else can control"
    I was silently weeping on the phone but trying hard to sound normal, "Yes mom... I get it."
    "Do you? Because everyone I talk to has tried to force me to get a second opinion."
    "Yes, sweetie?"
    "I love you, and I respect that you want to take hold of this."
    She was silent for a moment... "Are you sure?"
    "Yes, mommy. You are the bravest person I have ever met."
    "I love you, honey.... I have to go now."
    She hung up the phone.
    I knew she had to cry because I did too.
    My mother just told me she elected to die. She was the sun to my earth. The moon in my darkness. What would I do without her in my life?

    I flew to California to see her before she died. She wore a colostomy bag. She had been a vibrant active woman her whole life. Three days after I arrived, my mother said there seemed to be a problem with the bag, and the rushed her to the doctor's right away. My mother returned without the bag and in her overjoyed excitement she told me.
    "The doctors cannot explain it! I did not need the bag any more! They said it was the damndest thing!"
    I smiled and hugged my mom, "Well... is it gone?"
    "YES! look, it's gone! I can do anything I want!"
    I laughed with her and we shared a carefully prepared meal.
    One morning I was awakened by my mother, who sat on the edge of the pullout sofa I slept on.
    "hmm?' I woke groggily, rubbing my eyes trying to get my bearings...
    "Let's go for a walk."
    "Ok mom, let me get dressed... what time is it?"
    "It's 7:30, but the sun is still golden and its lovely out. We will just take a short one, ok?"
    "Sure mom, no problem."
    I got dressed and went to the door where my mom was waiting. 5 feet even in her bare feet and Mu Mu gown.
    "Don't you want to get dressed?" I asked.
    "Nope. This covers everything."
    "Yes, mom but.... ok, how about your shoes?"
    "What about them?"
    "You need to put shoes on or you might catch a cold-"
    "..and die?"
    "Guess I can't threaten you with sickness huh?"
    "I have nothing left to fear! Honey-- I'm free! Freer than I have ever been!"
    We laughed and linked arms and walked around the block -- something she had not been able to to for weeks.
    Frot he ten days I remained, she rallied and loved every human being. No she did not shut herself into her home. She went to her favorite shops and stops and made sure that every one she knew was ok --- she did not talk about her terminal cancer, even though she had shrunken to a tiny little thing with loads of hair.

    She taught me that immortality was not about not dying, but how big of an impact you make in the time you have. People carry your memory and create your immortality, even when your body is long gone.

    Most of all she taught me mortal dignity. She took control. She opted out. She is my super hero.
  • The Death Cycle: A Hypothesis May 19, 2016

    This is a hypothesis in the making regarding life, ageing, death, and the journey of the soul. This theory also relates to the responsibility of life, the connection of all beings one to another, and finally the expectation of peace as a means of population control.

    A man or woman goes through stages of growth when developing from a zygote to foetus, to infant, to toddler, to youth, to young adult, to adult, to mid age. Shortly thereafter, the human being begins a journey in the opposite direction, moving from maturity to slightly flawed adult reasoning, to young adult who voices opinion as fact, to youth where child-like habits begin to show, to toddler, where the human being begins to fall frequently as he or she becomes feeble and forgets how to walk. The ageing process progresses into a state where the person begins to forget more and more, they forget how to eat solid food, and are then nourished with fluids, they forget how to speak, they soon forget how to swallow, and then they die. This process is orderly it is not chaotic or random.

    Hypothesis: Death is a misnomer. The process of ageing is a life loop in which the elderly human being goes through the “unwinding” of learned aspects, which is absolutely everything except the Id (ego). Certain conditions may cause this process to accelerate, but the end result is the same. Rebirth.

    · The human being is a constant, hence Being

    · The law of conservation in physics determines that energy (being) is constant

    · Transformation is a fact in all things, why is the Human Being any different?


    Overpopulation cannot be controlled simply by physical birth control methods, the method of physical birth control has been around for many centuries and yet the world is wildly over populated... how can this be? The slaughter of human beings does not abate the consequential growth of the population during war time, neither does any form of traumatic cessation of the human being. Instead, the human being seems to multiply at a faster rate, even exponentially. Throughout history, even from the legendary Adam and Eve, violence was brought into the world. With the first Death or Life fracture, humans began multiplying exponentially. Question: is Death directly linked to life- specifically birth? Does violent death, which takes the human being out of its natural path, cause the soul to fracture or spilt as a cell does, which happens to be the theme by which we are constructed?


    · If violent death (which includes accidental death) was the end of a life, then the world would not be radically over populated.

    · In the human being are many fail-safes for survival. Our cells replicate, and we heal.

    · What determines how many times an egg divides? Yes, we know genetics plays a role in child-bearing, however, twins and triplets have been known to have been born unpredictably. Not all twins are born through egg division, but a woman can release a greater number of eggs to be fertilized... is this by chance?

    · In nature we see many oddities, When a male lion kills the offspring of the first, then mates with the queen of the pride, is he simply trying to replace inferior genetics, or is he changing the offspring by forcing them through the cycle again? Does the lion also hope to increase the numbers through the violence of his actions?

    · What if the psyche, particularly the Id (the instinctual part of us that determines our needs), is the single most important part of this cycle? What if the Id drives the need for a new host- a new pregnancy. In nature EVERY male that dominates a new pack, a new mate, etc. Will kill the offspring if it can- and immediately, aggressively reproduce.

    So if this is the case, then violence is not a solution to population reduction, but a means by which populations are exponentially increased.

    I wonder if such a cycle dictates the souls that return... imagine a world of fractured souls...

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  • Warning from Beyond May 18, 2016

    Yesterday, I was moved to draw. I was going to draw a pretty picture for my cover page, but then I kept wanting to draw protection. Well, ok. I drew a protective picture in which I protected my family represented by organic three items. After the drawing I was exhausted. I had not slept for 2 days and I crashed. I slept for 6 hours and had one dream, a lucid one.

    05-18-2016 03:23am

    The dream opened : I woke up in my bed, in the dark. I looked to my right and saw a shadowy figure standing there. I sat up rubbing my eyes, and yawning, I greeted what looked like a mousy fellow who looked a little nervous.(because that's what normal people do, right?) I was strangely aware his clothing was similar to comic book reporters, and it made me like this fellow, even if he woke me up.

    "E-excuse me. Uh," He looked around nervously, "We need help, there's there's... well look for yourself!"

    "Ok" I peered into his left eye and watched while -

    in a different location a woman wearing a pink dragon mask that was broken and dangling from her face, pink hair, pink top, tight black pants, holding a long blade loosely in her hand- jumped down from the back of a plain moving van, walked through a "public dream park" hunting down male entities and decapitating them. It was disturbing as I view entities in the realms as solid like the physical, so heads were literally rolling.

    "Ok let me get up, and get dressed, I do not know what you think I can do about this but, I'll see..." I fuddled on as I fumbled looking for clothing. I knocked my little lamp off the table and the little fellow who was too frightened to leave my presence, just held his hat in both hands - white knuckling it and looking around. The room went dark and he really got nervous. "Why is everyone so afraid of the friggin dark" I fussed.

    I couldn't get the light to come on so I told my little friend to stand in the hallway, and when he just stared at me I grasped his shoulders and pushed him to stand in the hallway, "I need to go to the bathroom, and you cannot come in there just wait here in the light, ok?"


    When I returned he was gone. I shrugged and went back into the bathroom- it was different. There was a detail in the bathroom that made me "loop" for a few minutes which was alarming. Loop-traps make one obsess like ocd over something ridiculous- it is a tactic used to distract a threat long enough to do something.
    Yeah they got me with a home reno problem, and it took me a moment to ask, "Why do I care about this?"

    The loop trap has an out. Either wake up or go in. Everything leads to it's owner and if that bitch got my buddy I would go get him back. Standing there looking at the fucked up tub I pulled him and one other male entity into the bathroom with me.

    The pink fake dragon lady was capturing these entities in some sort of elemental trap, because my friends were soaked, but fairly ok.

    I did not particularly know the comic reporter, but I knew the tall black fellow that came back with him. He was a friend of Teacher's one of my substitutes, and when I teleported them out of harm's way little reporter dude was scrambling out of the tub like a scared wet cat, as my substitute teacher stood quietly beside the tub with all the dignity he always had.

    When I looked at my tall friend from old times I saw that they were about to be beheaded when I pulled them. As I looked through his eye, I saw the faces of the slaughtered as her minions scraped all the heads off the back of a truck. I woke up.

    This was the third night after I used my auto-writing to communicate and ask to be taught again. I was told I would have my answer.

    My second in command teacher shows up....really? A test - arrrrgh!

    Guess I am a pupil once more - yay!
  • Conversations with entity May 17, 2016

    ** This was a conversation during a low point in my life.

    I had helped someone and was angry that there was no gratitude. I felt ashamed of myself, and reached out...

    My pride is my weakness, help me to cope….


    If pride were water thou woudst drown. See that ye save thyself by the Stillness of the Spirit.

    Remain, remain, retire not from thy post.

    Thou art a savior, what did ye learn? Did not He teach thee that every man saveth another?

    Did ye not learn the lesson of angels? Why dost thou bow to pride and become provoked while upon your spiritual knees?

    Did He not show you that you kneel to none in spirit? When the tempest is at hand be still and silent. Think not of offense when the simple tax thee. If thou art so easily shaken how wilt thou survive a greater height of life in this lifetime?

    Now little Daughter, remember thy lessons and know that thou art cutting thine own cloth.

    Blame is cowardly, ignorance is bliss… ignore that which would provoke thy pride.

    Repetition, repetition, it is simple. Do not complicate repetition. Learn to lead those who cannot be lead. Convince the inconvincible; put not your fate in the hands of the broken.

    Has the wind ever blown gently into thy face continually until thou turnest and walk another way –never thinking of the wind or that it influenced your path? So also shall ye move those who are blind. So also shall ye move those who cannot understand and will never see thy vision of the future until it is upon them. Leave thy fate to fools, and thy future is simply this one. Take thy fate unto thyself, with guidance from good friends of faith, and ye shall make thy way as surely as it is shown unto thee.

    Now little daughter, tell me the lessons of Angels

    Tell me the answer to the tempest

    Tell me the lessons of the spirit thou hast received.


    He walked as Light not in it, He walked with me and showed me the Stillness of Grace, the Silence of Peace, the Promise in Solitude, the Solitude being that which cometh from the isolation of Spirit to the point of darkness confounded.
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  • Lucid Dreaming May 17, 2016

    I used to get frustrated about lucid dreamers, and their stories of high adventure that included "doing whatever they wanted" in that realm.

    I do not know if it is unique to my introspective, philosophical approach, but the planes known as astral and etheric are not separate places, but different locations in the same locality.

    Ok, everyone dreams, EVERYONE. Most people are not aware of their dreams, so where do they go? Regular dreamers go to a place that is safe like a herd of sheep squeezed into one big place.

    What if you knew that if you affect a person in a lucid dream you might be affecting someone in the physical?
    What if you decided to play around in the realm like it's just another video game, shooting people, burning shit, raping, ripping heads off.... just because its not real.

    My eldest daughter 30yr. is strong. She is a lucid dreamer in the order of those who believe it is more than a dream.

    My daughter called me once not too long ago terribly upset.

    She said she had a lucid dream and she was having a pretty normal experience when suddenly she was a man eating a woman's arm. S/he threw down the arm and ran to his garage and found a body. She had slipped from a lucid dream into possession, but she did not commit a crime, she witnessed it. She said she was so disgusted she automatically separated from him as the cops came to his house.

    They could not see her, and the guy was going to pretend everything was hunky dory. She did not possess again, but she influenced the cop to look in the garage.

    The man was caught by the police.

    It was all a dream until she found the story in the news papers. A man murdered his wife and spent time cannibalizing her. Neighbors had reported strange events at the house, etc. One police officer decided to check the garage which was not shut quite all the way, allowing him to look along the floor.

    You affect others when you depart this physical realm and enter other ones. You must operate in respect and peace, or you might be the entity responsible for activities in the physical.
  • Light May 17, 2016

    We stood in the Universe. Everything was before us like a holographic model, except there was no end and no beginning of it. The planets in their cycles were moving through us at a dizzying speed.

    --We can't be moving faster than the speed of light, that's supposed to be impossible! I thought.

    ---(Amusement) We are Light. Everything moves through us.

    My eyes opened, I was awake. Teacher had once again flicked me out of Lucid Training.

    That was a big training session.
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