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  • I don't have a clever name so *Insert one here* Sep 25, 2016

    So! First blog! I'm surprised I haven't done this before to be quite honest, because this is right up my ally seeing as I want to be a novelist. But whatever. Better now than never.
    Anyway, so as I just mentioned writing is something I'm interested in, which makes this site amazing for things like that. (Please don't take this as I'm skeptical, I'm very open-minded, but I just really like stories and if I were to write one about Psionics it would be considered "Fantasy" as a genre, so to save time I will be referring it as that) OKAY. So, my point is, characters. You all should give me some of your ideas! I figured it would get things kinda started with, whatever this is.
    What kind of Psionic would they have? What would their personality be? Psychology is something I find very interesting, so be detailed! You can do looks, family life, etc too if you want to go an extra mile. Oh, it can even be yourself, but if you're going really detailed I would suggest not saying it's you.
    I'm not sure how many people will actually reply to this, but it's fine~ Alright! Start. Tyty.