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Yammerings of a Mad Man.
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  • Playing Mind Games and Bullshitting Your Way Out of Almost Anything. Sep 30, 2017

    Here is a very fun tactic most entities ENJOY abusing, but first a long as lecture just for the sake of context.

    When you link to some one, you are essentially creating a mental link, not directly persay as in linking your mind to theirs but still it's basically on the mental layers of things. Typically when someone links it's to their energy or to the programming of their energy to put it simply. I won't bore you with the mechanics... Anyway when you link, regardless of the method there are at least 4 stages. The first is basically a pulsation, or a series of pulsations that allow you to home in on your target, the next is latching when you pinpoint them, the third is focus where they start seeing you and the fourth is interaction. Basically what an entity does is they either intercept the focusing stage or the latching stage and use the indirect link to your mind to fuck with your head.

    For People who are actually reading this, you want to read the post before my last one since it ties into this to a large extent. To summarize it, when you link you are basically leaving a door to your mind wide open most of the time. The best way to deal with this is, is not creating a shield but creating a filter and doing the same thing right back at them.

    When you do this, it's easier when you catch it during the latching phase, and if not then, then the focusing phase when they get 'close'. This is going to require some level of awareness on your part, and this happens rather fast, typically under 2-3 seconds, unless of course it's a really bad construct or just really slow. In other words, you link to the link and take it over and take it over, the first thing you want to do is take over the sensory feed and feed them false information, or overwhelm them. Personally, from my own experience and mind you this is a bit inappropriate is that ecstasy while addicting can be more distracting than pain. If you feed them pleasure you will have to draw the sensation from a combination of your root, naval and heart chakra for it to be potent, or whatever you really have.

    Once You begin feeding them false information the next step is intercept what they are trying to do, stop it, and make them think that they are doing it even though they aren't. This will involve you literally, and directly latching onto their mental body and invading it. From then on you can use the combination of the sensory feed and the fact that you are literally fucking with their head to lull them into a delusional/dream like state like they do with most new energy workers. To be frank you can't just 'think' this sort of thing and it happens, that's bullshit. It really is just bullshit. You have to feed the sensations to them directly as to what they are experiencing. Even if you don't succeed in fucking with their head and fooling them it can still be quite a distraction. You can distort their senses at key moments, fuck with the programming or instructions they are building up for their next move, make it harder to think, suppress their thought process and give them a literal brainfart, and etc.; just literally BE CREATIVE.

    Though there is something I will warn you about, this kind of Tactic can be turned into LAYERS OF ABSURDITY, and until you experience it first hand... you won't really get what I'm about to say next. A smart opponent would try to fool you into making you think what you're doing is really happening while they are doing something else to fuck with you while you're still thinking that you're the one fucking with them. Think of it as sandboxing a program, or running a virtual machine inside of a virtual machine inside of a virtual machine, and etc. When it gets to this point, where you want to be is the program running the initial virtual machine, or 'fake reality' (For the record you are not making an actual reality or world more or less making them experience a 'false' one by feeding them misinformation.) and basically control everything. They will try to trick you while you're tricking them and eventually it just comes down to a repetitive state. The best way to not if you in this sort of situation and if you're the one being fooled is the the lack of a stretching sensation that you will initially feel while invading them, a fog that's creeping up into your mind and making your thought pattern 'odd', a sudden desire to do something else or just turning around and doing something else, a feeling of what you are doing is going nowhere and the feedback is not present or your own delusion (could also mean that they severed the link), emotional numbness, and a mood swing; at least this is what I have experienced personally. The best thing to do when you get into this sort of 'layers of absurdity' situation is suddenly sever the link after the first few times, expel the bullshit from your mind, latch onto their auric field or emission cloud instead of directly linking to them, and attack viciously, quickly, and simply.

    I hope you all understood this well enough
  • A Trick with Mental Shields and Energy Shields; and Hentai. Sep 30, 2017

    Something a lot of people need to understand is that programming, or mental energy doesn't need to exist inside of 'energy'. It can be a independent body but it is also extremely unstable outside of it. For the most part mental energy is pretty much propertyless other than your mental signature for the most part. It tells energy what to do, it can do things itself though not in the same manner...The way 'psions' normally utilize it, is that it just tells energy what to do instead of doing it, itself.

    The way you can get an energy shield to be a mental shield at the same time (though this is going to need to some experimenting on your part to get the different functioning aspects of it to not merge, conflict, and stabilize so that they may work together.) is to extend the programming outside of shield and wrap it outside side of it in a mesh like structure. By default the programming of the mental shield is nothing more than a duplicate of the original shields programming that's been modified so that the programming or mental energy of it is to be able to work with other programing or mental energy or even another's mind. The biggest issues here are this that will need to be overcome are:
    1. Stability between the mental shield and the energy shield's programming.
    2. Preventing conflict on the 'bridges' that connect the programming.
    3. Strengthening the 'disembodied' mental energy so that it doesn't get damaged or decay at a fast rate.

    The reason why you want to do it this way is because the mental aspect will be easy for the energy shield to regenerate at a rapid rate if you do it right, and protect the programming of the energy shield if it's instructed to do so, as well as your mind. It could fall off completely and comeback in a few seconds, secondary measures will have to be put in place to prevent the 'regenerative points' from being tampered with, along with the shields programming during that small window as a fail safe.

    There are also other nasty surprises you can leave in shield. Let's say someone links to it and directly tries to mess with it. You could easily have the mental shield trace back across the links and implant a virus into their energy that causes their meridians or the auric membrane/natural shield to fall apart. Or if you want to get as complicated as me, make a virus that destabilizes and causes certain beings ES fall apart based on how they are set up and the mutations/alterations brought on by their path of development by literally destroying those alterations. Think of it like a computer, you are basically destroying a core aspect of their root. This has nothing to do with properties directly, but more so structure, and how their energy flows. It's like watching something burn at rot from my perspective, at least with ghouls.


    Now here's something interesting about what I saw in regards to how an entity uses their tendrils. I myself never use them really, but some of my prefered construct designs benefit from this. Worms have these little hairs on their body that propel them forward through the earth along with the movement of their body. They act like a grip. Instead of making a smoove tendril, harden the tip and cover it in small hook like spikes. It makes it easier to dig through shields. Also having a smaller series of tendrils compressed in the tip for when it penetrates a person's energy does well for added grip onto meridians.
  • I am a lazy bastard... Sep 27, 2017

    Wow.. I can't believe, well actually I can, that I haven't posted anything here in over a year. But in any case for those that give a damn and will read this I have some advice or more or less a demonstration for those of you that project. It was brought to my attention that a couple of members didn't understand some very basic concepts when it comes to the practice. I want you to think of something intently, anything you desire, crave and want and I want you to project towards an entity you have never met, and have never met while doing so. Frankly it's interesting, and well.. if you don't get what this is about afterwards, I'll try to spell it out for you.
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  • Socializing Aug 2, 2016

    Ostracized and weak
    Rejection steadily creeping forth
    A blanket of awkwardness settles, wrapping around my life
    Torment, do I do this to myself?....
    Can I not find my place amongst a sea of a thousand voices
    My soul has been hollowed out as a cold bitter lie

    Careless feet trod across my fallen form
    Stepping forth, stepping on; without a thought
    Not even looking back on their travels
    Just a abnormality amongst the dirt for them to trip over.
    Is it such a slight to want to remain broken?
    Drifting in an endless oblivion of my own self pity.

    Another sunny day
    A piercing glimmer through the blinds of my heart
    Why is it so hard to try?
    A blackened hand beckons me further into the darkness.
    Oppressing misery hangs heavy off of my shoulders
    Sinking deeper down into black bliss, the rising shadows consumes me
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  • Cacophony Aug 1, 2016


    Friday, February 13, 2015

    9:04 PM

    Truths s hidden deep within a tunnel of lies
    Reaching but never grasping
    A teasing brush across my fingers
    Desperately clenching the light before me
    A future of pure mystery
    Every corner a knife in my back
    Every path, Trust I lack

    Through the filth of this life and a hundred more
    I drag my weeping corpse
    To the world a step next door
    Only greeted by disappointment more and more
    In a hellish cycle these demons of mine so adore
    Mocking me with praise
    Breaking me with failure

    Rising from these ashes belittled and weeping
    My demon, my strength?
    Call it whatever so, you may choose.
    All I feel is scorn and fire burning so down deep in my gut
    I might as well be the devil himself
    If this is what man calls hell
    Then I am living it
  • Chaos? Order? Feb 10, 2016

    Chaos is a system that minds cannot fully comprehend or process due to the lack of their capacity or comprehension. They can not process all the factors. It's order but it's a thousand times more complicated Throwing numerous variables with multiple out comes so things don't stagnate so they change

    All order is, at least the common interpretation or understanding of it. Is the restricting or nullification of those variables so chaos doesn't run through every possible outcome it can produce right away. Only one possible or a group outcomes can happen at once at different combinations. How ever once a variable becomes a factor in a sense... Let's try life or death. You walk down a street you can die any numerous ways, and you can just as easily live depending on the circumstances. After you cross whether you live of die is no longer a what if one is a fact and that fact cannot change.
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  • 16 personaliuty tests Dec 9, 2015

    This is an epic site that gives scary accurate results on what kind of person you are....
    it described me almost EXACTLY!!
    I am an INFP-T

    The test is well thought out and harder to manipulate than to get what one 'desires to be like' than most half assed personality tests that are so freaking obvious. How they set up and describe the personality is also really well done and descriptive. I hope everyone enjoys having their mind being picked apart. x3
  • HealingSolarized water. Dec 3, 2015

    If your expecting me to carry on about how great this is and so on. I'm not. I am just recently getting into this because I've heard that is help with healing chakras. My chest has been hurting for the past couple weeks. I drank a glass of Solarized green water and It helped A LOT. I don't know if it's a placebo effect but I'll be putting up some resources for those willing to try it. Keep in mind to use a plastic stopper and make sure to use containers that have absolutely NO DIRT OR DUST. Otherwise it tastes like crap. Even if it doesn't look dusty RINSE IT OUT. I have also been thing about adding herbs into the mix wonder if their properties would be amplified by being in the water as it's being solarized. Also one more thing so it doesn't taste like complete crap... Use bottled spring water or better yet distilled water.


    Also not to moderators: I apologize for any advertisements and/or online store present in these sites and do not endorse them.