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  • Servitors Oct 4, 2016

    So lately I've been interested in Servitors. My main source of interest came from the one called Fotamecus, if you haven't heard of him then he's basically the opposite to Chronos. While Chronos supports time as being completely straight and solid, Fotamecus goes with Time being malleable and interchangeable, and his base sigil can be used to compress or expand a section of time for you, and he's pretty damn good at it.

    I've also heard that if a servitor is powerful enough, it can be physically seen and effect the physical plane. I'm gonna try and experiment with this idea.
  • Energy of the Universe Oct 1, 2016

    Wow. Just wow. I watched a video on YouTube about the size comparison of the universe stemming from below the Planck Particle, all the way to the Universe itself. It made me decide to meditate on the universe itself.

    It seemed that I ended up projecting of at least remote viewing to above the entire Milky Way Galaxy. I could see and feel the billions of light years of stars and galaxies surrounding me, and I could feel energy flowing from all of them into me. I don't think I've ever felt that relaxed before.

    Could I get a scan from anyone to see how much it affected me?
  • Heightened awareness Sep 19, 2016

    Every now and then, I just tend to zone out. Mostly in the middle of classes at school.

    When that happens, I tend to have my vision slightly blurred, though maybe I'm just ignoring my sight, I dunno. Anyways, I seem to focus on EVERYTHING in higher detail. I also seem to see energy like with energetic sight.

    I've also always noticed I've had a phantom tail, wings and horns, but nothing would ever get rid of them. I even have to adjust myself in a seat like if I physically had a tail and wings, I sometimes even feel pain if I sit down wrong. I seem to feel them more in this state, I also just feel like I'm in the wrong position in this state, like I should be on all fours. It's also like my teeth are extremely dull and feel weird.

    Not sure what it means exactly, but I'm fairly confident it's related to my soul's core being that of a Dragon's, as I've been told by more than a few reliable scanners. I'm really eager to get Etheric projection down to see if I look like I feel I should.

    If there's any way for someone to tell me if i would look like I said through projecting to me or something, by all means look and tell me.
  • Programming water and other liquids Jul 4, 2016

    So I had some problems with constructs. I thought I couldn't program theme, so Equilibrium gave me the idea to program water to change its taste. Needless to say, it worked AMAZINGLY. The normally tasteless water turned extremely bitter, AZ I programmed it to! This has given me Tons of ideas. What if you could program the water to heal an injury whole using the water to clean the wound? What if you programed water to speed up plant growth? I'm gonna experiment with this as much as I can. I'll record findings here on my blog.
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  • Astral Projection Attempt #2 Jul 3, 2016

    I tried again last night like I said I would. I was wrong, I didn't make it into sleep paralysis the other night. I almost did thus time, I started feeling the pinches that your body makes to see if you are awake. I got a tiny pinch on my eyelid and couldn't stand it, my arm swung up on its own and hit me in the eye. That definitely woke up my body.
  • Astral projection attempt Jul 3, 2016

    Last night I tried a method I found on someone's blog for Astral projection, might of been Ninjamuffin's blog.

    Anyway, the method was basically keep your mind awake while your body sleeps. I managed to get into sleep paralysis, and it said in the tech you should start shaking like a rocket. I started violently twitching instead ofshaking and forced my body awake to stop it. I'm gonna try again with this to night and see if it works.