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Welcome to my blog. Enjoyzzz. :P
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  • Self Soul-Dive Experience Sep 2, 2016

    So, I decided to finally visit my Soulscape through meditation. I walked around and ended up in my high-school apparently, then I ended up meeting my Architect eventually. He was in this place, it was the sky, clouds and everything, but it was surrounded by...mirrors? The place was no doubt my Inner Temple. Apparently, he travels through the mirrors.(And he tried running away from me for some reason.) He also speaks in either gibberish, or very few words. ._. Last thing I remember was that we were in my schools cafeteria, he sat down at one of the tables and looked at one of the trays, and just went: "Disgusting."
    And I was like: "Yeah...
    I know. ._."
    After that, I broke myself out of the meditation. XD
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  • ORIGIN STORYYYYYYYYY ^-^ Aug 18, 2016

    So, I figured I might as well tell you guys how I got here in the first place...
    Unfortunately, I don't remember who my parents or family members were due to a much later merge.
    I happened to be a thief in the Etheric, however, I did also make my own equipment, and still continue making different devices and weapons.
    Somewhere along the way I met my eventual partner in crime, who helped me advance my theivery skills.(He's reincarnated, but we don't really talk anymore at the moment.) We also raised a lot of hell with our Pyrokinesis, mainly in the Cindor area.
    One day, we had planned to cause some chaos in Heaven as revenge for Yahweh killing off most of his race, however, we would need to get access into Heaven itself.
    In order to to do that, we'd need an Angels Grace. And that was the last thing I ever stole.
    I tried to run away, but nonetheless, the Angelic caught up to me and beat me down. Badly.
    And if THAT wasn't enough, the jerk force-reincarnated me here.
    Fast forward years later, I soon began testing different things in order to modify myself, including merging and making more technology, like my suit.
    I usually keep what I am as Kin a secret, but if anyone's curious enough, they'll flash to me in the Etheric. :P
    As of now, I continue making technology, and hope to offer my services to people.
    I'm also hoping that one day, I can find my parents, or any family members that I had...
    And also find the Angelic that put me here.
    In due time, I guess.
    -Sune Lin
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  • Moar things Aug 18, 2016

    So, I've been working to get a full projection going in the Etheric, no luck yet, but I'm getting a better view of everything each time I try. Last night, I wondered if I had any devices that could help me see better etherically, and sure enough, my familiar brought me one. I was able to get a more clear view of my forest home, turns out that it's actually bigger than what I could originally see. ._.
    Hm. Maybe I could even throw a special kin party/get-together there sometime. (Perhaps even invite some of the Heathens, if I could find any around, maybe I should search around Cindor a bit. I'd love to offer my services to them.)
    My basement has some pretty interesting weapons and devices in it, I found stuff from different swords, to spears, and these weird spheres, which I'm pretty sure are bombs... xD
    I'm hoping that one of these days I can find and talk to Kothar, seeing as he's a pretty big inventor, maybe he could give me a few tips on advancing my tech.
    Guess we'll see in due time.
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  • New Stuffz Aug 13, 2016

    Haven't made an entry in a while, so I figured I'd make one today. :P
    I've been going around in the Etheric a bit, (Mainly around Cindor) looking for new things. I even checked out my old home in the forest, ended up finding a basement full of different weapons + devices I made. Or *cough* (stole) *wheeze*
    Besides that, I've also been working on my mind hacking abilities lately, and also doing different things with my energy. (I'm practicing on using my tails in conjunction with my energy for some pretty neat attacks. :P)
    I might even use my polymorph abilities to infiltrate explore some other places in the Etheric that I haven't been to yet. :D
    Should be fun.
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  • MAJOR UPDATE ON SUIT. Sep 20, 2015

    Okay, slightly freaking out at the moment. So I'm currently at my friends house, and I was testing out the suits magnetic abilities. At one point, I focused my mind to the metal in the lightbulbs, and tried my attract/repel technique on it. When I attracted, the light went down to a low point, then I pushed using my repel technique...
    And the electricity went out for a moment, both the lights and even the big freaking air conditioner on the other side of the room went down together. I panicked for a moment and everything went back on like absolutely nothing happened. ._.
    I will definitely continue working on the Magnosuit, and perhaps even stop doubting the strength of my abilities...
  • My Goal... Sep 7, 2015

    Since the middle of last month, I've started questioning why I came to these sites in the first place. Then I remembered, the whole reason I came to these sites was so I could enhance my magick/abilities. And yet...all we see for now is everyone saying most abilities can't be achieved except in the Etheric Realm (Why even visit these sites, if there's no point in learning what we came for?). For a long time, I've practiced Manifestation, I tend to have strong willpower when I really, really want something, and it seems to have been working more and more lately. And then I figured...if I can manifest what I want...why don't I just manifest abilities in the physical like I had originally planned to? So from that day, I have been working on a very complex suit of energy, and making enhancements to it by programming my conscious and subconscious mind. I've even made constructs inside me to power the suit and myself altogether. As for now, I'm mainly programming it for me to control gravity. (Kratos' experiment on gravity manipulation highly inspired me to do this.) When I have gravity manipulation down, I will program the suit onto bigger things that seem to be a bit more dangerous, like phasing and teleportation. From this point on, I will keep you guys updated every now and then on how far I've gotten manifesting abilities with the suit...
    Thank you all for reading, and I hope you all join me on my journey.
    -Sune Lin, Ability Engineer
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  • Bruh. Mar 26, 2015

    So, I got racially profiled today. Like always, I was on the way to the class my mom works at, this white worker yelled at me to stop, despite the fact I told her that my mom was one of the teachers. This lady had me go against a wall, and called a COP on me. Even the cop recognized me and told her that my mom really was one of the teachers, but then this OTHER white teacher replied, "Well even still, some of us aren't gonna recognize you." So now, I have to go to the Main Office EVERY SINGLE DAY, to get a pass. They're probably gonna start getting tired of me coming there and realize how stupid it is for me to get a pass every day, I bet on it. Hate this society...
  • Dream Invasion: Day 1. Mar 12, 2015

    So I've started practicing on entering into the dreams of others. As of last night, I've started my practice in Lucid Dreaming, no progress for now though. I'll continue practicing until I'm completely sufficient, and maybe I'll be able to travel across the dreams of others. This is a perfect week for practice due to it being Spring Break and all, I'll be sure to keep you guys updated every now and then.
  • Woohoo. Mar 10, 2015

    Three more days till Spring Break. I'll have plenty of time to practice my abilities, should be pretty interesting...
    But anyway, night everyone. :up
  • Evil Eye Mar 10, 2015

    Were watching you..
    Every lie that you make..
    Were watching you..
    Every step that you take..
    You can try to run, you can try to hide..
    There's no escaping the Evil Eye..
    Everywhere you go, everything you do..
    You don't see us, but we see you.
    Were watching you..
    Were watching you..
  • Villain Mar 5, 2015

    You're no hero..
    You can't even help yourself..
    You're no hero..
    You really thought you could help someone else?
    You're no hero..
    Can't you understand?
    If you can't be the hero..
    You might as well become the villain...
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  • 1st day. Mar 4, 2015

    Today was alright. Besides the fact that I had a strong urge to punch a lot of people in the face, and I barely got any sleep last night, everything was alright. Gotta keep working on my Linking and Telepathy, I'm not giving up this time...

    Night everyone.
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  • ... Mar 4, 2015

    This world needs change. A lot of it..
    I can't just sit back and watch everything wrong I see go on any longer.
    This world needs change.
    And I'll start by changing myself for the better..
    Good night everyone..